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Cardiologist Appointment

Today was my cardiologist appointment. Let me first say that my cardiologist is VERY attractive and super super nice!! LOVE HIM! Anyway, he did an EKG, echo, and then sent me home with a monitor for 3 weeks. Basically, he is saying what everyone else has said...he isn't terribly worried about it. He said that if my heart is indeed doing what he thinks it is that he is okay with it and it is just going to be annoying. The reason for all of the tests is to rule out anything more serious. He said that there is medication for this irregular heartbeat but he does not want to give it to me while I am pregnant...AGREED! Anyway, I have to wear this heart monitor for 3 weeks and record heart events and then download them daily for him to read. I see him in 3 weeks and will see my regular OB again in 2 weeks.

I have decided to stop stressing about my weight gain. It is happening and it is happening quite a bit faster than I wanted but whatever! I don't feel large even though th…

Healthy Snack

She helped herself to this apple and ate a great deal of it! I thought it was funny.

Sleep Could Be Over-rated

Rachel has been on this kick where she isn't requiring as much sleep as she used to or as I would like for her to! She has been going to bed around 9:00 and getting up at like 6:00!! That's nuts! She has done this for about a week and is only taking an hour to an hour and half nap in the afternoon. She is wearing me out! Maybe she is just preparing me for life with an infant and a toddler!!!

Short Blog...

I just have to say that I know SO MANY PEOPLE THAT ARE PREGNANT!!!! It is insane! Just found out that another of my friends is pregnant. I found out yesterday that another is pregnant....woah!

To All!!


Busy Week

This has been an insanely busy past week!!!

Let's see...I went to the doctor on Wednesday...see last post! The only thing that I didn't include is that I am going to see a cardiologist on December 23rd for my heart issues. Funny thing....since I have had the appointment scheduled my heart has not been doing what it was doing before....*sighs*

Anyway, Tuesday I cleaned like a mad woman. Somehow motivation came to me...I got all of the Christmas decorations up and the house spotless. The maids came on Wednesday to do some more deep cleaning including the fridge!! YAY!! We had dress rehearsal for our Christmas play Wednesday night. Thursday I was busy!! Then off to church again for another dress rehearsal. Brice was off on Friday and it was nice to have him home!!!! He didn't even turn his computer on. That's rare! We took Rachel to my aunt's house for her to spend the night and the dog to the boarders to have a weekend away, including a hairc…

She's so Funny!

Yes, 2 posts....both in the wee hours of the morning. Bad thing...I have to go to work in the morning!!!!

Anyway, have to tell about what Rachel said last night. We were driving home from church after dress rehearsal for our Christmas play. Brice and I were talking and Rachel was blabbering in the back seat about something. Finally she said something that sounded like a real legitimate sentence...we get these occasionally. Oh, and SHE IS SOOOO LOUD!!! Anyway, she said, "Come back!! Come back!" and she had her little hand pointed in front of her as to be pointing out the front windshield of the car. I asked her who she was talking to. Her response: "Come back little cars, come back!" We died laughing!! She was telling the cars in front of us to come back. We had been stopped at a stop light and there they were. Light turned green....they zoomed on. She wanted them to come back. So, it continues....

Rachel: Come back little cars! WAIT!!!!
Me: Baby, …

Weight Gain!

Why am I up at 2:49 AM blogging about gaining weight? Well, I guess because it is bothering me....right now! Actually, I was woken up by my 2 year old daughter who started screaming for no reason...not that anyone could tell anyway...must have been a bad dream. Brice went to check on her (we have a gate at her door so she can't get out of bed and wander down the flight of stairs in the middle of the night and I cannot step over the gate due to shortness and pregnancy). Anyway, Brice checked on her, said she was completely sideways in her bed and completely asleep while crying. He made it all better like a good daddy would do! Anyway, as a result, I cannot sleep and I left him upstairs in the bed tossing and turning.

Okay, back to weight gain....

Today (well, technically yesterday) I had my 24 week checkup. All was okay. My blood pressure was a little high which TOTALLY freaked me out! With my history from my last pregnancy, that is not what I want to see. Doctor was not …

The Name Game

Okay, let's play a little game. We are trying to pick potential names for our newest baby girl that will be here in March. I am going to do a poll...okay, not a fancy one because frankly, I don't know how. I am going to just put some names here and ask you to comment me and let me know what you think. There are a couple of rules though...

1. You can't get upset if ultimately we don't pick the name you voted for.
2. You can't ask me what the names are that we pick because we won't name her until she is born.
3. You can't get mad when you ask me and I don't tell you (see #2).
4. You CAN choose to use any combinations of the names that you would like and comment me with your suggestion.

Okay, here we go....

Madelyn Elizabeth
Kathryn Grace
Allison Elizabeth
Lauren Elizabeth
Emily Grace
Anna Grace
Peighton Elizabeth
Lauren Abigail

New Things From Rachel

Her new favorite phrases:

"Guys, guys, guys! I show you."
"I coming.....I MADE IT!"
"Mommy, where are you?"
"Where going?"
"How you doing?"
"No, go back" - she says this when Brice or I go in the room and catch her doing something she isn't supposed to be doing! =P

I am sure there are more....


This morning I fell down the stairs. From the top step all the way down nearly to the landing...about 8 steps or so. I bounced on my bottom, felt like I nearly ripped my arm off, and I think I will always walk with a limp from now on!! It scared me really bad. It also scared Rachel. She was at the top of the stairs too and she started crying and yelling "Mommy!!" I am pretty sure Baby is okay. She is well cushioned and I didn't hit or land on my belly at all. She is still moving and I am not hurting in my bleeding, etc. It was just a little scare.

CORRECTION...this is hilarious to me!!!

In my previous post, I said that we got Rachel her very own Christmas tree and I said that it is 4 1/2 inches! Let's try 4 1/2 feet!!! HA HA HA!!! I just laughed until I cried about that. A 4 1/2 inch tree!! My unborn baby is bigger than that!! Okay, I crack myself up! I'm done....