Saturday, July 26, 2008

What's Going On?

With us? WORK....a WHOLE LOTTA WORK!!! I am at work now about to get the day started. Not much new to report.....just dealing with a toddler....a very needy, cranky toddler. She has a sinus infection and is on Augmentin again. Maybe the antibiotics will cure the temper tantrums too...ya think?!

I am ready for August to be over...oh, wait...August hasn't started yet, has it? After August I will not be working as much. I just find it difficult to keep up with everything. I am hitting the jewelry business hard and heavy next month - doing 10 shows in the month! I have to slow down working 3 and 4 days a week or I will crash and burn.

We have several activities going on soon...birthday parties, anniversary getaway, more work, jewelry parties.......the list goes on! It will make the time go by faster....before I know it, my child is going to be grown.....maybe that's the cure for temper tantrums.

Yesterday Rachel went to daycare because I had to work. When I picked her up, she was fine until we were on the road for about 10 minutes and then she began to scream. I hate screaming, especially in a closed vehicle....I have no escape. I turn the radio up to drown her out, she gets madder! Anyway, finally, I just hollered at her. After taking her shoes off, socks off, offering her every book and stuffed animal in the car, I hollered. I don't like yelling...I don't yell frequently but I guess you could say, I lost my cool. I just said (very loudly), "Stop crying. JUST STOP. That's enough. There is nothing wrong with you! JUST STOP!" Well, she stopped. We talked quietly back and forth the rest of the way home until she saw Brice's car as we turned onto Carrier Pkwy. We apparently got to that point at the same time. She had a fit......"Daddy's car, Daddy's car. Daddy!!!!!!" Brice was going to the grocery store to get some chicken for dinner and I was going to take Rachel home. Well, that was the quickly it changed. We followed Daddy to the grocery store and we all went in "soppin" (aka, shopping). I immediately found some Cheetos...the entire time she was screaming in the car she was hollering for pretzels. I could not find a small bag of pretzels so I got Cheetos. She was happy....for the moment. I decided to venture off on my own and get some batteries and Brice had Rachel...WRONG!!! She started screaming, "MOMMY....NO, MOOOOMMMMMYYYYY!!!!" I went back and she was happy. She did the same thing with Brice. Neither of us could leave her side. Got finished shopping and took her back to the car. She was fine all the way home. I looked at her sheet from daycare when I got home...she only slept yesterday from 12:35-1:15....NO WONDER SHE WAS CRANKY!!! She was exhausted!!! I was already worn out from work and she just made me nuts by the time we got home. She went to bed at 8:20 and we went to bed at was blissful!!!

Gotta get to work!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yeah, so my headline totally describes my life lately! Let me just say, to summarize, GOD IS AMAZING!!! There is so much going on with us right now. Here is some of it.....

I had my training show last night to kick off my jewelry business and my friends really came through for me! There were 20 people there not including me or my sponsor!!! My house was packed and I enjoyed every bit of it!!! We ate yummy snacks and played in tons of pretty jewelry! I had a great show in terms of sales and I got a lot of free jewelry. I am so thankful to God for the awesome friends in my life. I can't wait to pick out all of my free jewelry! OH...and I got 10 bookings in August!!! I will be a busy lady but I will meet my goal if all of the shows go through!!! I am so excited about this new adventure.

This week is VBS and boy am I ever exhausted! The kiddos are learning the songs and the motions and are doing a great job but I feel like we sing the same song about 15 times a day....wait...WE DO!!!! It is a lot of fun and honestly I am ready for Friday night to be over with. I am in charge of Family Night this year and it is Friday night where all of the kids' parents come to see what they have done this year during VBS. It is a great outreach opportunity.

I am not working at all this week because of VBS and it feels kinda weird after working so much the past several weeks. I am actually enjoying being at home for part of the day.

The next couple of weeks are going to be really busy for us. We have Brice's parents coming this weekend and we are excited about that!!!! Sunday is a baby shower for Erika and Israel who are going to have baby #2 soon, Marco Emanuel. I think she is due August 12th or something like that.....Next week Brice will be in Miami Monday-Thursday. I am so used to him being home that this will be difficult for me. I am working 3 days next week. Hopefully we will get to do some playing with Josiah next week. The first weekend in August Brice and I are celebrating our anniversary. Our 4th wedding anniversary is August 7th and we are celebrating the weekend before because we can't miss Chelsea's birthday party on the 9th!!! We are going to go to a nice hotel for the weekend and Brice is going to get a massage and I am going to get a really cool ice cream pedicure that I am TOTALLY excited about!!! After that, August will be half over!! Seems unreal that we are talking about August! Where did the summer go???!!! Before long, it will be Christmas.....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We have had a fun couple of days! I worked on July 4th and Rachel and Daddy stayed home doing nothing...I think they enjoyed it! Saturday was pretty uneventful.....we went to Target and bought some containers so that I could put all of my clothes away that are TOO BIG!!! YAY!! It was also a sneaky way to allow my husband to see that I really don't have too many clothes!!! None of them fit! =) Sunday was church and we came back here and relaxed all day.

Here is a picture of Rachel from Sunday. Rachel's dress was adorable....went to her ankles....

Brice had yesterday off too so we all went to Hawaiian Falls waterpark in Mansfield for a little water fun after Rachel's nap. It was a lot of fun except for the part where I fell down the stairs leading into the lazy river and in an attempt to keep my child's head above water (I was holding her), I tumbled down about 4 stairs, twisted my ankle, hit my knee, and scraped up the side of my leg all while swallowing a lot of water....BUT Rachel's precious little ears never went under! She loved the sprinkler area and also the wave pool. I think it will be more fun when she is a little older...

Today Brice took off 1/2 day. We met our playdate friends at Pump It Up. We have two families that just had babies in our church that have older kids so Krista took Grace and Lilly and I took Nathan. There were a lot of kids at Pump It Up and Rachel was less than cooperative. I think she had fun but she was so grumpy the entire time. I think it will be more fun when she is a little older......then, Chick Fil A for lunch and home for nap time. Oh, how I love nap time!

I bought Rachel's birthday dress yesterday. I know that it is a little early but her birthday theme is going to be ladybugs and I knew that ladybugs are kinda summer-y and might not be around long. I think I will buy the other stuff for the party soon in fear of it going "out of style" as well. My child will be 2 in 4 months....UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


There are just things you see that are too precious for words....what about this?????

This is Josiah Luke, one of my best friend's little boy. He is just adorable!!! I love him!

A Little of This.....

So, I have been terrible about taking pictures. Sorry.....she looks the same.....

I have been working like a dog over the past couple of weeks. Let me just say that I am FOR SURE earning my paycheck! There is a girl that I work with that just got married this past weekend and I have been covering her floors....ortho!! WOW BABY!! I can just say that she works her tail off!! Today was a little different. I was pretty excited because I hit the ground running and was doing well being caught up until one of my patients coded. After chest compressions for about 10 minutes, I called the son, he came. They started another round of chest compressions.....son was COMPLETELY distraught....he asked them to stop....they did. It was very sad. Anyway, that consumed my ENTIRE morning! In the midst of all of this something kinda humorous happened. I called the funeral home to arrange for them to pick up the body and I gave them demographic info.....they asked for time of death and I asked the doctor sitting right behind me. His answer...."she isn't dead yet." My response OUT LOUD "she isn't dead yet?!" Funeral home..."um, ma'am, we can't pick up a body if they haven't died yet." I MEAN COME ON!!!! I just had to laugh. DUH! It was just one of those moments that was so bizarre and the person from the funeral home never cracked....super serious the entire time. I guess that he is in the right business.

Anyway, after lunch people were being discharged left and right.....normal stuff BUT tomorrow is a holiday and then there is a weekend...makes things a little crazy around hospitals! I left at 5:45. I will go back work....ON A HOLIDAY! Glutton for punishment=HOLIDAY PAY!!!

Rachel is doing well. She loves going to "school" (daycare) and is learning so much. She is talking up a storm and has her 2-year old days...already! She has had a cold but after a spiked fever the other night of 102.7, she was fine the next morning and now doesn't even have congestion or drainage! Hmm....

I am doing well with my Premier Jewelry. I got all of my 70 pieces of jewelry in this week and have been playing with and wearing that stuff. I have my training show here on July 15th and I already have 3 shows booked toward my goal of 9 before August 29th! I have 16 people who have said that they will come to my training show!! YIPPEE!! This is going to be fun!

Brice is still working....slowing down a little...IT'S ABOUT TIME! Summers are usually slow for him, but not this year. O'well.....

That's about it!

Splash Factory

We have this new little place here in Grand Prairie that is called Splash Factory....basically, it is glorified sprinklers! =) Super cool for just $1! I can deal with that. Rachel had a good time. We went with some friends from church. Here are some pictures. This was on Monday....

Reason to Rejoice
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