Nothing New

Still just hanging out. I got some blood drawn this morning to make sure everything is still good. I slept better last night despite the fact that there was so much going on out in the halls. I suppose that people that are here visiting think that everyone on this floor is delivering a baby. It was loud and woke me up around 3:00 this morning. I heard a nurse say, "Just stay positive. They would be already working on her if it is was really serious." I went right back to sleep.

So, yesterday I didn't feel well. I was nauseated pretty much all day and I just found myself tired and worn out and ready for this baby to be born. I am feeling better....just had a little break down for a minute.

Nothing new, really.

Yesterday's visitors:
Paulie - friend from church who brought tons of goodies for me!! THANKS!
Vicki - coworker was only able to stay for a few minutes.

It was a slow day but I got a nap so it was good.

Pressing on.....


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