Yesterday was the worst day we have had so far. It was a VERY VERY trying day. I have a toddler who realizes that when I am feeding the baby that I have very limited mobility and I have a hard time getting up and doing anything, including following through with discipline...i.e. spanking. She is having a difficult time adjusting. She is very good with the baby and wants to talk to her and kiss her all of the time but she just is having some serious discipline issues. It didn't help that Brice didn't come home until almost 8:30 last night. At one point, I went and locked myself in my room and cried as I nursed the baby. I was definitely at my wits' end. But...that too, passed....

I had to make a quick trip to the OB/GYN yesterday...complications with my episiotomy....I won't go into details but all is fine and will heal on its own. I go back to see her again in 2 weeks. My blood pressure was high at the office - 145/96. It has been running okay for a few days now at home....she said we will just see what it is at my next appointment and talk about the possibility of medication at that point.

Yesterday was my official due date...March 27th. The day I had talked about for 9 months and when I got that frequent question of "When are you due" that's what I would say, March 27th. It will always be a day etched in my brain. I am working on typing up Lauren's birth story from beginning to end like I did Rachel's when she was born. It helps me to remember every detail and I want to because it is such a special time.

I am officially missing being pregnant. There, I said it. I miss feeling baby movements inside. I miss having that little, okay, BIG, belly. I miss people looking at me and smiling. I knew I would miss it after it was over - that's why I cherished this pregnancy so much more than last. This one went by so fast. Will there be another? Let's just say I am not opposed to it....not nearly as adamant against it as I was after I had Rachel. I would love to have another baby..perhaps a little boy, someday. What I have said is that if we have another girl we are definitely finished!!! =) Brice agreed.

I have completed one project....Lauren's birth announcement. I actually created it before the birth and entered in the correct information and pictures after she was born. I decided to send them to Shutterfly to be price for birth announcements....$25.00...for 150!! I am pretty proud of it. I will post it here after I get them in the mail and send them out.

We have Lauren's 2 week check up on Monday....the little piglet HAS to be back to her birth weight...she eats CONSTANTLY!!!

Look for Lauren's birth story to come......


I remember feeling exactly the same way that you do about the toddler and discipline. Just as I would sit down to nurse Carter, Bryce would decide to climb to the top of the pantry or something. That was his time to torment me. :) That was a very trying time and with time he adjusted. Hang in there, it will get better.
Lainey-Paney said…

I can't pretend to understand, b/c I haven't been in that situation.
Charlene said…
Hi from China! The picture of the girls is precious ... we are so happy to be here and Adaya has captured our hearts! Tara is about half way to baby brother and looks great ... I am so jet lagged but should be able to shake it off in a few days!

Hope things are getting easier - I will bring you dinner when we get back!


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