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So...I never posted about Lauren's 15 month checkup.

She is 28 lbs, 14 oz - 97th %tile
32 inches long - 95th %tile

She is in size 4 diapers still. She eats just about anything but spits it out IMMEDIATELY if she doesn't like it! She is very opinionated and very high maintenance...she always has been. She loves her big sister and looks for her if she isn't around. She says lots of words...some of which we can't exactly make out! She loves playing with baby dolls and reading books...or rather having books read to her. She will bring you a book, turn around, sit in your lap - requesting you to read and then clap when it's over. It's the cutest thing! She definitely has an attitude and she is loud just like her sister! She has more ear infections than I can count at this point. Which is why this morning....

We got tubes placed in her ears and her adenoids removed. We had to be there at 6:00 and then the surgery was at 7:15. She did really well. She was…

Random Things About Me

I was thinking today about how quirky I can be. I know we all have our things that we do that make us who we "are" and I thought it would be fun to let you in on some of the ways that I am....ME!

1. I am very outgoing but I do not trust easily.
2. I do not like for my food on my plate to touch.
3. I have always wanted to work in the medical field. First, I wanted to be a pediatric nurse practitioner - thought I wanted to do oncology. As I have gotten older, I am absolutely fascinated with babies...especially labor and delivery. If I didn't hate school so much and know that it would take so long and cost so much, I might think about going back to school to be an OB/GYN...that's how interested in it I am - it truly fascinates me!
4. I do not like marshmallows, coconut, or whipped cream...I do like other white foods though! :)
5. I get attached to people really easily. Once you have my trust and my heart, you have it. It breaks my heart when people leave or move aw…

Update on Rachel

Well, the grandparents are here and are helping out tremendously. What a blessing!

My friend Kaydi and I took Rachel yesterday to Cook Children's Hospital in Ft. Worth for her VUCG and ultrasound. She did GREAT with the ultrasound - she laid there and ate a sucker while watching Sleeping Beauty. The VUCG...not so much! She did okay until about the 4th wiping of betadine solution on her "bottom" and then she wasn't okay anymore. It went from bad to worse. By the end of it she was screaming, "LET ME GO!" It was traumatic for all involved. The techs that were there were less than helpful in calming her down - in fact, they actually made it worse. I was appalled at how poorly they handled my frighened 3 1/2 year old. Anyway, we got through and she earned a milk shake and a Jessie doll from Toy Story! The pediatrician called at 5:00 and told us that VUCG was normal but that she does have some fluid around her left kidney and we need to follow up with a …

Hot Diggity Dog!!!

I wanted to title this post Ballerina Beauty but it just wouldn't fit in this particular instance....but to me, she is a beauty!!! :)

We had Rachel's dance recital on Saturday night and she was perfect...well, probably not but she was still perfect!!!! Her class - a group of ten 3 and 4 year olds danced a tap routine to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse's "Hot Dog." It was cute! I was a stage mom and keeping that many girls entertained for that long was...well, it was difficult and I am just glad that I didn't have that many children that age at once!!! I am not sure I would not be in jail right now!

Many of Rachel's little friends came to see her and she felt so proud! Her grandparents from Arkansas were here to see her to and brought her a beautiful silver puffed heart necklace before the performance. She got a lot of "star treatment."

This mommy was proud!

Daddy brought Rachel brought flowers and she loved them!

The whole group of girls

No Time to Rethink...

Okay, so seriously, I am so sorry that I am so far behind on blogging! I have meant to come here so many times and let you in on our lives! I have a beautiful family and I want to share them with you, I really do. I am ashamed to say that I do not take as many pictures as I should....I really don't! Our lives are passing us before we know it and I will be blogging soon about my little girls going to kindergarten, graduating from high school, getting married, and OH, I BETTER STOP BEFORE I GET WEEPY!!!

I feel like I say it all of the time on here but I just don't have time to blog. I want to, I really do and I plan to blog when I have a few extra minutes. I look back on past blogs and I love reading them and I will miss that if I stopped so I have no intention to stop blogging but I have to stop apologizing for not blogging. I will blog when I get the chance. I will TRY to blog more but I am not promising anything and no more apologizing!!! :)

So...what has happened si…