Feeding Difficulties

It is 2:35 on Saturday morning. I have had a good stretch of about 4 hours of sleep. I dropped Lauren off in the nursery at about 9:00 after I fed her for what, again, seemed like an eternity. She was screaming when I dropped her off and they said she calmed down and slept until 1:00 when they brought her to me to eat. She nursed on one side for 25 minutes and the other for 20. She continued to scream because she was still hungry. My milk has not come in yet and she is so frustrated! She is starving. The nurse said she weighed 9 lbs this morning so she has lost 9 oz which they say is perfectly normal for breastfed babies.

She is latching on great! I am so thankful but I am not sure what to do about her being hungry and me not being able to help much. I know things will get better after my milk comes in. I talked with the nurse a little and she said that they could give her a little formula in a syringe. I am a little nervous about supplementing because I dont want her to get used to formula but she is hungry and I can't feed her 24 hrs a day which seems like what she wants!! So, she is now in the nursery and they were going to give her about 1/2 oz of formula to see if that calms her down. I guess we will see....they will bring her to me if she is still screaming like she was when I took her.

I really really really want this breastfeeding thing to work but this is hard. Like I said, she is latching on so I am THRILLED about that after the trouble I had with Rachel but any suggestions, hints, tips for my getting my milk to come in (it came in already at this point with Rachel), ANYTHING you have is welcome. Please feel free to share!

I am wide awake as was Lauren when she was in here earlier. I love it when she looks at me!! Melts my heart!


Lainey-Paney said…
I told you before---it took 7 days for my milk to come in. We supplemented with formula AFTER nursing on each side for 15 minutes. Once the milk came in---it really wasn't a big deal to not give the formula anymore. He still nursed like a champ.
Leslie said…
When I had Ava Grace, the doctor told me that babies could be put on a shelf for 3 days and not NEED the collostrum. I know that sounds awlful, but his point was that babies do not have to have big meals in the beginning. It took 5 days for my milk to come in and by then she was ready for a full feeding. There was no way she was going to get a full feeding in those first 4 days because the collostrum was not enough. I did not supplement with formula, though. I bet she will be fine. I know it is frustrating, though.
Anonymous said…
just take a deep breath and relax and some hot showers. your milk will come. the more you try to nurse, hopefully, the sooner it will come. the showers may also help it start to let down. she sounds perfectly wonderful! you're a good mommy and giving her everything she needs!
Anonymous said…
oh, i'm sure your are, but make sure you stay PLENTY hydrated!!

my grandmother always told me to drink a beer to richen my milk...i never tried that! :)

Glad to hear that you are nursing. As a postpartum nurse, we tell mom's to nurse on each side for 15-20 mintues, then if the baby still seems fussy, supplement with 15-20cc's of formula. Being that she weights 9 lbs, she is probably not going to get satisfied just at the breast. If you are going to supplement, then I would make sure you dropper feed and make sure not to over feed. If she gets a huge feeding 1-2 oz. of formula, she may want to skip the next breastfeeding and demand that much everytime she eats. As far as getting your milk to come in...1. stay hydrated and calm 2. do skin to skin with Lauren (undress her and lay her on your bare chest) 3. nurse on a schedule and try not to skip any feedings. Remember, it will all come with time. Hope that this helps. Can't wait to see pictures!
Bubeaner said…
My experience was, of course different with John in the NICU, but people told me it's harder to get a good supply when you only pump. So I assume that what worked with pumping should translate.

I do agree with Lainey-Painey. It will be tempting to send her to the nursery and let them supplement. But try and put her to breast every 1.5 to 2 hours during the day (every 3 hours at night)then supplement with formula if needed. The more she is at the breast the faster and more abundant your milk will come in. The breastmilk is based on a supply and demand basis. It's definitely easier right now to go to formula, but the more you depend on the formula the harder and longer it will take for your milk to come in. Once your milk comes in you will see it's a breeze. And remember that newborns do not need much to feed them. And don't worry too much about nipple comfusion and BG prefering formula. John is an awesome breatfeeder and he started out with the bottle and pacifier.

It's going to be terribly frustrating and hard (at least it was for me), but you are terribly tough and strong. I know you can do it.

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