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Grace Still Covers Me

A dear friend of mine texted me this week and told me to listen to this new song by Casting Crowns - who I adore!!!!  This is just a great song!!!  I am posting the lyrics because they are awesome and I cannot find a link to the video yet, but everyone needs to download this song!  My favorite line in the song is

"I hid from you haunted by my failure, and found a God whose grace still covers me."
"God Of All My Days" I came to You with my heart in pieces
And found the God with healing in His hands I turned to You, put everything behind me
And found the God who makes all things new I looked to You, drowning in my questions
And found the God who holds all wisdom And I trusted You and stepped out on the ocean
You caught my hand among the waves ‘Cause You’re the God of all my days CHORUS: Each step I take
You make a way And I will give You all my praise
My seasons change, You stay the same You’re the God of all my days
                        I ran from You, I wandered in the …

Living Loved

I started my very first Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study this morning.  I was very excited about this study because it is based on the new book by one of my favorite authors - Lysa Terkeurst.  The Bible study is about living loved when you feel left out, lonely, and less than.  The book is Uninvited.  I have had the book for awhile but have hesitated getting started with reading it because I knew that it would hit hard and somewhere very deep.  I don't want that to sound like a "oh, poor pitiful me" statement because I am not wanting anyone to feel sorry for me.  I don't often feel uninvited or left out but it is the feeling loved part that I struggle with.  I have really really been battling this for about 2 years or so and even more so in the past year.

This morning, we watched a couple of videos and had our first memory verse.  The memory verse was Colossians 3:12.  I am going to give it to you from the NLT because I really like the part that says "people he l…