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It is the weekend! I know I have said it a million times in the past couple of weeks but I just am running on empty! I have no time to blog...or do anything else for that matter! I will tell you...I have no pictures today...I honestly haven't taken any since the previous bluebonnet post.

Last Thursday and Friday the girls were throwing up....simultaneously....yes, that's was..HORRIBLE! Brice was gone until REALLY late both nights.

This past Thursday I received a phone call that Lauren had a fever of 102. Took her to CareNow....ear she has coughed so much she can barely's sad. She sounds awful. My friends have come to the rescue yet AGAIN and the girls stayed with my friend Rheta and her two girls on Friday (yesterday). They had a great time...not so sure about Rheta! ha!

Today...not doing much of anything but laundry. Got my hair cut this morning....have a horrible headache. Brice is working all day just like he did unt…

Bluebonnets 2010

We started a tradition when Rachel was born to take pictures with the bluebonnets when they are in bloom. It is the Texas state flower and they are beautiful. The problem is that they are only in bloom for about two weeks and they are wild flowers and only bloom on the side of the road where it is pretty dangerous to allow small children just wander and look at know, the kind of scene that would make for great pictures! BUT, I found a field right by a parking lot by the Target by our home and it is perfect...far enough away from the interstate and convenient enough to park and get out and snap a few pics.

The weather has been GORGEOUS! On Monday night after dance class I wanted to take pictures with the bluebonnets but we don't get home until after 7:00 nd the sun goes down around 7:45....but we went and did the pictures anyway. Rachel was so excited! She could not wait to go and was so nervous that the sun was going to go down before we got there. Lauren was not as …


Easter Sunday was a little different because like I previously posted, Lauren had been sick for a week and on Saturday and Sunday, she had diarrhea, so Brice stayed home with her and Rachel and I went to church...just the two of us. It was an incredible service! There were 14 baptized!!!! It was an awesome way to display the resurrection of Christ - through baptism in HIM! That's Reason to Rejoice!!!

We then headed over to my Aunt Donna's (formerly my Granny's) for family fun Easter lunch and egg hunt. The girls had a good time. This was Lauren's 2nd Easter but she was not even a month old at Easter last year so this was really the first time she celebrated. Rachel had a blast...she is really starting to get excited about things and I love the joy in her eyes!!! Melts my heart! I will end with pictures....

This was Saturday night before bed. The Easter Bunny came!


For the unexpected break in my blogging!! Lauren was sick all last week and I have been going pretty much non-stop since then.

Friday she had a bunch of tests run and she is finally feeling much better! She had been running fever off and on for about a week so the pediatrician decided to do blood work, urine test, flu swab, and a chest x-ray all which came back completely normal. On Sunday, her fever broke but Saturday she started having diarrhea which then went away on Monday. Today, she is happy and completely healthy again!!! WAHOO!!!!

We had a great Easter and I promise, this weekend I will sit down and post a few pictures of the girls in their outfits. That's about all I got...a few pictures...they were a little less than cooperative.

We are gearing up for Rachel's big dance recital in June. I have a ladies' retreat at the end of this month and I am so happy that spring is finally here and I can break out the capris and flip flops!!! YAY!!

Longer post with…

Easter From Arkansas

Brice's parents sent the girls some Easter goodies and they came in the mail yesterday. Both of the girls got adorable little outfits and a little toy each. Rachel got a book for her Tag Jr. and Lauren got some little stacking blocks. It was really sweet and the girls were excited to get something special in the mail and did I say how cute the outfits were??

This smile is hilarious to me!
This doesn't look like a girl who has a 103 fever does it???
The outfits
She is so silly!!!
Double ear infections won't keep her from smiling!!!
Thanks MamaNette and GP!