Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Catch-Up!

It is time for me to play Christmas catch-up. We have been out of town and I have been busy with the kiddos. This year has been so much fun and I will try to tell you all about it without making this post too terribly long.

We had a white Christmas Eve and it stayed for Christmas morning. To my knowledge (or recollection, anyway) this was my first white Christmas. I think it's crazy that I live in Texas and we have had more snow this year than Arkansas has! Here is our house on Christmas Eve right before we left to go to my aunt's to celebrate.
We normally spend Christmas Eve at my Granny's but this was our first Christmas without her. It was very different and I had a hard time processing how different it would be. It made me very sad. We still spent Christmas Eve at that house but it wasn't Granny' Aunt Donna lives there now. The roads were bad so we left kind of early to go home and get the kids in bed and play Santa. Here are a few pictures from my aunt's....
Here are the pictures of the girls getting ready for Santa....
This year was so much fun because Rachel really enjoyed all of the "hype" of Christmas. She was excited and I loved seeing it. It was also Lauren's 1st Christmas so that was fun. She has started crawling all over the place so she was into EVERYTHING!!!!

Rachel's big gift was a dollhouse that she asked Santa for. Lauren got a little Fisher Price (I think that's the brand) kitchen that Brice's parents got her. Rachel got a lot more stuff and Lauren got a few things.

Rachel's stuff...

Lauren's pile

We spent Christmas day at home as a family of four and it was great!! I enjoyed watching the kids play and for all of you that didn't know....I GOT A WII FOR CHRISTMAS!!!! Why, yes, I am excited!!! I love it!! I will start Wii Fit next week. Can't wait!

I had to work for part of the day the day after Christmas and then we left for our Arkansas adventure. We stopped in Hope overnight and then went on to Little Rock, back to Hope and then home. I don't have the pictures downloaded from the trip yet but I did have an adventure with Lauren and having to take her to the doctor...something that is definitely blog-worthy....but not now.

We had a great Christmas and the new year is approaching very quickly. I will be doing a New Year's post soon which will reflect on the past year and discuss plans for the new year. I am looking forward to it!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! case you want to know...I made this myself!!! I did another for a friend this year too and it is adorable. I won't post it here but it is one of my favorites I have ever done.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lauren is 9 months old!!! ~ a week ago!

What's this girl up to?

Let's see....she weighed 20 lbs, 14 oz and was 19 inches long!!! What I am so excited about is that she is out of the 100th percentile for weight!!!! She was only 80th! YIPPEE!!!! The doctor, of course, said see was perfect. She tries to crawl but doesn't succeed really which is a shock to me since Rachel was already crawling by now. That certainly does not mean that she doesn't get where she wants to go! She rolls EVERYWHERE!!!
She gets up on all fours and rocks, goes backwards and even goes a few "steps" and then falls on her face. She could do it if she wanted but I think she just chooses not to! She can get from a lying to a sitting position without help. She is pulling up some...not very much to her knees. She isn't crazy about standing but she can. She has 5 teeth...just noticed another one last night! She is doing well at daycare and takes really short naps but is getting better at that. She is COMPLETELY weened from the breast now. Yes, that does make a little sad but she is doing fabulously! She takes less than 1/2 her bottle of formula mixed with the rest breast milk. I still have a lot of milk in the freezer so I hope to be able to give her somebreast milk with every bottle until she is a year old. We have started giving her little table food things to eat and she isn't crazy about that. She is just completely opposite Rachel in that regard. Lauren loves to be pampered to and Rachel is so independent.

Lauren is just a sweet sweet baby. Still doesn't have much hair! She has been sick for about 2 months and it breaks my heart! I guess that's what happens when they go to daycare. She had RSV and is now just coughing but it's pitiful! I am ready for this all to be over! I cannot believe that she will be a year old in 3 months. It just doesn't seem possible. I love that little girl!

Yes, her clothes are dirty in this picture!! That's what happens when you wait till the end of the day to take pictures!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Guess Who?!

Who is behind on blogging again? YES! You guessed it! That would be MEEEEEE!!!!!

This will be a "no picture post" because, well, just because I don't have access to pictures at the moment!

Things at work are going full swing. I am getting used to being full time and the girls are doing lovely at daycare! My days are filled with much excitement and busyness. My office is cozy and decorated with mostly pictures of my girls...what better way to make it mine!!! =) I have a ton of stuff to do everyday which makes the day go by faster but makes for a tired Mommy at the end of the day! Anyway, just a short's going well.

Lauren turned 9 months old on the 12th!!!! NINE MONTHS OLD!! I just can't believe it. She is an absolute joy and I will blog about her soon...I have pictures - some that I took and some professional ones!!! =) I also have stats from her well baby checkup...something I am pretty excited about!

SOMEONE had a birthday since I blogged last! ME!!! I have begun my last year in the 20's! My birthday was the 13th and I felt HORRIBLE that entire day! I took Rachel shopping with me on Saturday and I picked her up to put her in the buggy and I think I threw my back out or something because I was just miserable...made me feel like I had the flu. So, I am better now and I am so incredibly thankful for my friends and family who know me so well!! My two best friends gave me great gifts. Not to sound like a complete selfish twit, but I LOVE getting gifts!! It seriously is my love language which makes me feel horrible but I love gifts. Mainly ones that are heartfelt, simple, or that took time and thought. Gifts make me feel loved. Call me what you will...whatever!

Gotta run for now but I will post again soon with pictures...I PROMISE!!!!


Monday, December 7, 2009


I feel as though I have been initiated!! I started my full time job today!! It is at the same place that I have been working (I know I have already blogged about this). Let me just tell you....


Nothing says, "Let's get to work now that you are full-time" like two adoptions, a domestic violence case (that turned out to not be a domestic violence case after all) of a pregnant woman, a teenage pregnancy, a girl with herpes needing Medicaid (for what, exactly, I'm not sure), and just a bunch of other stuff that would not amount to much except all of the little things piling up amounted to a lot!! I am thankful! I love my job and I love working in the areas that I do but I feel as though I can now be a full-time social worker...I have been initiated!!! =)

We went yesterday to see Santa at my work. Here is a picture of the girls....

We got pictures taken on Saturday morning...mainly for Lauren's 9 month pictures but we did some Christmas ones too for the Christmas card (which I will post after I send them out). Here are some of the Christmas pictures....I will post Lauren's 9 month pictures on Saturday when I have more time and she is actually 9 months old!

I am trying to think of what else I have done since I blogged last...we had our Sunday school Christmas party on Saturday...loads of fun and GREAT food!! Love fellowshipping (is that a word?)with those girls and guys!!!

OH...we went last week to Little Rock because Brice's Granny died. She was 94 years young and absolutely precious!!!! She was such a sweet lady and although we are sad and will miss her, she lived such a good, long life and truly taught me how to live for the simple things. **I know I look COMPLETELY horrible in this picture...fat, bad hair and just YUCK but it is about Granny, not me! I couldn't find any other pictures on my computer. My favorite one is of me and her on our wedding day but it isn't scanned into the computer.

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope to blog a couple of times a week, at least!


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