Quiet Day and Night

Yesterday was low key. I had my husband here for the afternoon which was nice. My baby girl came and visited me with Brice's mom which I love seeing my little monkey. Kaydi, Josh and Ms. Lori came to visit and it was nice to see some friends' faces. I haven't been to church in so long and I miss my friends. OH....and Brice brought me Girl Scout cookies! YIPPEE! The tagalongs are GONE! =)

My Rachel is leaving this morning and I am just trying not to think about it. Arkansas is a long way!!!! I know several parents that won't let their kids spend the night with anyone...much less another state! She will be fine and I will see her again next Monday.

I got to see another doctor this morning. Dr. Atkins came in and let me just say...TALL version of Doogie Houser! That's him! Anyway, he is on board with me staying here until delivery. He did say that the chances of me being able to wait until March 12th is fair at best. He just said that even though things look great now that it could change at any moment. That's still what I am hoping for.

It's back to the weekday. Hope everyone's Monday is good. I am thinking that I might have more visitors today as people are back at work here and my friends are back into their weekly routine. I am listening to the thump of my baby's heartbeat at the moment and after that is finished (well, the monitoring, not the heartbeat) I will go take a shower.



beckylbranch said…
Hey Rikki! What a cute blog! Bonnie and I blog too :) I don't know if you remember us we only went to CBC for one year. (we are twins) I can't believe it's been almost 10 years ago...I feel old! Your daughter is adorable...and congratulations on the second! We live in Fort Worth now, for almost 2 years. I miss AR though! Take care and many blessings! Becky Altland-Branch

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