I couldn't really think of a title for today's, it's just know, today.

We went, yet again to the pediatrician's office this morning for them to continue using my youngest child as a pin cushion. She has about 5 pokes on her right foot and 4 or so on her left. It's pitiful. But the good news....WE ARE FINISHED!!! Her levels came back okay today. I don't know really what that all means but they said not to bring her back until her 2 week appointment which is next Friday! YAY!!! I can tell that her color is looking better....especially in her arms and legs. She is just too sweet!!!

My blood pressure has been fair. I will have okay ones (130's/80's) and then I will have high ones with the diastolic in the 90's. I normally have pretty low blood pressure so these are pretty high for me. It hasn't been so bad that I feel like I need to contact the doctor yet but I am keeping an eye on it. Somedays I feel better than others, that's for sure. Still not getting a ton of sleep but...I have a newborn. I am exhausted all of the time. My weepiness hasn't been near as bad with this baby as it was with Rachel but I can still cry very easily.

Here are some pictures from today....


She is so cute! I see alot of Rachel in her. Hope things are going well and that you will get a nap :)!
Lainey-Paney said…
Oh, I just want to scoop her up!
Leslie said…
She looks so much like Rachel in my opinion. So sweet. Makes me want another one! Congratulations!

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