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As Visions of the ER Danced in My Head.....

Okay, so you ever have those times when you have just witnessed something that could have been awful and you replay in your mind a thousand times "what could have happened?" Well, last night was one of those times for me.

It was about 8:45 and we were about to get Rachel ready for bed. Well, she was crawling from the ottoman to the big chair, as she usually does, except this time they weren't as close together as they usually are. Brice is literally an arm's length away from her and as he says, "Rachel, be careful, they are too far apart...." DOWN SHE GOES!!!! All I see from across the room while I sit on the couch is her head (the front of it, mind you) going straight for the fireplace....the BRICK fireplace! Brice snatched her up as she is screaming and I ran to her. He was comforting her and my maternal instincts tell me to look for blood. I checked the mouth for broken teeth and busted lips. I don't see blood anywhere. I found where she hit.…

Nightmares and my Bilingual Toddler

Well, it's started...the horrible dreams!!! I had awful dreams with Rachel and they have already started with this one! Let's see, in the last 2 days, I have killed someone (and my husband, in my dream, convinced me to cover it up, ha!), last night I can't remember the first one but it was bad and the second dream I had was AWFUL....I won't go into details but it was a "go into labor early" dream. I had those with Rachel too...probably nerves! Some of my dreams I can't explain and honestly, I don't want them explained...they are pretty graphic.

Now to the good stuff....MY CHILD IS GIFTED!! Okay, maybe not but whatever. Yesterday we were at my Granny's house and I told her to count for Granny. Well, she didn't and then after awhile, she was laying in the floor and I heard her saying something sorta rhythmically (how do you spell that???) Well, she was saying, "Cinco, seis, seita....." I was like WHAT???!!!! She continued and …

Excitement Around Our World!!

Well, things around the Hester household are interesting to say the least. We are quickly approaching the terrible twos with our little one!!! She is a MESS!!! She will even tell you that she is a mess. She had a terrible incident yesterday which involved waking up totally distraught from her nap and going immediately to the bathtub....I will spare the details but I am sure you can fill them in! We try time sometimes, others not so much! She does get spankings when needed as we are not opposed to them....they seem to work well. Rachel is, as her daddy put it, stubborn. I can't tell you who she gets that all honesty, probably a little of both. Her new favorite thing is to scream when she doesn't get something she wants....we are quickly trying to fix this!
In other news, we have known for about 5 weeks now that we are going to have another baby!!! We had our first doctor's appointment today and all is well with Baby Hester #2! The due date is March 27…

Busy as a.....Jewelry Lady!

So, I had my first jewelry show on Friday night. It was good. Not many people and not a very big $ show but it was fun. My next one was Saturday night....about the same amount of people and I will not know $ amount until Friday...when she closes her show. I had another show last night....AWESOME!!! There were about 12 people there and it was a pretty high $$ show!!! We will close that one on Friday too! I have another show on Thursday night and one on Friday night. I work Saturday night and then have 2 more shows next week!!! Whew!!

Surprisingly enough I have not been completely exhausted. I do get a nap during the days when I am home. The jewelry parties are fun so it isn't a lot like work for me.

More week is a big week for LOTS of things!!!! =)

Our Life...Lately

So, our 4th anniversary has come and gone and it seems to have just flown by! For the actual day, Brice gave me a Willow Tree figurine holding a bundle of apples (can apples come in a bundle?) Anyway, Brice is very traditional and back on our very first anniversary he started buying gifts that were actually what tradition says to give. This year it was fruit and flowers. I got him a blender filled with apples, peaches, and strawberries! =) He always gets me the best cards. They are usually everything I would love for him to say to me but he buys them in a card...sometimes you just gotta take what you can get! No, he really is an amazing guy! I love him to pieces...he is so very good to me and our child.

I did work some this last week and have had 2 jewelry shows both of which turned out better thatn I had expected. I only forgot one important piece of information at the first show....o'well, I will get better with practice, I suppose! Good thing is that I will get plent…

Incredible Weekend!

We just got back from our weekend getaway! Okay, so it was only across town but we had a great time!

Friday after Brice got home from work, his parents arrived from Arkansas to stay with Rachel for the weekend. We visited for a short time and then we left for our dinner. We got to Houston's off Preston Rd in Dallas at about 5:30 and it was very crowded. It seemed like it took an eternity to get there to begin with. The wait staff told us that it would be a 25 minute wait and fortunately my husband was already thinking we would have a wait so he wasn't too cranky about it. See, he HATES to wait...HATES it!!! Anyway, it only took them about 10-15 minutes tops to get us to a table. The service was excellent, the food was even better, and it was just a great meal time. Thanks, Mike for the rec!!! After dinner, we drove back to the hotel and we watched some nonsense TV and went to be early. We stayed at the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Las Colinas. It was SUPER nice and I felt…