Monday, November 30, 2009

Mother of Two

I have heard so many people talk about how unsure they are about having more than one child and the hesitations that go with that. I have to admit, I was hesitant as well but for totally different reasons. I was scared on a physical level about being pregnant and going through everything that I did the first time around. I did have some of the same complications but the experience all the way around was just much better. I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy and loved being able to know what to expect during labor. Most of what I hear others talk about is if they can love another child as much as you love your first, will I be able to give him/her the same amount of attention, how will life balance out, etc....that was never a concern for me. I never once thought that I couldn't love a 2nd baby as much as my 1st. And it's true....I absolutely love both of my girls more than life itself and I cannot explain how I can love that much!!!

Children are fascinating to me!! They are just little people full of creativity, ideas, tempers, and love that happen all at once sometimes!! I blog a lot about Rachel and the challenges that she hands us as parents but she is such a doll to me!!! She is so incredibly smart (I know everyone thinks that about their child). Is she advanced or smart beyond her age? I don't know but she is pretty clever! She has her daddy's ability to think and my outgoing nature and sense of humor. She is so much fun! You can literally see her little mind working sometimes. Lauren is really nothing like Rachel (I mean, I can only compare about 8 months since that is how old Lauren is at this point). She is so needy. She is EXTREMELY happy....all of the time!!! She is definitely a Mommy's baby and is very clingy...nothing at all like Miss Independent Rachel! She is precious! She is growing so fast.

The question was posed to me not to long ago about the idea of more children. We definitely will try for at least one more. Whether it be three girls or two girls and a boy, we would like to have three least. I have to take my pregnancies one at a time...

Children are a glimpse into the way that God loves His children. It is hard to fathom how, before you have two and three, etc, children, that you can love each of them as much as the ones before but you can and you do!!! God has so many children and He loves each one of us as much as the first!!! And not only that, but He loves us so much more deeply than we love our own children!!! Is that possible??! It is! The Bible tells us this truth and it is amazing to put it in perspective. God. Loves. Me! He loves me more than I love my own! That my friends...


Reason to Rejoice!!!!!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"For All That YOU'VE Done....

...I will thank You..."

Today I am missing my Granny. I miss her really bad. She was our rock...the center of our family and today and everyday since January, she is missed. I miss our long talks on the phone. I miss being able to go to her house anytime because I knew she would always be there. I miss the sound of her giggle. I miss her telling me to eat whatever I want...I'm at Granny's house!!! I miss her rubbing my belly when I was pregnant with Lauren...the last time I saw her...I was pregnant with Lauren. She never got to meet my baby and Lauren will never know how special Granny thought she was...before she even knew her! I still have the row she crocheted that was supposed to be Lauren's baby blanket....she never got to finish it. I miss everything about her....everything. Happy Birthday my sweet Granny-bug! Happy Birthday....

"...for all that You've promised and all that You are. For all that has carried me through..."

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!!!

"...JESUS, I thank You."


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Pain In My...HEAD!!!

Ugh! The migraines...PLEASE STOP!!! You might recall all of my blogs from about two months ago regarding the headaches that I have. WELL, THEY ARE BACK IN FULL SWING!! I wake up most days with headaches and then this morning I had ANOTHER migraine!! I got out of the shower and realized that I couldn't see very well...the first sign that it is coming. Well, not too long, my head was hurting. It was the absolute worst migraine I have EVER had!!! I still have it but it has subsided some. I took four 200 mg Motrin and drank some caffeine...didn't help. Then, I got extremely nauseated. Not sure if it is because I didn't eat anything before taking the Motrin or if it was the headache causing the nausea...either way, I thought I was going to throw up..more than once.

So....what does this mean? Good question! I think I will call the neurologist back and visit with him...sooner rather than later...about getting on Topamax. We have talked about this several times before but I just didn't want to give up breastfeeding. I am a little more okay with this now....Lauren is almost 9 months old, I have a TON of breastmilk in the freezer, and she has 4 teeth!!! Motivation? I think so! =) I took a sort of poll on Facebook asking about side effects, etc, of taking the medication. I got some interesting responses....but here is what WebMD says about it....

Topiramate is used alone or with other medications to prevent and control seizures (epilepsy). This medication is also used to prevent migraine headaches and reduce how often you may get them. Topiramate will not work to treat a migraine headache once it occurs. If you get a migraine headache, treat it as directed by your doctor (e.g., take pain medications, decrease sound and light).

Topiramate is an anti-seizure medication (anticonvulsant) that works in several ways to prevent seizures and migraines.

SIDE EFFECTS: Weakness, tiredness, drowsiness, dizziness, confusion, difficulty concentrating, tingling of the hands/feet, loss of appetite, diarrhea, impotence, and weight loss may occur. If any of these symptoms persist or worsen, notify your doctor promptly.

Remember that your doctor has prescribed this medication because he or she has judged that the benefit to you is greater than the risk of side effects. Many people using this medication do not have serious side effects.

Tell your doctor immediately if any of these unlikely but serious side effects occur: mental/mood changes (e.g., memory problems, nervousness), slow/unsteady movement, speech/language problems.

This medication rarely may cause mood or behavior changes, such as anxiety, agitation, hostility, pressured/rapid speech, or thoughts of suicide. Tell your doctor immediately if you develop unusual (possibly sudden) mood changes.

Tell your doctor immediately if any of these rare but very serious side effects occur: severe back/side pain, rapid breathing, bone pain/breakage, loss of consciousness, fast/slow/irregular heartbeat, stomach/abdominal pain, painful urination, bloody or pink-colored urine, chest pain.

Seek immediate medical attention if either of these rare but very serious eye problems occur: sudden vision changes (e.g., blurred vision), eye pain/redness.

This medication can rarely cause a serious metabolic problem (hyperammonemia), especially if you are also taking valproic acid. Tell your doctor immediately if you experience sudden/unexplained tiredness, vomiting, or mental changes (e.g., difficulty staying awake).

A very serious allergic reaction to this drug is unlikely, but seek immediate medical attention if it occurs. Symptoms of a serious allergic reaction may include: rash, itching/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, trouble breathing.

The main thing that others were telling me is that it causes weight loss, it makes you forget things, and interacts with birth control but it can cause birth defects if you are on it and get pregnant. SOOOO....I could be skinny, dumb, possibly pregnant and then have a baby that could possibly have birth, I need to talk to the doctor...along with my OB about a possible different form of birth control.

Any thoughts or advice?


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Eight Months Old, RSV, and Changes

Lauren turned 8 months old on the 12th....yes, I am behind!!

She now has 4 teeth...two on top and two on bottom, front and center. She is almost crawling and talks all of the time, yet doesn't say much...must take after her mommy! She weighs 20 lbs, 6 oz and I know this because we went to the doctor today. She has RSV!!!! She still acts fine but has been coughing for about 3 weeks and coughed all night long last night. So, this week's plans may change a little.

She is still changing so much and it has been hard leaving her at daycare for the past several weeks while I take a couple of extra shifts at the hospital. This is something that I am going to have to get used to soon though because....


Yes, it's crazy, I know! You are probably asking yourself why in the world would I leave my children in someone else's care if I don't have to. Well, with all due respect, it is a decision that I didn't come about lightly and I feel that it is what is best for our family at this time. I enjoy my work and my girls really enjoy daycare. I can already see a difference in the "clingyness" that Lauren had to me. I will be the Women's Services and orthopedic floor social worker at the hospital where I currently work. I am very excited and a little hesitant at the same time but I have a peace about it. My girls will be okay and I can go visit them anytime I want...they will be next door to the hospital. I am excited to be back in the career that I love more than just occasionally.

That means I will probably be more scarce on here but hopefully I can keep up with you. When I get into a routine at work, it will be a little easier to get things organized at home and I will make time for blogging after the girlies go to bed.

Wow, this post had a lot of information. I still haven't posted about Rachel's birthday party but it will be next, promise!!!

Until then....


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Once Again...

I am behind! I need to post about Rachel's birthday party and Lauren's 8 month post...but for now.....


Welcome to the world Baby Grayson!!! He was born on Monday, November 16th at 4:47 PM weighing in at 7 pounds, 11 ounces, and was 20 1/4 inches long!!!! He is absolutely precious, as is the rest of his family and I love him so much already!!!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Rachel Mackenzie

Oh. My. Word! Three years!!! I cannot believe it. It has been three years since my little baby girl was born. This time 3 years ago I was in the hospital, getting cytotec, getting ready to have my baby the next day. I was a bundle of nerves after being in the hospital for a week, I was finally having my first born daughter. I remember it like it was yesterday.

You never gave me a day of morning sickness...but you made up for that at the end of my pregnancy! Labor was long and horrible but the end was amazing!! You were early but still big! I was nervous because I didn't have that immediate "I loved you from the first time I saw you" response but the first time I held you and kissed you, you were mine!! I could have kissed you for forever...but they wouldn't let me. They took you to the NICU and you stayed there. I went home from the hospital but you had to stay. ABSOLUTELY THE. HARDEST. DAY. OF. MY. LIFE!!! But that didn't last long! You came home the next day! You were as orange as a pumpkin but I wanted you to come home. You did. Two days later we were both back in the hospital. Mommy was sick...bad sick! You were just a little too yellow and needed your very own personal tanning bed but I didn't get to see you for 2 whole days and I was sad. You got to spend a night with Daddy all by yourself at home while I stayed in the hospital. I made it home just in time for Thanksgiving. The best Thanksgiving ever...I had you!!!

The first year was so much fun!! You learned so many things and changed so much! That first year was amazing! I loved every minute of it...well, maybe not the sleepless nights at home but that didn't last too long.

The twos...yeah, those have been hard!! You are SO stubborn! You are incredibly independent which has its advantages and disadvantages. I love you more and more each day. I love the way you love your sister. My heart melts when you rub my face and tell me how much you love me. I enjoy watching the little "wheels" turn inside your head. I love it when you want me to lay in bed with you but get so frustrated after I do and you are screaming for me to stay longer. I love that you are a comedian. I love your chubby cheeks that are still there even after most of your baby fat is gone. One of my favorite things is when you sing "our song" that I have been singing to you since you were born. I love early morning cuddles. The point, is, my sweet baby girl, I LOVE YOU!!! ALL OF YOU!! Even the "not-so-good" things because it is you! You are not perfect and I am okay with that...that certainly means you are my child! =) You are beautiful and my prayer is that you will grow up to be happy, healthy and most important, a God-fearing young lady who knows Jesus as her Savior. You have been a blessing to me for 3 years and I want you to always know that you will always be my baby girl!!! I love you, Rachel Mackenzie!


Monday, November 9, 2009


This past week....we have been sick...all of us!

I agreed to work for all of last week and 4 days next week and the day after I agreed, Rachel got sick. Her tube in her left ear fell out and she has another ear infection!!! BAH!!! Then Saturday, Lauren developed a cough and Brice didn't feel well. Sunday, they were all 3 feeling pretty yucky so guess who got to stay home from church....YEP, ME! I felt great!! Brice's mom came down on Sunday to help me take care of the girls since they were sick, couldn't go to daycare, and I was supposed to work. She stayed until Thursday morning. I started feeling bad on Tuesday and it was really bad by Wednesday. I could barely talk. I continued to work...had no fever. Brice's grandmother got ill on Thursday morning and was put in the hospital with pnuemonia (please pray for her...she is 94 and illnesses like this can be really bad) so his mom had to leave kinda in a hurry to get back to Little Rock. The girls went to daycare. That evening I told Brice I was taking Lauren to CareNow to get checked out since she had a cough for nearly a week and it wasn't getting better. They couldn't get her O2 sats above 90 so they sent us to the ER. That took FOREVER!! Her sats were fine...95-97% and they basically told me what I already knew...she has an upper respiratory infection...antiobiotics for her now too! Both girls are taking amoxicillin. I now feel better but still sound kinda yucky. I was glad to have a quiet weekend...didn't do much but househould stuff and I loved it (well, not the chores but loved being at home). This week...same 4 days!!! I'm tired already! =)


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sweet Friends!

I love my friends! I honestly have some of the best friends. Seriously! I have more than one best friend and I love it that way! I have many different people that I love in many different areas of my life. Many are still in Arkansas and I miss them dearly but I also have a lot of great friends here. I know that God brought us to GP and to IBC because I have made some of the best friends I have ever had. Girls that I would do ANYTHING for.

Heather is one of those people! She is almost 38 weeks pregnant with her 2nd precious baby boy and I could not be happier for her and Joel...and Big Brother Josiah. Baby Grayson Joel will be here soon and I can't wait to meet the new addition to an already adorable and godly family. Joel is the youth minister at my church. My two best friends are staff wives and even though Brice isn't on staff, I sometimes feel like he is! =) I am secretly hoping that Grayson comes this next week while I am at work. I am sure Heather wouldn't mind!

Last Sunday we had Heather's baby shower. I took a few pictures.


Halloween - I'm Only A Week Behind!!!

Here are some more pictures from Trunk or Treat.....

This is Justin - my cousin's baby...he was a yard gnome...I think he looked like one of the 7 dwarves! =)

Josiah the kangaroo and Rachel

Chelsea the pretty princess and Rachel


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Disney World - Summary

I am really afraid that if I don't sit down and do a "summary" of the rest of our trip, you will never get the rest of it!! So, this post might be long but I am going to try to tell you about the remainder of our trip....

DAY 3 (Tuesday)
This was a rest day. We stayed at our condo and hung out all day. Brice's mom and I went to an outlet mall and had time to go to one store..Gymboree Outlet. She bought a bunch of ADORABLE clothes for the girls for Christmas. That evening we went to Downtown Disney mainly to go shopping and to let Rachel see the things made out of Legos.

DAY 4 (Wednesday)
We went to Animal Kingdom first (my least favorite) and then went to Magic Kingdom. Rachel really like Animal Kingdom. It really is like the best zoo ever even though they pride themselves on not calling it a zoo....I decided to put the girls in their Halloween attire this reason in particular....

We went to the Finding Nemo stage show and Rachel really liked that. We also did Turtle Talk with Crush and she really enjoyed that too. Here she is with her daddy on Triceratop Spin.

She really started warming up to the characters too. She touched and HUGGED Pocahontas and Rafiki. She played the conga drums and wanted to spend more time at this....AND I did something I have never done. I touched a snake!! Rachel did too and she said, "He's bumpy!" That was about the end of Animal Kingdom. I am good with only staying there for a few hours.

We then headed to Magic Kingdom which is beautiful at night! I got my pineapple ice cream which is one of the MAIN reasons I go to Disney!!! =)

I love Cinderella's castle at night. It changes many different colors. Here is one of my favorite pictures

Magic Kingdom truly is magical!

DAY 5 (Thursday)
This was Hollywood Studios (formerly known as MGM Studios) day. Some of the highlights were Great Movie Ride, Dinosaur, and Rockin Roller Coaster! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rockin Roller Coaster...the BEST roller coaster ever!!

Rachel loved playing on the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" playground. Here she is on an ant.

We got a Mickey ice cream everyday at each park, I believe. Rachel was LOVING it!!!

We ate a late lunch at Sci Fi Dine In. It is neat restaurant where you sit in "drive in cars" and watch a movie while you eat. The food really isn't anything to write home about but the experience is pretty neat.

We went back to the condo early that night. We were a bit exhausted.

DAY 6 (Friday)
We were at Magic Kingdom all day for our last day at Disney World!!! It is always want to soak it all up because you know you are going home but you are so exhausted you can't wait to get back home.

Rachel got to ride the carousel horses...again....and again.....I didn't take many pictures the last day. I guess I was tired of taking them and we had already been to Magic Kingdom twice before. I took one special picture that morning that you might see on Katie's blog soon!! =)

It was such a nice trip. We had a blast but it was quite challenging with the girls. I found it a little difficult to juggle a toddler needing to go to the bathroom on a whim, an infant who needed to nurse and take naps (which she did AWESOME by the way), a toddler who needed a nap but found it hard to take one, and it is just tiring. I love going to Disney but we always come back way more tired than when we left. We will probably not go back until Lauren is about Rachel's age (given that we don't have another infant at that time).

I took a couple of pictures at the airport the day we left Orlando. I love this one of Rachel.

Sorry for the long post but I hope that you have stuck with me and have enjoyed reading about our trip. Hopefully I will catch up on posting soon!


Reason to Rejoice
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