A Little Taste of Freedom

I GOT TO GO OUTSIDE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so I was very excited about that! Can you tell? The weather here was 86 degrees here today and I was itching to go out. Everything has been looking good with me and baby and so I asked the nurse about going outside. She talked to the doctor on call and she gave the OK for me to go out of my room for 15 minutes a day. I was so excited! I called my friend and coworker who has been SUPER to me the entire time I have been here and she wheeled me downstairs in the wheelchair. It was nice to have fresh air and we made a stroll through the ER to see all of my friends there. It was a nice change of scenery. BLD took pictures and I will steal them from her blog and post them here after she posts them!!

Got to see my best friend today so it was an all around GREAT day!

I made a little mistake today....to make a long story short, my husband was supposed to take our dog to the vet tonight to be boarded so that she can get a haircut. Well, we decided that since it is hard for him to get home, let her out, and then come back here to me, that we would just board her for the weekend and then she would be groomed on Monday. I told him that the vet closed at 7:30. He fought traffic home from work, got the dog, drove all the way to the vet and called me because they actually close at 6:30! I felt so bad!!!!! SO bad! Anyway, he had to take the dog back to the house and will have to take her in the morning. I just felt terrible.

Visitors today:

BLD...my faithful friend
Krista - so glad I got to see her!!!! It's been a long time!
Angie - SO super sorry that I only got to visit with her for about 5 minutes! I felt bad about that too

Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks! I delivered Rachel at 37 weeks. I originally had the option of delivering tomorrow but I am really going to try and wait until next Thursday....let the countdown begin...it is less than a week!


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