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I did something today that was, by far, one of the hardest things I have ever had to do emotionally.

I am on a journey. It is a journey of healing. This blog post may seem confusing to you but mostly what it will be is incomplete. I cannot divulge a ton of information in this post but I will share all in good time. One thing I have learned on this journey - God's timing is absolutely perfect!!

Have you ever had to tell someone something that you knew would disappoint them or hurt them but you knew it was necessary in order for you to move forward and accomplish something or just to simply move on with a clear conscience? The time leading up to that point of talking to that person is excruciating!!!! The moment you are there talking to them, it is like time is standing still - you don't know whether to breathe...trying to figure what will happen next. Afterwards, depending on the outcome, you are either totally relieved or you are crushed or perhaps both. I know how thi…


I want to share more but right now, all I can say is that I am struggling. I am struggling with freedom. I kind of feel like I have a ton of bricks on my shoulders. It is a daily battle. I have God's promise that His mercy and grace are sufficient and thankfully each day He gives me enough strength and peace to get through that day.

God is preparing my heart for some great stuff ya'll! I am excited about what is to come!!! It's going to huge!!!

You all know how important music is to my life. This song in the following video is my theme song right now. I have to hold on the promise that this song talks about. Enjoy!

We're Still Here!

Hello everyone!!! We are still here, as my title points out. Things have been so busy! We have taken a vacation since I was here last and OH...big news....


It was awesome! I am waiting to watch the movie to tell you what I think about the endings of each of them. From what I hear, the ending is very different from the book to the movie. I loved the book. It was VERY long and I finished it in a week. It was a very surprising ending and it was sad and most people told me that they hated the way it ended but I liked it....a twist. Sad but I liked the way it ended. seemed short. Brice and I had a great time getting away to Hot Springs for the weekend. We got to see a ton of friends while we were in Arkansas and it's always a pleasure to see family.

I cannot believe the summer is almost over and I am SO GLAD!!! It is so flippin hot outside!! I love fall! I love winter! I love spring! I like summer.

Brice and I went out for our ann…