Belly Button Scare

Last night I was feeding Miss Lauren and we were belly to belly. When I moved her to change positions, I noticed that I had blood on me and she was bleeding from her belly button...pretty significant amount of blood. Let me start by saying that I feel I am much calmer with this baby than I was with Rachel. BUT...this kinda freaked me out a little! I ran upstairs and asked Brice what to do and he said that he doesn't think we should rush and call the doctor until we find out a little more information about it....the internet, of course, our only source of information however legit it might be. Anyway, I thought about it for a second and called our friend, Kristin, who used to work in the NICU and is an RN. She told me that it might be because it got snagged (which is probably what happened). Lauren's little stump isn't gone yet and it is has a little piece that tends to get caught on things...she actually pulled a piece of it off the other day. Kristin said to just watch it and if it continues to bleed that I should contact the doctor.

It was a little bloody this morning but nothing major. We go for 2 week old checkup on Friday so we will discuss it then.

Mommy is entitled to flip out a little when I see blood coming from my 8 day old infant! =)


Lainey-Paney said…
ewwww. bless her little heart!

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