The countdown is almost over!!!! Tomorrow is the big day. I am so glad. I am now MORE than ready. I think that Baby Girl is too. I can tell that she is really running out of room and she is making me pay for it! Yesterday she kicked me so hard in the ribs that I had tears in my eyes. She doesn't move a great deal anymore because, really, where is she gonna go? When she does move, it hurts a lot.

I am waiting right now for the doctor to come in to visit. She will likely do a cervical exam to see if there needs to be any prep tonight for delivery tomorrow. Honestly, I can't believe that we have made it to this point. Almost 2 weeks ago, I was certain we would have a baby sooner rather than later but to have her still in my belly, growing and getting stronger is what is best for everyone. I can't wait to see her chubby cheeks and sweet little face.

After the nurse came in last night at midnight, I could not go back to sleep. I didn't go back to sleep until about 2:40! I assume that I will have a hard time sleeping tonight anticipation of what is to come. The unknown is always hard to think about.

I will update again later after I find out more information regarding the tentative schedule of events.


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