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It Is Well!

I must say that yesterday was one of the hardest days I have ever experienced. I always knew growing up that I would eventually come to a time when I would lose people that I love. I did not lose a family member that I was close to until my papa - 2 years ago. Since then I have lost 3 more. Granny was especially difficult. The service yesterday was absolutely beautiful and I think she would be pleased with what was said and shown.

I remember growing up thinking that Granny could do no wrong. Everything she said and did was pretty much the way it was supposed to be. At some point, I found my own identity and figured out that the world needed to be viewed by differing thoughts and opinions. Brice and I were having the discussion yesterday about how Granny always had some special instructions or opinions about nearly everything. Now that I am older I realize that some of the things she offered I could take or leave but nonetheless, she was wise. She truly was the one person tha…

Granny's Obituary

Wanda “Granny” Kyle, of Grand Prairie, passed away Saturday, January 24, 2009. She was born November 25, 1942 in Dallas. She was a member of Celebration Worship Center. Preceded in death by her husband Hollis Kyle and son-in-law Harris Bisbee, survivors include her mother Alta Elmore of Grand Prairie; son Gary Kyle and wife Deann of Euless; daughters Donna Bisbee of Grand Prairie, and Norma Kyle of Irving; sister Georgia Baxter of Grand Prairie; grandsons Matthew Bisbee, William Kyle, and Bryan Kyle; granddaughters Rikki Hester, Holly Alldredge, and Tonya Mask; great granddaughters Jaiden Alldredge and Rachel Hester; great grandson Justin Mask; a great granddaughter expected in March; and other family members and friends. Funeral services will be held at 11 AM Friday, January 30, 2009 at Brown’s Memorial Funeral Home Chapel with Pastor Joshua Price officiating. Interment will follow at 1 PM at DFW National Cemetery in Dallas. Visitation: 5-7 PM Thursday.


My eBay auction ended yesterday...last night. It ended selling at $159.50!!!!! WOOO HOOO!!! I will ship the package today. I am pretty happy with the results even though the process was a little intimidating at first. That will help with other things we need to buy for baby!

My granny's funeral services will be Friday at 11:00 and then graveside at the DFW national cemetary at 1:00. Continue to pray for my family.

On another note, Candace and Chris (friends of ours from church) had their baby early this morning. Cadence Skylar was born this morning at 5:25 am! She was 8 lbs, 4 oz and that's all we know at this point. Candace had developed gestational diabetes early in her pregnancy and delivered a good size baby for only being 37 weeks along. Congratulations to Candace and Chris!


Shortly after 6:00 tonight I received a phone call that my granny had died at her home. She apparently was not feeling well and told my aunt that she didn't know what was wrong. The assumption is that she had heart arrhythmia and stopped breathing. If you recall, I posted about her last week that she had a heart attack. She hasn't even been out of the hospital for a week. I am extremely sad and this is, by far, the hardest loss I have ever had. I lived with Granny and Papa until I was 14 years old. She was always there for me. She protected me as much as she could from the painful childhood that I had. I spent many nights sleeping on the couch in her bedroom when I was little. Most of my childhood is filled with countless memories of Granny. I know that she is in heaven. I know this well because she and I have had so many conversations about it and she read her Bible every night before bed and knew who created her and knew that she would one day see Him. I loved th…

Never Ceases to Amaze Me!

God's creation that is!! We got a glimpse into the life of my unborn baby today! I am just completely in awe of what God is doing inside of my body. This precious little girl is just beautiful! It is strange you know because we have done this once with Rachel but the experience this time was just so neat. I just love watching her move and not cooperate! Her facial expressions were priceless. I am so in love with this baby!! I want to share her with you! Enjoy!

My Auction

Well, I listed Rachel's crib bedding on eBay last night (see a few posts ago) and I had never done it before. Well, I am still not certain that I did it right. I had a very nice and helpful lady assist me with something that was MAJOR. She did not have to help me and it would have benefitted her but she was kind and I am THANKFUL! Anyway, the bid is now up to $101 and it still has a little over 6 days before it ends!! I am very excited!! I was thinking at the most that I would get like $50. I have 8 people watching the auction and my hopes are high that the bid will go even higher. We will see!

Cardiologist Update

I went to the cardiologist today. It was a quick took him longer to get into the room than it did for him to talk to me...typical! Anyway, he said that the monitor did allow him to see what was going on. Basically he said, as everyone else has said up to this point, that I am having PAC (premature atrial contractions)...I am having an extra heartbeat. He said he saw now tachycardia or arrythmias. He is not concerned at all. I haven't had to wear the heart monitor in over 2 weeks because I have not had any episodes but nothing in particular triggers it so it could very possibly start again. Anyway, I get to send the monitor back and I don't have to see the cardiologist again unless there is further problems.

On another note: my eBay sale is actually going okay. I have 5 people watching it and one person has already bid on it. She actually sent me a message and said that my starting bid was too low. She told me that she thinks I could sell all of the stuff f…

A First

I have been an "eBayer" for several years but today I did something I have never done before...I listed something to sell!! It is the crib bedding and accessories that we had for Rachel. I got new bedding for Christmas for Baby Sister and I want to get rid of what we have. I am hoping to at least get a decent price for it. It was actually very expensive stuff and the quality is remarkable. It is Pottery Barn Kids and super super cute!!! If you know anyone that needs baby bedding and having a girl, please send them to my auction! It is going on for 7 days! Keep fingers crossed for a good sell!!! Here is the link to the auction:

Sorry, I don't know how to do links.....

Weekend Update

she is getting better. She had a rough couple of days in the middle of this past week but is in a regular room now and hopes to go home in the next couple of days. The doctor said that it will take a little while for her heart to heal. She is a good lady...always taking care of others. She took care of me most of my childhood...she will always be incredibly special to me.

will be ordained as a deacon at our church next Sunday. What an exciting time for him! He is not one to get overly excited about, well, anything aside from Disney World but I know he is honored. I am so blessed to have such an incredible husband and friend.

just had my 1 year anniversary at the hospital that I currently work at. It has been a long year. I love working there but I honestly have to say that it was a really rough beginning. My evaluation went fine.

has been challenging lately to say the least. Today she was definitely showing her age. Right now I hear Brice fight…

"Your Way Right Away???" Burger King!!!

So, my husband does not like Burger King. He says that his food is always cold. I thought this was a weird reason not to like a particular restaurant but anyway....I do like Burger King...most of the time.

I have always liked the's big and messy and completely unhealthy for you. Well I HATE ketchup! I am telling you...HATE IT! I don't even really like the smell of it. Burger King, like a lot of fast food places put ketchup on their hamburgers. I always request no ketchup and no tomato.

You see, the slogan for Burger King is "Your Way Right Burger King now" can you sing it?? Anyway, I got my cheeseburger which was I was so excited about. I woke up wanting a cheeseburger. I really wanted Red Robin but it was late into the lunch hour and my sweet toddler child was ready for a nap. I was trying really hard to keep her awake in the car so we would get a decent nap at home. I was successful but that did not include…

Update On Granny

Yesterday morning my dad took my granny to the hospital because she had been having chest pain off and on all night the night before. She indeed did have a heart attack and was taken to cardiac cath where she was for a really long time...almost 2 hours. They found that where she had the quadruple bypass back in 87, two of the veins were completely closed off which they can't do anything about. The 3rd vein was damaged and so they tried to stent it. They were not successful. Basically the 3rd vein is so damaged that they cannot do anything for it either. Her artery, however did look good. Anyway, the damage that was done yesterday to her heart was in the same place as the damage from her heart attack that she had ON JANUARY 12TH 1987!!! (She had this one on January 12th 2009)!

So, basically, her heart is weak and it will continue to get weaker over the years. The doctor does not feel that surgery is an option because her heart is so weak. She is stable for now. Thank yo…


My Granny is currently at the hospital in the cath lab. She had a heart attack. She has significant heart damage prior to this event. She has had at least one other heart attack that I know of and quadruple bypass surgery as well. She quit smoking around Easter sometime last year which we have been very proud about. She lost her husband, my Papa, almost 2 years ago to lung cancer and this coming Thursday will mark the 1 year anniversary of my uncle's death caused by years of heart disease. Please pray for my family. We are a very close family and I will be heading up to the hospital in a little bit. Also pray that my sweet child, although very 2 years old, will be good at the hospital.

Nothing Too Exciting

Not blogging about anything too exciting today. We have started doing things in the new nursery. Like we took down some of the decorations that we put up when we decorated for Rachel. It actually took some of the paint off the walls. Elmer's glue actually works really well when putting something on a case you were wondering! Brice took some sandpaper and sanded it down and we are going to paint over it and the flowers that I drew and painted for Rachel's nursery days. Anyway, we are starting and I am SO excited!!! Hopefully we can get some more done tomorrow afternoon.

Work was sorta busy at the beginning and then slowed down....thankfully. We got dinner brought to us by Blackeyed Pea. It was yummy!!! Apparently tonight was the holiday party for the ER (I know, they are behind) and so we got dinner and a YUMMY cake! I was so glad because eating is hard when you work the night shift b/c I dont get here until 4:00 and the cafeteria closes at 6:30 (or 7, I can…

Growing...Both of Us!

Had my doctor appointment today. All was great!!! My glucose screen was gestational diabetes here! YAY! I gained 6 lbs over the holidays! Not anymore than I have gained any other month. She didn't say anything...I'm not stressed! =) I was borderline anemic....still taking my iron pills...all I can do. Belly measuring exactly what it is supposed to be. Baby's heartrate good. She kicked the doppler...doesn't like to be disturbed! Doctor said she is breech...I knew that...I can feel her feet!!! UGH! She said we will do another medical sonogram closer to the end of the pregnancy to determine size and when the baby needs to be born, etc. I am actually having my 3D sonogram done on Thursday, Jan. 22nd. I have another cardiologist appointment on the 20th, OB appointment on the 21st and sono on the 22nd...busy week!!! I am going to the doctor every 2 weeks's getting closer! I feel good and I am really liking being pregnant this time. …

GREAT Movie!

I watched World Trade Center yesterday. I started it during Rachel's nap and then finished it last night after she went to bed. I cried...several times. I just thought it was a good movie.

Watched a movie the day before.... 11:14. Not a good movie. I mean, it was O K. It was different and neat to try to follow but weak plot...saw the point, but I don't know....


Yes, my friends, I am in full blown nesting mode!!! A little early, I might add, but it is here. I do not remember doing this when I was pregnant with Rachel. Maybe it was because most of my 3rd trimester consisted of insanely high blood pressures and swelling.

As I previously posted, yesterday we took down all of the Christmas decor. Well, after Brice took down the Christmas tree, he went and watched TV because...he needed a break! That was a long break! I ended up taking ALL of the rest of the decorations down, stacking the boxes in a neat place (awaiting for their return to the attic...something only the husband is capable of at this point), swept the floor, and rearranged the furniture. *side note about the sweeping* it is amazing to me how many little tree twigs fall off an artificial tree!!! GEEZ!!! Okay, so after that was all done, I was hurting...and EXHAUSTED! I sat down and watched some football...I love football! Wish the Colts would have won...o'well!

Today …

Welcome Home!

We are in the smack dab middle of "operation clean up Christmas" time. I am taking a break! =) The husband is watching the rest of Casino Royale after fighting with our giant artificial tree. He hates taking it down! I have decided we, once again, need more plastic containers. I think my resolution for everything not fitting in our existing containers is....just go buy more! =)

Although I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas, I am kinda glad when all of the decorations are taken down. You see, I have decorations for summer, fall, and Christmas but not so much winter. So...I just put back up my normal candles that match the decor (on the mantle) and wait for Easter. When Spring comes, all I do it put out some spring-colored candles and figurines...we don't go all out. I thought maybe I would do a little more this year but with a baby due in late March...prolly not!

I wanted a particular salad from a particular place....I'm, we went to Chapps for lunch. …

A Little Game Called...Catch Up!

Well....WE ARE HOME!!!!

Christmas was a blast. Having a 2 year old makes this time of year more magical than we could ever imagine.

We spent Christmas Eve at my grandmother's house here in the metroplex. It has been tradition since I was a little girl to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve at her house. We have all of my aunts and uncles and cousins and it is a large group of people in a small house but it is loads of chaotic fun. Rachel got lots of books, Clipo blocks (which are really neat) and some pink and purple giant legos. Brice got a puzzle book, Lifeway giftcard and Sleeping Beauty DVD. I got a giftcard for Target, a CD and some mixing bowls. Most of all, we had a good time and LOTS of yummy food! (sorry...forgot my camera that night)

We went home and did the "Santa thing" which was completely exhausting for me! I was so tired by the time we went to bed. I don't think that Santa was meant to be 7 months pregnant!! =) We sat out 2 Christmas cookies …