Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Day at the Mall

We went to the mall yesterday for a day of shopping fun! This is the outfit that she wore (above)! No, we were not there to pick up any young babes! =) We found Rachel an Easter dress at Gymboree and of course, I spent way too much money on it, but it is precious! We got some smell good stuff for the house and then went and got tons of Easter decorations at Hobby Lobby! Rachel has been there more times than any place besides home. I am starting her off right! She was an angel all day long. She started getting fussy around lunch time so we stopped and we both ate and then she was talking to the sales people. It was a lot of fun! We also found a itty bitty swimsuit for Baby Miley. She will be born in June and will have to have a swimsuit.

I am going to work tomorrow and Friday and Heather is keeping Rachel. It is going to be good practice for her when her baby is born. We are excited that she will have a little rugrat soon. YAY!! More babies!

As we talked tonight at choir practice regarding a tragic event that touched one of our church members this week, I am reminded about how important it is that we go to God with everything. God does not want us coming to him just when we are at our best or when we more often come to Him - at our worst. He wants us all of the time. He longs to spend time with us. Whether we are angry, hurt, frustrated, confused, happy, overjoyed, or surprised, He wants all of that. God can handle anything that we throw at Him. Does He understand when we are confused and we don't understand what's going on in our lives - you betcha! God is there to ease the pain and trouble to comfort us when our lives don't make sense, but He is also there to rejoice with us in good and loves to hear our praises when things are going well in our lives. God is good - ALL THE TIME!!! That is "Reason to Rejoice!"

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Long Weekend!

This weekend felt like it was about 7 days long!! It started by Brice, Rachel, and I traveling, by car, to Little Rock. We left around 2:30 on Friday and arrived in The Rock right at 8:30. Rachel did well until about Texarkana and she had a dirty diaper and needed to eat. We stopped and ate and took care of her, put her back in the car and she slept the rest of the way to Brice's parents' house. When we got there, she of course, had to check everything out and was interested in her new surroundings (including the dog, Adolf). She ate and then finally went down for the night around 11:30. I was terrified that she would not want to sleep since she slept all the way there, and she did wake up around 3:30 and didn't want to go back to sleep until around 5:00. Needless to say, I was a little tired on Saturday.

Saturday was the main reason for the was Brice's Granny's 92nd birthday party!!! She is one of my most favorite people sweet!!! We had homemade pizzas and a lot of Brice's family joined. It was a good time! Rachel was passed around and loved every minute! We took a ton of pictures! Here are just a few....

We also took Rachel to Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock for the first time. This was the church that Brice and I were members at before we moved to Texas and where Brice's parents still attend. Everyone was very happy to see Rachel and she was excited to see all of the new faces as well. After church and lunch, it was time to head back home. After two nights without good sleep, I was exhausted, Brice was working until wee hours of the morning, and Rachel had a big weekend. Although we enjoyed our visit very much, we were ready to be home. We arrived back in the Big D around 8:30 tonight and Rachel is still awake (at midnight) after sleeping nearly the entire way home. She is eating so hopefully she will go to sleep soon so that I can rest. Poor Brice is still in the other room working on his computer. I feel so bad for him at this time of the year, but we only have a few more weeks to go....

Until next time....

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Well, this 14 lb, 15 oz baby was ready for cereal. We went back to the doctor yesterday for a follow-up from her illness last week and she said, "Give this baby some food!" Rachel was starting to eat every 2 hours and as I mentioned before, throwing a fit when it was time to eat. We tried cereal for the first time this morning and it was kinda funny. She couldn't decide whether or not she liked it. She didn't spit it out too bad but she did act like she was choking a couple of times. I think she just didn't know what to do because it was a different texture. Brice couldn't be here so we videoed it. We knew that thing would be good for something!!!

All finished...that wasn't too bad! I think we'll do it again. ;)

Monday, February 19, 2007

More pictures!

Rachel got her 3 month professional pictures taken yesterday and I am so excited about seeing them! The lady that took our wedding pictures took them and she showed me a couple after she was finished - too cute!! Rachel was a big girl and only got fussy to eat and then she was ready to go again! We got some with just Rachel and Daddy, some with Rachel and Mommy, some of the three of us and then some of her by herself. She smiles all of the time and would barely smile yesterday for the pictures...isn't that the way it goes?! I think that the whole experience totally wore her out. She feel asleep in her Daddy's arms last night about 10:00 and then didn't wake up until 7:30 this morning! She usually sleeps through the night, but not 9 1/2 hours! She is back asleep now! We have started putting her in her bed for her to go to sleep on her own and it has worked out pretty well. We have only done it once and she only cried for 20 minutes! Last night, we were going to try again, but like I said, she fell asleep in Dad's arms. We take a trip to Arkansas this coming weekend for Rachel's Great-Granny's 92nd birthday party!! YAY! We are excited to see family and friends, but it will be a very quick trip with a long way to travel for a 3 month old. Hopefully, she will be a good traveler. We have already decided that we will have to stop at least once, probably around Hope.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's a new day and Rachel is HAPPY!

We woke up in a good mood this morning! When I say we, I mean Rachel!!!! :) We went shopping and got her some new hairbows!

This is one of the outfits that Mama-Nette got Rachel and it is TOO CUTE on her. We love purple! Well, Rachel has started this new thing she likes to do called throwing a fit!!! It is pitiful. When I am feeding her if I take the bottle out of her mouth to burp her or when the bottle is empty, she just goes nuts! She screams like I am torturing her and stiffens up so I can't do anything with her. Talk about trying someone's patience!!! The child acts like I am never going to feed her again and Lord knows she isn't starving! This too, shall pass, let's pray.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, didn't get this posted yesterday with Rachel being sick and fussy! Now, I am sick and I went to the doctor yesterday. I just have an upper respiratory fun!! Z-pack should do the trick! Hopefully Brice will not get sick. Not the best time of the year for him to miss work. Here are pictures of Rachel in her Valentine's Day outfit. She, of course, spit up on it before I could get the pictures taken. Spit up and all, I still think she's pretty cute!

Rachel got lots of stuff for Valentine's Day. Mommy and Daddy got her a pink giraffe with red hearts and Praise Baby DVD's. Now we have all of them!!! Daddy picked out a baby doll with butterflies on her dress just for his little girl. She also got sweet cards from her Mama-Nette and GP in Arkansas. Her 1st Valentine's Day was tons of fun! And she turned 3 months old today too!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Just a Cold!

Just got back from the doctor and Rachel just has a cold. She did a flu test and it was negative. Her temperture was 100.5 and the doctor said that if it got above 103 or she was still running fever on Thursday, to give her a call back. I am giving her Tylenol and vapor baths for now. She weighed 14 pounds, 2 ounces!!! I asked about giving her something more than just her formula and she said no. She wants to hold her off at least 2 more weeks. She did say that I could give her about 2 ounces of water between feedings if I wanted. We'll try that! Our next appointment isn't until March 20th.

Rub a Dub Dub...Rachel in the Tub!

She was happy in the bath last night! She has done better since we have taken out the little sling that newborns use. I think this way she isn't as cold and that's what she used to get mad about.

We are going to the doctor this afternoon because she is stuffy, coughing and running a temperature. Even though she hasn't been feeling well, look at that smile!

Visit for more pictures!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

What a week!

This has been one of the hardest weeks in my life!! My Papa passed away from cancer on February 5th and the funeral was Wednesday. As I think about the past few months I recall wondering with fear what it would be like when Papa died. He was diagnosed with cancer when I was in the hospital about to have Rachel and the doctors gave him 3-6 months to live. Well, in my mostly optimistic mind, I was thinking, "Oh, he'll live another year at least." Then reality hit me as I thought about working at the hospital myself and knew that I was really going to have to face the death of a family member for the first time - and it was going to be sooner rather than later.

He lived not even 3 months and his fight was over. Death symbolizes a lot of different things for a lot of people. It seems so final and yet for the Christian, it is just the beginning! The beginning of something GLORIOUS!!! While we cannot be sure whether or not someone who has passed truly knows Jesus Christ as their Savior, I would like to believe that my Papa is singing in Heaven and one day I will meet him there when I meet Jesus! Gives me chills just thinking about that day! "What a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall I see!!!" What a day...Papa doesn't have to struggle for breath anymore and he knows no pain or suffering or despair!! What a blessing! I miss him like crazy and I have tears in my eyes when I think about my baby girl growing up only knowing her Papa for a short time, but I know that he is so much happier in his glorified body. I will always tell Rachel stories about her Papa and she will always know what a special man he was in our lives!!

I love you my Papa!!

Rachel Mackenzie Hester

I have a blog on Myspace but you can't view it unless you have a Myspace account, so I decided to post here too!

Wow!! Parenthood...are there words to describe it? I am having a hard time coming up with just a few! Amazing, wonderful, rewarding, time consuming, tiring, challenging, AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!

Rachel will be 3 months old on Wednesday and as I sit here with her in my lap sleeping, I look at her and wonder if what we have done so far is right, good, or at least halfway decent! My biggest goal in life for the past several months (while she was still in my tummy) has been to be the best mom that I know how...but sometimes I wonder if it is enough. Don't worry, I am not driving myself and everyone else crazy about it, but the thought does pop into my head occasionally. I know that my child will not, by far, be perfect, but I want to make sure that I teach her right - what God would want for her and to keep her safe. It's just amazing to me that God loved me enough to give me this precious gift to raise who depends on me for everything when somedays I wonder if I can even take care of myself! I remember the day that we brought her home from the hospital...I thought those nurses were crazy for letting me take this infant home!! As prepared as I thought I was from all of those years of babysitting and working church nurseries, I fell to pieces the first night she was TOTALLY in our care and asked Brice, "What in the world are we doing?" Of course, in his level-headed calm tone just told me that everything will be all right! And, it will be!

We have a GREAT baby! She sleeps through the night (6-8 hours) and has since she was about 7 weeks old! She only cries when she is hungry or when she is sleepy. She is good in the church nursery and smiles ALL OF THE TIME!!! We just love having her around and although I feel like she is growing WAY too fast, we are so excited about the next milestones in her life. She is so much fun and a joy to watch! She weighs probably 14 pounds by now and is eating A LOT of food! I am going to call the doctor tomorrow and see if we can start giving her cereal because 8 ounces is not satisfying her! They say no cereal until she is 4 months old, but I don't think we can wait another month!

Stay tuned for more blog posts! This is also a way for me to "talk" about stuff since I am home with an infant all day long when I am used to working in a very social setting.

Here is Rachel's first day at church!!

Reason to Rejoice
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