A Real Friend...

Definition of a real friend:
"One who brings you snacks and a Dr. Pepper during her shift at the hospital. Then, after her shift, comes with fingernail file and polish to do her friend's toes...simply because her friend cannot reach her toes due to a protruding pregnant belly!"

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I have many friends who do other things for me but I had to shout out to BLD today!!

Okay, another random thought...I am SO thankful that I do not watch the Bachelor. I was on facebook last night and tonight and could not get over the amount of comments about the Bachelor and most seemed to be pretty angry about it. So...I have my shows which include House, Grey's Anatomy (although I am thinking about boycotting this one), Days of Our Lives (I know, trashy), and definitely American Idol. I also enjoy Amazing Race. Anyway, Bachelor has never been a favorite of mine. And...I am glad.

I had pretty strong contractions last night. They were about 5 minutes apart but never excruciating. They said that if the contractions are extremely painful to let them know. Today, had more. They are getting more uncomfortable with every day.

I am really liking the doctor that is here today. Her name is Dr. Steidl and she is new to the practice and a new doctor. She did a sonogram today for her practice and to check baby's amniotic fluid. Baby's fluid looked good and there was evidence of practice breathing. Her BPP (biophysical profile) was a 10/10. That basically means that baby is doing really well. She is still big but the doctor was unable to get exact measurements so it was hard to tell just how large. Anyway, things look good with baby.

I am still doing okay. My systolic numbers in my pressures have been elevated the last two days but diastolic is still looking good.

Visitors from yesterday:
Brandy - coworker
Peggy - boss
Peggy and friends - sweet sweet ladies from church
Rheta - nurse from ER (coworker)
Brice - husband
Erika - friend from church

I think that was all. It was a good day! It passed quickly and tonight is AMERICAN IDOL!!!! YAY!!!


Lainey-Paney said…
you're very welcome!

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