A Little Better

Well, I still don't think that my milk has come in but when I nurse now at least I hear her gulping something. I thought it might be my milk but I tried pumping and it was only clearish. Anyway, she gulps for a long while on each side so I think she is getting more satisfied. She is calmer afterwards and seems to be less hungry.

With Rachel....I hardly nursed at all at first since she was in NICU and I didn't pump until my milk actually came in. I had her on Tuesday around 8:00 and on Wednesday night I woke up with incredibly wet clothes.....it was so super fast. I think that's why I am frustrated.

Here are some more pictures:


Aunt Goosey said…
Congratulations Rikki!! Your new baby is so CUTE! And the picture of Rachel "holding" her...that's totally cute! Take care of yourself, ya hear? Love ya! Cathy

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