A New Day

Still here...still pregnant...nothing exciting happened yesterday.

Blood pressure seems to be good still. I had some friends come and eat lunch with me....a hospital hamburger and then BLD had some chicken strips that she was finished with...I ate them too! I was hungry! =) I got to see this little guy who is only 2 months old....so super sweet...I think he has more hair than I do!

Last night....didn't sleep well. I tossed and turned all night long and people in the hallway felt the need to be loud again. I had a big o contraction that woke me up early this morning and then for whatever reason my nurse as she was in my room at 4:30 this morning taking my vital signs, weighing me, etc thought that she needed to have this full blown conversation about something that I don't even remember. Okay, woman, do what you gotta do and LEAVE!!!! I am going back to sleep! She did, eventually and I did go back to sleep...until 8:00 when the day shift nurse came in and introduced herself. No biggie but she acted like this was my first day here...asking me questions and telling me things that I already know!!!

Okay, I admit it....I am grumpy today. I didn't sleep well, I am pretty swollen today and I don't really feel that well this morning. I am back to wanting to have a baby. I am officially now more pregnant than I ever have been before....37 weeks, 1 day! I think, for whatever reason, I am frustrated. I'm entitled...I am 9 months pregnant!!!

Good news...I get to see my sweet girl on Monday! She is coming home from Little Rock and I want to love on her...although I am sure she will only want to love on me for a split second...o'well!!!

Visitors from yesterday:
Gordon and Charlene - friends from church...brought me some yummy homemade cookies!!!

Here are pictures from my hospital outing on Thursday...

Look how NOT beautiful I am!!!! Swollen face and my hair!!!! UGH!

Me and BLD!!! Isn't she adorable??!


Anonymous said…
hang in there! i can't imagine how bored you must be...BUT at least your connect to the world. every day of patience you have your baby is appreciating...you're such a good mommy!

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