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A Little Fun!!

Hi!! I will update about family soon but I wanted to do this for fun. I saw this on Abbe's blog and thought it would be fun!!

A. Age: 30...almost 31
B. Bed size: queen, with all these kids i would love a king. it gets cramped on saturday mornings
C. Chore that you hate: putting away clothes
D. Dogs: Libby the shih-tzu
E. Essential start to your day: checking all social media on my phone
F. Favorite color: purple
G. Gold or Silver: silver
H. Height: 5' 4
I. Instruments you play: my ipod
J. Job title: medical social worker
K. Kids: Rachel Mackenzie, Lauren Elizabeth, and Hannah Grace
L. Live: texas
M. Mother’s name: shawn...yeah, apparently our family has a thing for girls with boy names
N. Nick names: riri, rik, rikkles
O. Overnight hospital stays: only to have babies...and it was a long stay!!!
P. Pet peeves: bad drivers, loud talkers, talking loud on the phone during a meeting
Q. Quote from a movie: "i beg your pardon but i've never heard of a beautiful witch bef…

Hannah Grace

Welcome to the world, Hannah Grace!!

My blood pressure did pretty well this pregnancy until about 36 weeks and it started going up and down pretty inconsistently. On Saturday, October 15, I went to labor and delivery for a blood pressure check to see how things were because I had been having some consistent high readings. They ended up sending me home with instructions to follow up with my doctor a little earlier than I had planned that week (Thursday). I was scheduled for induction on Friday, October 21.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon and my blood pressure was really really high! I think the lowest reading was 158/106. I was having some MAJOR pitting edema and did have protein in my urine as well as some visual disturbances. To the hospital I went. I was a bit nervous because I was only 37 weeks along and it wasn't when I had scheduled. Needless to say, God had everything all worked out!

I was at the hospital for awhile and my BP did go back down some but I was contr…