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God's Children

I have posted about death before and everything I said in that post, I truly believe.  Today's post may seem "all over the place" but I am going to be real and transparent and just type as it comes to me. 

As you may have read on my Twitter or Facebook or perhaps the post below, my family has experienced loss today.  Loss of a tiny baby that just does not seem real.  My step-sister's 8 week old baby was found without any signs of life this morning when his mom went to check on him.  Cause of death:  unknown.  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)...I knew immediately that is what would be listed as the cause of death.  They will be doing an autopsy but I have seen SIDS come through my very ER where I work.  I have experienced death of babies and people of all ages.  Sometimes it just seems like "all in a day's work" but when it is personal and in the midst of YOUR everyday life, it isn't so much "in a day's work" anymore.  Instead, you f…

Baby Jaxson Wyatt

My mom told me this morning that my step-sister's (Ashley) baby died.  She went to check on him and found him without life.  He was around 7-8 weeks old.  He was PRECIOUS as all God's creation is and now is forever cradled in the arms of God.  My heart is sad.  I had the privilege of getting to meet and hold Baby Jaxson.  Here I am just a couple of weeks ago at my mom's in Arkansas. 

Please keep my family in your prayers.


I'm sorry! I can't hear you with this big bow on my head!!! :)

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Vacation 2012

Warning: really long with lots of pictures!!!!

Day 1:
We left from our house around 0900 which is what we planned so I was pretty happy with that. Lauren gets car sick so I gave her a Zofran and a towel to throw up in and she was good! :) We started a movie and for awhile things were good. We were traveling to Hope. We stopped a few times for bathroom breaks, lunch, and to feed Hannah. We got to my moms in time for the birthday celebration for my grandmother!
There were so many people at my moms!!! I didn't know a lot of them. I was very excited to see my brothers!!! These are my full brothers (same mother and father). I did not grow up with them but love them both very much!

We saw a bunch of other people that we hasn't seen in a long time too! It was a fun time!

Lauren went down for a nap and woke up with a fever and feeling yucky! Not sure if it was because she got too hot or if she truly picked up something yuck but she was not a happy girl for the remainder of the day! :(

We …