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New Stuff

For some reason the 'sick bug' has bitten our family once again...starting with me, yet again!! I came down with a cold at the beginning of the week and Little Miss Rachel caught it. I am better, just have a leftover cough and Rachel is getting better. We went to the doctor today to make sure that it was just a cold (at the nurse's request) and she weighed 21 lbs, 9 entire pound more than she weighed 2 weeks ago!

Rachel has gained 2 new friends....2 top teeth!!! She now has 4 - 2 on top and 2 on bottom!! She's ready for a ribeye!! She has actually started eating chicken and french fries off Mom's plate....I think she's gonna like Chick fil A as much as I do!!! She also LOVES yogurt...I buy her the kids stuff and she eats an entire container of it. She is pulling up to a standing position now and is getting braver everyday.

That's about it...more updates as needed!!!

Lasagna Trial

Okay, so she LOVED lasagna (baby food) but we only gave her 1/2 the jar and she spit all of it...not exaggerating...back up!! It was awful. Needless to say we will not be giving her lasagna or spaghetti again until we can figure out if her tummy is going to improve. That's too bad because she really liked it.

9 months old

I have been told by a good friend that I need to update...chill, I was going to anyway!

Rachel is 9 months old and the most precious thing around as far as we're concerned! She is growing just like she is supposed to weighing 20 lbs, 9 oz in the 90th percentile and almost 28 inches long in the 75th percentile. She is crawling all over the place and pulling up on furniture. What a big girl she is getting to be!

She got her first baby doll from Ms. Anita at church. It is a Cabbage Patch and she thinks Baby Maddie (the doll's name) is pretty special! She kisses her and gives her the bottle...after she takes a drink or two! ha!

I am starting to plan for her 1st birthday party which seems like it should be so far away but it's not...only 3 months!!! I bought her a special dress and it is being shipped as I type this.

Brice and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary by staying at home and eating Chinese and watching a Netflix movie after Rachel went to bed. It was nice …