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When Christmas Isn't So Merry

We have been talking about Fruit of the Spirit in Sunday school recently and I will do a series of posts with all of the lessons that my FABULOUS teacher has done (he's my husband) ;)  A few weeks ago we talked about joy and I have just been thinking so much about that word.  The definition that we talked about in Sunday school was:

joy - "having confidence in God's goodness despite your circumstances." 

Obviously this is not the Webster's dictionary definition but I think it's perfect.  Rachel has gotten into this trend where she has been grumbling and complaining about everything.  She is just not happy about anything and we had a discussion the other day about joy and about being content.  Her kindergarten teacher even looked up the verse in Philippians where it says "do everything without arguing or complaining" Philippians 2:4.  Now, if she gets into her "funk" I will say, "Rachel, what does Philippians 2:4 say?"  She will qu…

Happy Birthday, Rachel Mackenzie

I hate that I am so behind on blogging but I have just been so stressed and busy with the new job.  I am hoping that my little vacation will help me get back on track.  I have missed the "blog-o-sphere."  :)

Rachel Mackenzie, my first born ball of energy and sensitive beauty, turned six years old on November 14th!!  I will never forget my pregnancy with her as I was a nervous wreck.  Most of you know my history and can understand when I say that I felt that I did not deserve the blessing that was growing inside of my body when the Lord decided to allow Brice and I to bring Rachel into the world.  I was constantly thinking was something wrong with her.  I called the doctor all of the time when I felt "funny" or when I couldn't feel or move when I thought she should.  Needlesstosay I am sure I drove that doctor NUTS!!!!  I even drove myself a little crazy! :S 

I was due on December 5, 2006.  I had a seemingly uneventful pregnancy until Friday, October 13th.  I h…

Merry Christmas

My friend Amanda with Amanda Rooney Photography did a GREAT job taking the pictures and designing our Christmas card this year!!!  I told her that I wanted something whimsical and fun and she came up with the design!  I didn't get a family picture this year because getting all of us together and happy at the same time is next to impossible! 

I really wish that I could send a Christmas card to every person that reads my blog, is my friend on Twitter and/or Facebook but I just can't so consider this your personal Christmas card from our home to yours!! :) 

Merry Christmas from the 5 of us!

I am still here!

Wow!  It has been a long time!!!  As my husband reminded me tonight, the last time I blogged was Halloween!!!  SO MUCH has happened since then!!!  I will tell you as much as I can think of and leave out the stuff that isn't too important!! :)

Probably the biggest thing that has happened since I blogged last is that I changed jobs!  I put in my two week notice at Arlington Memorial Hospital and my last day there was Friday, November 16th.  I was there for almost 5 years and the decision to leave was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made.  I absolutely love that hospital and those 5 years, granted not without challenges, were some of the best years of my career.  I am now working at Baylor Surgical Hospital in Fort Worth.  It is United Surgical Partners hospital, mainly owned by physicians and a small portion owned by Baylor Healthcare System.  It is a small 24 inpatient bed surgical hospital that cranks out A TON of surgeries per day and stays plenty busy.  My start date th…