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In His Perfect Time - Lesson on Friendships and Grace

I have posted about friendships on here before but it has been awhile and I want to post about something a little different today.  A dear life-long friend sparked my memory today about a friendship that was mended only by the grace of God and it just made me smile.

I have mentioned before that I am not the best friend to have.  I don't say that for sympathy or to have a pity party or anything of that nature, but I can recognize my flaws and someone that trusts very little and has people-pleasing tendencies with the added "always thinking someone is mad at me" feeling is just not a great combination for attributes in a wonderful friend!  If nothing else, I am OVERLY self-aware!  :)   I have ALWAYS longed to have close friends.  I love being around people and more than anything I love sitting and talking and "doing life" with people.  I like having my "person" aside from my husband.  I heard recently on the morning radio show that I listen to that yo…

Something Old, Something New

I know it has been a long time since I have blogged.  What is a girl to do?  Go back and post what I {you/we} have missed or just move forward.  That is a good question.  I have started so many posts in the past few weeks and just did not finish them.  I think I will do both.  I do not think that I will post about EVERYTHING that we have missed, just recap and hit the highlights.

As a preview, 2013….I got full-force into a brand new job at a brand new hospital, I went back to school to finish classes in order to eventually apply to nursing school, Lauren turned 4, Brice turned 40, we took a mini stay-cation in the summer to a local lake, I ran my first 5K, I lost some dear friends to terrible diseases,  I grew apart from close friends, I grew closer to new friends, Hannah turned 2, Rachel turned 7 and started public school, we took a family trip to Disney World, I turned 33, I got two A's in said classes, we had another wonderful Christmas, and took a very quick trip to Arkansas a…