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What we have been up to....

As my child gets more and more active I post less and less...wonder why!!? She is continuing to grow like a little weed. She is just a joy to have around the house...keeps us laughing!

Let's see what has happened since we wrote last....we went swimming at Chelsea's house and she loved it. It was a little chilly outside still...this June is nothing like last. Last year nearly everyday in June was above 100 degrees, this year it is one of the wetest in history. We are quite water-logged now too with all of the rain and storms we have had for the past 3 days. There are many people around us that have gotten flooded out. We are very fortunate.

I have several friends who are about to or have had their babies over the past couple of weeks. I am not sure if there is an increased number of people right now that are pregnant or if all of my friends are just at that age, but it is so neat to see all of the little additions to the world! I love babies! The latest are Max Blackw…

We were bored!

Okay, so Rachel and I were bored today so we decided to do a 7 month photo shoot. So maybe I was a little more excited about it than she was...o'well...she's so much fun!!! Here are some of them that we the way, I took the annoying music off of the slide show I did not too long ago!!!

7 months old

So much has happened since my last blog. My friend, Christy had Adison on June 5th at 2:04 in the morning and we were there to see her right after she was born! She is a cutie!!!! Christy was having issues with headaches and ended up having really high blood pressure and had to be put on medication yesterday but is feeling much better and I am so glad!

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Today, Rachel is 7 months old!!!! I know I say this every time I post something about her turning another month old, but it just doesn't seem real that she is 7 months old!!! I just can't get over how fast time has gone by. I love that little girl more than life itself and she just gets more fun by the day. She is still a very happy baby and seems to be enjoying life. She has found her voice and is very vocal. She is spitting now, fun fun and squeels with excitement ALL OF THE TIME!!! She really likes to do this in restaurants!

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Fun Stuff!!

Here are pictures from Rachel's 6 month photo session!

Okay, funny story!!! Last night we were trying to give Rachel a bath and before we went she was pretty fussy. Her bath always makes her happy! Daddy went and got the tub filled while I took her clothes off her, got know, the usual. Anyway, Rachel was splashing and taking a bath and Brice and I were having a discussion about how he felt that I should just get Rachel in the tub and out instead of letting her play (he was joking, by the way). Then we had a debate about whether or not he played in the tub as a child....HE that confirmed by his mom! :) Anyway, about that time, Rachel decides to poop in the tub!!! So, I was like, well, I haven't even started bathing her yet, so we have to clean that out. So, I picked up Rachel (remember she is all wet) and was holding her kinda funny (bottom up in the air). While Daddy was cleaning out the tub (while telling me his reasoning for getting Rachel in …