The Plan

Here is what the doctor said this morning:

Since I failed home bed rest, I will be in the hospital until I deliver. All of my tests have come back fine and my blood pressure has been really good since I have been here. SO....we are back on for March 12th!!! He said if something happens before then, our next goal will be 37 weeks which will be March 6th but I am hoping we can push it until he 12th! That made me happy! Happy that I will be in he hospital bored out of my mind for the next 12 days...not so much, but happy that I am well enough for the moment to chill out and keep cooking this little girl!

Name update:

We have chosen two names but will still not reveal until she is born!!! Sorry!

Rachel is going home with my mother-in-law tomorrow for a week. I am sad.....I am going to miss her and she won't be able to just come see me during the day this week. I get a little tearful when I think about it. That's my baby!!!! Please pray that with all of this time on my hands I won't sit around and think about it all day.

More later, I am sure....


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