Stinky Trees

Bradford Pear Tree Pictures, Images and Photos

This is a Bradford Pear or Fruitless Pear tree!!!!! They are beautiful but they smell TERRIBLE!!! Who has a huge one of these in the middle of her front yard???? Yes, that would be ME! I haven't been at home in awhile but the hospital has them outside right where I go and sit once a day....I am sure that they did it for me! =) The closest thing that I can come up with that I think these trees smell like is a perm! It just doesn't smell good. I said, they are beautiful!!!

In other news, I just got off the phone with the heart doctor's office.....they are having a nurse call me back. STUPID!!! The nurse isn't going to know what to do. I told them I wanted to talk to someone about my BILL....the girl on the phone said that they don't have any information on bills that come from 3rd parties....AHH....I can already see where this is going. Here is my gripe...among others....

They should have informed me that this company was either a)not in network with my insurance company PRIOR to the service or b)at least given me an indication that there was this possibility. It is just frustrating. When I go to a doctor's office and the physician and staff there refer me to a 3rd party, WITHOUT ANY FURTHER EXPLANATION, it is my assumption that all services will be covered under my insurance since the doctor's office is. I think that is a fair assumption. Let the saga continue......


Lainey-Paney said…
I always wondered what those trees were. They are beautiful. We had one in the yard in the home where I grew up. So pretty when they bloomed---but yes, soooooo stinky!

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