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Okay, I confess...I love this whole kid!!!

A Busy Day!

Well, I thought that today was going to be a day where we had to choose between several things to do. Turns out, we did them all!!!!

I went to work this morning and had a busy yet not too eventful day. Working in the ER, you never know what kind of day it will be. So, that was good. Then, I came home and got Rachel and we went to what seemed like the other end of the world to Gage's 3rd birthday party!!! It was so much fun! Rachel had a blast. She played on the swings and slide and in the sand and ate hogogs (hotdog) and cookies. She really did have a good time at "Dage's" party! Brice went to a men's fellowship at the church then we all came back home. The other thing we wanted to do is watch the Razorbacks play. We caught glimpses of it but judging from the score, I don't think we really wanted to watch it anyway.....Let me just say...

I AM EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Between being pregnant and toting around an ever growing belly plus a 40-lb toddler,…


YAY!! My friend, Krista is pregnant and I can finally blog about it!! Our first children, girls, are only 3 months apart and our next ones, according to due dates, will be about 2 months apart. I couldn't be happier for them!
I am ready to feel this baby move all of the time! I know that sounds weird but I don't like being in the stage of not really feeling him/her consistently and then thinking that something is wrong because I don't "feel" like I think I should or because one of the symptoms I have had is now gone. I like knowing that all is well. Being pregnant is a huge faith builder. It is something that you can't see yet believe that it's there and thriving. Hmm....that could be a whole other blog....

We got some of Rachel's new "big girl room" stuff yesterday. We got the sheets and the entire bedding ensemble. I ordered them last week and they came yesterday. Here is the bedding:

The room that she is moving to has a red stripe around th…

Lots to be Thankful For!

I cannot tell you how many people I know right now that are pregnant. I started to write down names and then count them but I would assume that it is around 20-25. It is insane!!! I guess I am just at that age. I am so incredibly happy for all of my prego friends!!!! I love sharing this time with others that are experiencing the same things. For those that are pregnant with their first, I love being the one to tell the newly pregnant mommies to enjoy every minute because it is over before you know it! I remember thinking that I would never have the baby when I was pregnant with Rachel and then longing to feel that kick and movement inside after she was born. It is absolutely the most incredible thing EVER!

I also am reminded of the fact that there are so many that want to experience these things and can't. I find myself feeling almost guilty for being insensitive to the fact that I have so many friends that I love dearly who have lost babies in the womb or shortly thereaft…


Well, what a horrible couple of days I have had! About 2:00 yesterday I started having awful pains! Almost felt like contractions in my stomach and my back but it was continuous. It lasted all night long and I didn't sleep hardly at all. I thought maybe it was just those growing pains that you get when pregnant but for 12 hours???!!! I took Tylenol....notta! It was so bad that I had a dream that I miscarried. It was horrible. I woke up at about 6:00 and got something to drink because I was so thirsty...I think I was a little dehydrated from not drinking enough water yesterday. Anyway, got up this morning, still hurting pretty bad. I ate breakfast and then later on in the day realized that the pains were from constipation!!!! It was so bad! Worse than I ever had with Rachel. I felt better at about 2:00 and I have felt great since. Lesson learned: drink LOTS of water during the day!!!!!

Um...found out yesterday that my 17 year old cousin jumped out of a moving vehicle …

All is Good!

Well, we are good here in the Hester household! We had a really good weekend. Rachel was a really good girl. Her old ball pit busted so I went to Toys R Us and got her a new one. This one is way cooler! is DORA!!! My child is obsessed! =)
Anyway, she LOVES it and just plays in much all day! I also got her a little miniature Dora doll because I realized that she doesn't have anything Dora. I bought a couple more things for her birthday and Christmas while I was there. I can't believe it is coming up so quick! We are thinking of getting her a swingset for outside. Speaking of outside...the weather is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! I love love love this weather! Highs in the 70' like! I just hope it stays nice for awhile...I hate the heat.So, we got the garage door fixed. It was a broken cable. For the moment everything is working properly...yippee! My mom got hit hard by Ike this past weekend. She lives in Hope, Arkansas and a huge oak tree …


Do you ever feel like there are days when NOTHING works right????!!!! It seems like that has kinda been the trend since we moved into this house. Let's see if I can list all of the things that we have done since we have been here.....I am not going to list things that we have done prior to moving in like painting and replacing carpet....

changed light fixtures in several places
Brice worked for HOURS trying to fix a lighting problem in the office
air conditioner went out
replaced faucet (because it wouldn't work anymore) in the guest bathroom
had to pay a HUGE amount to get the alarm system reinstalled b/c it wasn't done correctly
the phone line was out for weeks because whoever installed it did it wrong and it was between the house and something else, so the line was pinched and wouldnt work....that took FOREVER to convince the phone company and the internet company that something was definitely wrong

I am sure there are lots of things that I have left out but here is the late…


MAN....being without the internet was both good and HORRIBLE all at the same time! Good because I spent more time doing things I needed to be doing. Horrible, because well, my computer is vital to me. I do business on it and I email because I am not fond of talking on the phone! Anyway, I went into Staples 10 minutes before they closed tonight and finally purchased a new wireless router, husband installed it, and tada.....internet working like a charm!!! YAY!!!! I honestly felt completely disconnected to the world! What did they do 30 years ago??????

Not too much going on this way. I have my next doctor's appointment on Monday....ready to hear the baby's heartbeat again! Okay, some people that read this post might say that I am completely ridiculous and losing my mind or making crap up or something, but I can already feel this baby move!!! YES, I am only 12 weeks, NO it is not gas!!!! I know what it feels like and I don't care what anyone says, I feel this little…

Just To Say A Little

So, I haven't blogged much about this pregnancy. I am 11 weeks today!!! YIPPEE!!! All is going well. I have had a little morning sickness...nothing major. I have definitely been more nauseated with this little one than I was with Rachel. HOWEVER, it has not kept me from eating! =) Suddenly being off my diet when I found out I was pregnant was like a celebration but I probably won't be celebrating when I go to the doctor next!

With Rachel I craved fruity things...especially chewy candy like Starburst. So far with this one I have just wanted cold things. Not necessarily ice cream but really cold things. Mainly, I just like to eat!

Like I posted previously, we had our first doctor's appointment on August 18th and it was good. Since I work at the ER, I get to see the baby a little more than your average person. A friend of mine and I like to sneak a peek occasionally with the machine in the ER. We got to see the little person yesterday. The sono machine at work isn…