Saturday, November 29, 2008

Post #4 - Day After Thanksgiving

This day started REALLY early for me! I got up at 3:15 and went to Kohl's and got there about 5 minutes after they opened at 4:00. It was CRAZY!!!! I couldn't find the cookware set I was looking for and really was too tired and overwhelmed to think about it. I got what I needed and got in the wound all the way around back by housewares! I got in line at 5 til 5:00 and I finally checked out and was in my car at 6:25. It was NUTS! I had seriously thought about going home after that but I was on a mission. It was still dark outside and my family was probably still in bed. So, I headed to Arlington because I needed to go to Hobby Lobby and I was hungry! I stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond because they opened at 6:00. It was pleasant! No crazy people! It was nice. I got most of my shopping done there. I still needed to go to Hobby Lobby for a gift for my brothers. I went by Chick Fil A and then headed to Hobby Lobby with 15 minutes before they opened. I sat in the car and finished my breakfast and went in the too, was pleasant! I was thankful. After Hobby Lobby, swung by Mardel for a few gifts and then home. I was home by 8:45 an EXHAUSTED!!! I decided that it would have been a little easier carrying all of the stuff in Kohl's and standing in line for an hour and a half if I weren't almost 6 months pregnant! I was achy all over after it was all said and done.

I came home and took a nap until lunch time. I was still kinda drained the rest of the day but after Rachel's nap, we put up her little 4 1/2 inch Christmas tree in the playroom. She was so excited! We figured that having her own tree would deter her from messing with the big one...we will see! Here are some pictures! Isn't she a doll?

Post #3 - Thanksgiving Day

Well, as some of you know this year I spent Thanksgiving Day with some friends at Texas Stadium in Irving watching the Cowboys play the Seahawks. Brice was invited to go too but he isn't much on crowds and just wasn't interested in going. So, we discussed it and he said it was more than fine if I wanted to go. He and Rachel took a dish and went to my granny's for lunch.

Well, the game was SO MUCH FUN! We got there at about 10:45 and tailgated with turkey and all of the Thanksgiving goodies. It was great! Then we went to the stadium around 1:30. We found our seats (not too hard...they sit in those same ones every game). Then, we still had a good long while before the game started. Anita and I walked around the concourse the entire way around the stadium. I was checking out the food (and stopped for some Dippin Dots along the way). It only took us about 10 or 15 minutes to walk around. It was fun!

The Cowboys played an AWESOME game!! They won...AND...I even saw Troy Aikman..okay through binoculars, but still! It was a great day!!

Thank you so much Anita and Jim for a great experience!

View from our seats!

Rachel's Visit With Santa

This was prior to the afternoon in the ER.....

We had to go to the mall for some shopping and wanted to beat the Christmas crowd to Santa. Rachel was NOT impressed with Santa. She was terrified and screamed. We tried to tell her that Mommy and Daddy would stay in the picture...she was not having it! I had to get a picture anyway!

The Past Week

I will likely do several posts about this past week. It will be hard to put it all in one.

First....the heart "issues" that I previously posted about returned on Tuesday. Wednesday they got really bad and I called the doctor again. Brice was off work starting on Wednesday. The nurse from my OB/GYN's office called back and after assessing my situation, told me to go the emergency room. UGH! So...I did. They did and EKG, drew blood, and put me on the heart monitor for an hour. The blood work came back normal. The EKG showed some abnormality and the heart monitor did indeed show some irregular heartbeat. The doctor called my primary care doctor to see if she wanted me to stay the night for observation. They agreed that it wasn't necessary (boy am I glad)!! Anyway, basically this is the deal...I am having premature atrial contractions, sinus tachycardia, and irregular heart rhythm. None of these things are thought to be harmful unless heart disease is already present. It just means that my heart will beat too early and then it beats really fast to keep up with the skipped beat. Annoying but apparently not harmful. I was supposed to make an appointment yesterday with my primary care doctor but did not remember until after 5:00 so I will do that on Monday. The flutters are still present but I am trying to deal with it and not worry too much. So, Wednesday I was going to start getting things ready to decorate for Christmas but I spent the afternoon/evening in the ER.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Look At This Baby!!!

And look how much she has grown!!

Soon she won't be my "baby" anymore. Yep, I'm pregnant....and emotional!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


My heart flutters came back briefly at the beginning of the week but have gone again. Whew.....

Rachel's doctor called yesterday and said that all of her test results were normal. She said she was a little surprised that her thyroid wasn't "off" because she was pretty sure that's what it was. Anyway, my baby girl is perfectly healthy despite her big-ness. We are on a pretty strict diet. No fruit juice at all. She can't have fruit snacks and she said to limit the french fries and fried foods. She said if she wants a snack during the day to give her fruit or veggies. Luckily my child will eat those! Her favorite food is tomatoes! =) It will definitely be an adjustment but we can manage. Thank you for everyone that has been checking up on us.

Rachel is officially in her big girl room!!! It is mostly all decorated and looks just darling. She is getting too big for me. As I was taking stuff from her old room to the current one today we kept talking about how "that is for baby sister." She is so cute when she says it.

Everything else is great. Brice is taking some time off next week and I am celebrating Thanksgiving at the Cowboys' football game. I am so excited!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Catching Up

What a crazy week we have had!! It started with us finding out that we are having another baby girl (see previous post). Then, I worked Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday I started having some heart "weirdness" where my heart would skip a beat and then beat really fast. It wasn't really severe on Wednesday so I went to sleep in hopes that it would just go away the next morning. When I woke up Thursday morning it was worse so I decided to call the doctor. I went to work anyway and got an EKG done which was slightly abnormal. I had an appointment at the doctor at 1:15. She said that she thinks I am anemic and put me on a prescription iron pill. She also told me to increase my fluid intake. I started taking the iron pills on Thursday evening and had the heart issues up until yesterday morning. I haven't had any more "spells" since yesterday morning. I guess the iron pills are working. I am VERY was odd and now I can concentrate on other things.

Thursday evening, Brice's parents and brother got here and Brice and I went to a banquet for the Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Prairie. It was really nice. I cried...what's new??!!

Friday was Rachel's 2nd birthday! The whole gang went to Euless to Incredible Pizza and it was so much fun! We had a blast. It was fun for Rachel to run around, the food was decent and the big kids had fun too....I am thinking next year's birthday party....

Saturday was incredibly cold and also Rachel's birthday the park! STUPID ME! I knew it was going to be cold a few days before the party which is why I told all of the moms to bundle up their kiddos. It was cold and windy. The kids didn't stay long and neither did we. Rachel seemed to still have a good time swinging. She got so much stuff for her birthday and had a great party.

Brice's family left yesterday and Rachel is still talking about them. She loves company - especially when they are here for her!! =)

That brings us to was a rough day for us. Rachel had her 2 year checkup at the doctor. I figured it would be quick and painless (except for the shots) as most of her well baby checkups are. Well, not the case. She weighed 41 lbs and was 37 inches tall. The doctor was really concerned about her weight. It has increased significantly over the past 6 months and so she wanted to draw some blood to check for thyroid issues as well as blood sugar problems. The blood draw was HORRIBLE!!!! It took them about 30 minutes, 2 nurses and a daddy as well as a restraint device. Mommy left the room. They finally got her blood but it clotted before they were able to get all they needed so they had to poke her foot. It quit bleeding before she got all that she needed from that, so they poked her other foot. She also got the flu shot and a Hep A shot. Now she is sporting 5 bugs bunny bandaids and some bruises. She was calm after she got a sucker and was able to sit in Daddy's lap. She even said, "Bye bye doctor" as we left. I was emotionally drained and a little...I don't know, frustrated, disappointed, down....I am not sure what the true feeling was. I felt as though I would burst into tears at any time. I sorta felt like a failure as a parent. Was there something else I should have been doing? Is it my fault that she is so heavy? I just had a lot of emotions...which is completely normal seeing as how I am also 5 months pregnant. It was just too much. I have great friends! Heather came and sat at the house while Rachel napped so I could go do some errands. I went to Target and got some things to help with organization and such. It was a good break.

I will post pictures of Rachel's birthday party soon.

Monday, November 10, 2008

It's A.......


We had our appointment this morning. It was so good to see the baby again. I was so used to sonograms so often with Rachel and this is only #2 for this baby. I was anxious to see the face and how much bigger she has gotten. Everything looked great. The doctor said that she usually tells people that you can't see everything on a sonogram but that everything with this baby so far looks perfect. That is such a relief after my last pregnancy. The next few months will be crucial with blood pressures and stuff since that's when mine started going up last time.

I have to say that when she showed us the girl parts (and I definitely know it's a girl) I found myself to be unexpectedly a little disappointed. The entire time I have said that I didn't care if it was a boy or girl but then I guess deep down I wanted a boy and didn't even know it. I am very happy but the initial reaction was very different than I expected. Daddy is happy and Rachel will be a great big sister. I am excited about being the mother of two girls!!

By the way, no names until the baby is born!!!! =)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

20 week picture

Here is a picture....

Pretty bad picture of me but I have been working all day and I am tired....

Friday, November 7, 2008

Boy or Girl?

So...a lot of you know that I am now 20 weeks pregnant. I have my next doctor's appointment on Monday with sonogram first to hopefully tell us the baby's gender. I was going to post a picture to help with guesses but I haven't taken any. is what all of the "prediction websites"'s another girl.

My guess is that it is another girl. I don't have any reason to think that really. I just think so. I have had other people tell me girl too...again based on nothing scientific. However, I thought the majority of the time (until they told me it was a girl) that I was pregnant with Rachel that I was having a'll see!

Honestly, I do not have a preference. I really wanted a girl the first time and I got her! So....I don't have any girls in my family and I think it would be fun for Rachel to have a sister but then again I think I would like to have a boy too. So...I really don't care at all.

Names?? For those of you that were around when Rachel was born, it will be the same way. No names until the baby is birthed! SORRY! That's something Brice is adamant about.

I will update on Monday to see if the little girl/boy let us see what he/she is!

What To Do???

...when I am home alone!!!!??? Yep, ALONE..except the dog and baby in the belly! Brice is gone to a retreat with the church and I have to work in the morning so I sent Rachel to my Aunt Donna's to spend the night. After I left her with Aunt Donna, Tonya, and Justin, I went to eat Chinese buffet. Yes, I was the loser in the booth eating by myself but it was good and EXACTLY what I wanted!!! =) Then, I went to Kohl's. I got Brice a green shirt and me a red shirt to wear for our pictures on Tuesday. We are actually getting Rachel's birthday pictures taken then but decided it would be a good time to snap a family portrait or two for Christmas cards. Anyway, I also bought a Christmas present for a family member whose name I drew that I don't know very well. Got me 2 maternity shirts and a comfy pair of maternity pants. I still have my clothes from last pregnancy but I was quite a bit larger then. OH...and Kohl's was having a great sale and additional % off if you use Kohl's charge....I got 20% off my entire purchase!!! WAHOO!

I came home and did a scrapbook page in the floor and then found it hard to get up....I guess I am getting bigger! I want to do more pages but I haven't felt good all day and I think I am just going to go to bed and watch TV before falling asleep. The only thing that would make this better is if I could sleep in the morning! O'well...

By the way, I miss Brice a lot and Rachel like CRAZY!!!! I almost cried when I left her with Aunt Donna. Brice has been gone almost every night this week so I miss him too. I will see them both tomorrow night when we meet for dinner.

Sudafed or Not?

So, as I have previously posted, I have been sick. I AM sick. I called the doctor's office on Tuesday to see what medicines I can take while being pregnant. I never was sick like this with Rachel so I honestly didn't know what was off limits. Anyway, the nurse called back and said I could take Sudafed and Mucinex, Tylenol for fever or pain, and any throat lozenges. I went and bought Sudafed. After taking it for about 3 days, I quit because it wasn't working. I thought I would go to Mucinex. I went to the store and there are about 3 different kinds of Mucinex. I asked the pharmacist which one I could take and she said it didn't matter. I went home and got online to research the substances found in this particular type of Mucinex to make sure it was on the "safe list." What I found was that it was perfectly fine to take but that SUDAFED is not! Basically the FDA has said that Sudafed taken during pregnancy, especially first trimester, is dangerous to the developing fetus. It can cause a condition called gastroschisis which is a problem with how the bowels develop. It can cause a hole in the GI tract or the stomach to actually form on the outside of the body. Anyway, I have quit taking Sudafed because it doesn't work so why put a substance in your body that doesn't even help...well, I'm not. Is it safe? That seems to be the question.

Anyway, the Mucinex worked a lot better and according to the FDA seems to be safer during pregnancy anyway. So....Mucinex it is until I can sleep and breathe without medication.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Moment of Realization!

Okay, so maybe I have been living on some cloud somewhere but I have just realized some things....

1. My first born...MY BABY will be 2 years old next Friday!!!! It's hard to believe until she starts throwing her fits...then she definitely seems like she is two!

2. It is November. Okay, so it is the 5th day into the month, I have changed my calendar and I have even written the date a few times but IT IS NOVEMBER!!!! Where in the world did 2008 go!???!! It just seems insane to me. Which brings me to...

3. It is almost Christmas! C H R I S T M A S!!! Wow....

4. I am going to be the mother of two in a few months. Two kids....hmm...I am very excited, don't get me wrong. It was planned and all but things are going to be harder. Again, these are my realizations...revelations, whatever....don't say, "I told you so" or I might just...probably do nothing, but still....

5. The Dairy Queen Blizzard might just be the best thing ever invented!!! Man, I love those things!

6. And the last thing...I refuse to be too political on my blog but here goes....I am a McCain supporter...I admit that and don't have a problem admitting that. I would consider myself conservative...probably on the more liberal side of conservative but conservative nonetheless. I tend to vote Republican mainly because of my value system and Biblical beliefs that life is precious and marriage is sacred. I don't dislike liberals, generally speaking, or Democrats for that matter. I don't generally dislike gays/lesbians or even those that have chosen abortion. It's just my belief system...that's all. The bottom line is, I will pray for Barack Obama. That is my responsibility as a Christian and an pray for our leader. I don't dislike him...I will just pray that God leads him in making decisions for the American people. One last thing....being the Republican that I am I think it is kinda bizarre the way that people (okay, Republicans) are reacting to him being elected. I have heard people say that the world is coming to an end, our country is going to fail, and many other devastating things may happen to our country. I do not feel this way at all. I think we are going to be okay. I mean, come on...this is not the first Democrat, pro-choice, pro-gay/lesbian marriage person we have had in the White House. I don't understand why this time it is so different than when, say, Bill Clinton was elected. Of course, then I was too young to remember if people reacted this way then too...I don't know. That's all....

Okay, I have these light bulb moments often...maybe I should share more often....

Jill Jarvis Attebery

Some of you might be tired of hearing about this but it's my blog....

Jill Jarvis Attebery was called to her home in Heaven on November 2, 2008. Born in Lufkin, Texas, she was a graduate of Lufkin High School. She earned a B.S. in Biomedical Science at Texas A & M University, a B,S, in Nursing at Stephen F, Austin University, and a Masters in Nursing at the University of Central Arkansas. She loved her work in nursing and nursing education, but her favorite role was that of homemaker and supporter of her husband, Scott, as Pastor of Wyatt Baptist Church, Eldorado, Arkansas. She was active in music ministry, womenÕs ministry and discipleship ministry. She volunteered in many educational ventures such Pregnancy Crisis Education. She had a great passion for organizing and traveling on foreign mission trips. She was widely traveled in and out of this country. Prayers were sent up here and in other countries from people whom she had touched, She impacted old and young alike and made special and lasting friendships with five young ladies from her A & M college days. Every endeavor she undertook was with a positive attitude, a winning smile, and a genuine concern for others. She wanted so much to become a Mother and had given birth to her first and only child, Bryce Baker Attebery, three months ago. She was 34 years old. She had made it clear that if anything should happen to her she wanted to be a total organ donor. We now know that there will be eight recipients of her gifts of life and health to others. She was preceded in death by her grandparents, Arvel and Ollie Mae DeLaFosse, Frank and Novella Jarvis, and her uncle Earnest E. (Bo) DeLaFosse. She is survived by her husband, Scott Attebery and son, Bryce Attebery; parents, Al and Darlene Jarvis; brother and sister-in-law, Andy and Lea Jarvis and sons Aaron and Adam Jarvis; in-laws, Charles and Janis Attebery of Greenbrier, Arkansas, whom she loved like her own family; Robyn DeLaFosse Green and husband, Joel; uncle and aunt, Karol and Sandra Green and children, Kara and Troy Bohall; Leann Lucas; and Kalen and Jennifer Green. Family visitation will be Tuesday evening at YoungÕs Funeral Home in El Dorado, Arkansas. Funeral Services will be Wednesday at 2 p.m. at Wyatt Baptist Church. Interment at Resthaven Cemetery in El Dorado. The family suggests in lieu of flowers that memorials be made to Keltys First Baptist Church, where Jill grew up, to be used in an educational scholarship fund.

Published in The Lufkin Daily News on 11/4/2008

Please continue to pray for Scott and Jill's family as they remember her tomorrow. They said that there were over 400 people at her visitation tonight. That's how Jill's life was...she impacted everyone she came in contact with.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I am still very sad about my friend. Please continue to pray for Scott and Baby Bryce Attebery. Jill's funeral is Wednesday.

I am sick. I have a cold. Of course, there is very limited things that I can take. Sudafed, here I come!!!

Going to bed. Hopefully I will feel better soon. November is a big month.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


A precious friend that I knew in college died this morning with injuries from a car accident that happened yesterday. Her name was Jill Jarvis Attebery. Please pray for her husband, Scott and their infant son (I believe that Baby Bryce is only about 3 months old). It is so devastating. Jill was so full life and always had a beautiful smile. She is with Jesus and for that we can rejoice but it still is hard to understand when these things happen.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

I was going to wait to post until tomorrow. Here it is 3:12 in the morning and I am posting on a blog. I woke up with a burning belly and took some medicine. I am now waiting for it to kick in so I thought I would type a little since sitting upright feels better than laying down. Anyway....

Apparently, Grand Prairie and Irving had small earthquakes on Thursday night (around midnight or so). I didn't know a thing until someone was asking about it....I was asleep and although some reported being woken up by it...not me! If only I was able to sleep like that tonight.....

Brice came home early 1:00 early. It was nice. I wasn't quite ready for the day as I had just put Rachel down for a nap and that's when I normally get a shower, etc. When he got home he said, "Let's go put together Rachel's swingset." So...we did. It isn't anchored to the ground yet but she did get to slide and swing some and was not happy when we made her come inside. It's pretty cute. There were no written directions...only pictures. Brice and I did it together and it was WARM outside yesterday. We were in the sun most of the time and I started to get a little swollen....something NOT welcome in this pregnancy. After I sat down for a bit, it was better. Blood pressure was fine.....118/77. That's a relief. I check it when I start not feeling well because of my history.

We made chili and popcorn balls, dressed our ladybug appropriately and headed for our Sunday school class Halloween party at Chris and Candace's. It was a lot of fun. Rachel had a great time eating and playing with everyone.

Gotta go try and get some sleep....gotta work tomorrow AM.

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