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Our last "first" holiday!

This is our last of the "firsts!" That is a hard realization for Mommy to come to! My baby is growing big. It is hard to believe, as big as Rachel is, that this is her first Halloween! A friend of mine who just had a baby and I were talking today about how neat it is that our children both share the same first Halloween...the only difference is that Rachel is 2 weeks shy of a year old and Josiah is 3 weeks old. I do remember how miserable I was last Halloween though...who would have known at the time that I would have given birth only 2 weeks later!!

Rachel was Eeyore for Halloween this year. It was a no brainer, really. I received an 18 month size Eeyore costume at one of my baby showers so we always knew that she would be Eeyore for her first Halloween...glad she is a big girl or else it would have fallen off of her!!! She wasn't a happy little trick or treater tonight...she was cranky from the time she woke up from her afternoon nap until she got her first suck…

Time flies when you're having fun....

Image this statement ever understated! Our little girl is growing up WAY too fast for her momma! 11 months old...can you believe it??? It is just amazing all of the new things that she says and does from the time she was born. Everyone always told me that she would grow up really fast, but this fast???!!! It's insane! I can see daily how she is becoming a little girl and less a baby. She is more independent and growing more and more so everyday. Soon she won't need Mommy anymore, though I would hope that she would need me always...for something.

Rachel is doing so good right now. It seemed that the entire 10th month was filled with some type of illness, but we started 11 months off pretty well. She had a little tummy troubles this past week but nothing major. She is just as happy and healthy as we could ask for. Praise God!

Mommy and Daddy are doing well! Daddy is still working and Mommy just quit her job! The decision to quit was based on several factors and h…
Well, we took a little trip to Arkansas the latter part of this last week and weekend. We had such a good time!!! We are tired and I know that Rachel needs to get back into her routine....she already has...taking a nap as I type this!

We got to visit with The Riddles and with Lori on Thursday...that's always a lot of fun. We also got to see Meeemee for just a minute then we went on to GP and Mama Nette's house in Little Rock. We stayed there for a few days and visited people in Little Rock and North Little Rock. We got to visit with Great Granny for a little bit and loved that...especially her big panda bear!!! We even took time out for some pictures in our Razorback stuff! GO HOGS!! GP and Mama Nette loved on Rachel like they always do and she had fun with them and with Adolf. He still isn't too sure about her yet!

We went back to Hope on Saturday and got to see more family and spent the night and went to Unity Baptist Church yesterday morning. Rachel got to vis…