Night 2

My second night of sleep was AWESOME!! The nurse said that the doctor had some Ambien on order but I didn't even need it. I was so tired last night and I wanted to go to bed early....but that didn't happen. Here is the most exciting thing that happened last night....the story of the spastic nurse!!!

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Okay, so when you are in the hospital as an antepartum patient they do daily non-stress tests on baby each shift, so actually twice daily. On 2nd shift they have been putting me on pretty close after shift change...about 8:00 or so. Well, last night she didn't come put me on until around 9:30 or so. They keep you on for about 30 minutes or until baby is considered reactive. So, the nurse came back in and said, "I am going next door to give that patient meds and will be back to take you off the monitor." She came back a few minutes later and looked at my strip and said she couldn't take me off yet because the baby had some decelerations in her heartbeat. As she stood there looking at the monitor she said that the baby had a couple of decels. Well, she put the pulse oximeter on my finger, rushed to the side of my bed, put oxygen on me, made me go to my left side, and called frantically for the charge nurse to come down. I was not concerned really but she was kinda stressing me out a little. Anyway, when the charge nurse came in she was a little calmer and after being on the monitor for about an hour and a half they decided that the baby looked really good. The reason why I wasn't really concerned is because I could feel her moving and I think that they just kept losing her on the monitor. Whatever...but she is fine, I am fine and the nurse got all crazy. Glad that is over!


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