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She did it again!!!

I don't know how she does it. It absolutely looks like she just sat up, reached for her blanket, and spread it out over her. Funniest thing ever! I guess she likes to be covered up!

Well, I tried something today. I put a ponytail holder (one of those little bitty clear ouchless ones) in Rachel's hair on top of her head. It looked a little silly but I thought she was precious with it in!!!

Can you tell it is rainy and stormy outside and we are bored????!!! Going to get Sears 6 month pictures this afternoon, so be looking for those!!!

6 month check-up

We went to the doctor on Monday and all is well. Rachel weighed 17 lbs, 14 oz and was 26 1/2 inches long. She is still in the 90th percentile for height and weight. Her head was 17 inches, which is still only 75th percentile. She has a little head and little feet!!! She actually lost an ounce from her last month appointment. She only has gained 10 ounces since her 4 month appointment. Dr. Hull said that it wasn't a big deal since she is still very healthy and she is slimming probably because she is becoming more active. She is also only taking 3 bottles a day now. She told me that we can start giving her 2nd foods and even meats!!! We have tried macaroni and cheese, turkey dinner, and sweet potatoes with corn! She seems to like them all okay. We have also been giving her some finger foods. There are some little fruit puffs that dissolve in her mouth and some veggie things that look like cheetos. She loves them!!! She is sitting up pretty well now and is really start…

Another Month!

My, what an unfaithful blogger I am!!! So much has happened since wrote last. The three of us took a much needed trip to Arkansas to visit with family and friends. Rachel was able to see many people that she doesn’t get to see very often and Mommy and Daddy always love showing her off! I hosted a baby shower for Christy on April 28th in Hope and we had a blast! She got so many nice things and seemed to really enjoy herself. Adison Reece will be here before long. Christy is 36 weeks along today and doing good!!! Then we went to Little Rock to visit family and friends there. Here are some pictures from that trip. Oh, and while we were gone Rachel got familiar with her toes and is now very fond of them!!!
She loves flowers!!
Here is Rachel with Maddie and Caleb

I know that there were more pictures with family that I cannot find on my computer. When I locate them I will put them on here because we got some good ones with Great-Granny.

When we returned we were surprised to find that…