What A Day!

It has been a strange day to say the least. Some stuff went down at work that I won't go into but I will just say that it was not good for some people and disappointing as a whole. The highlight of my day...


I missed her so much but I know she has so much fun in Arkansas. She just talked to me and kissed my face and messed with my cheeks. She was very sweet.

I have an update from the previous couple of posts regarding the insurance covering the heart monitoring. I spoke with the nurse at the office and she said that the company should not make me pay for the remainder. She said she would call them to make sure but she advised that I wait to see if they send a bill since all we have received is the EOB. Fair enough!

As the big day approaches, I am finding that there are so many things that still need to be brought to the hospital. I am getting a little anxious and I know it is because I haven't been able to get things together on my own. I have started making a list of things that me and the baby will need and hopefully I won't forget anything.

Things are still the same here...my blood pressures have been a little higher today and I have been very puffy for the past couple of days. Guess that just means that I need to have a baby soon...good thing I am!!!!

Visitors today:

Ryan - worship pastor at church
Krista and Chelsea - my friend and her sweet little girl (and just happen to be Ryan's wife and daughter)
Merlin and Louise - from church
Brice's parents and Rachel!!!!!!!
of course, Brice

More tomorrow but don't look for monumental information!!! =)


Lainey-Paney said…
Can I bring you anything?
I'll be there Thursday.
At what point will you be NPO?
Unknown said…
I think they will say NPO starting at midnight tonight. I can't think of anything I need. Thanks!

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