Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday would have been my Granny and Papa's anniversary...it would have been 52 years!!!! My Papa died just shy of their 50th wedding anniversary and my Granny died this past January. I miss them so much. I think about Granny everyday and I just wish I could drive to her house and talk to her like I used to. What hurts my heart the most is that she will never meet Lauren and Lauren will never know how special Granny was.


Well, I was thinking about posting what we did each day but I just don't have energy for it. Here is the sum of what we did:

We got to Arkansas and had some "down time" with grandparents. Lauren had a HORRIBLE night of no sleeping. Drove to Little Rock. Lauren slept well every night there. Was there for 3 days and visited lots of family and friends. Drove to Hot Springs...best night of sleep Lauren had the entire trip! We were able to visit with some of my most favorite people EVER!!!! I miss Christi and Charlie so very much! Drove to Hope. Spent the night...Lauren again did not sleep well. Drove home. It was a long trip and it seemed even longer with all the stops we had to make with a potty training toddler and a breast feeding infant...not to mention a Mommy who drinks a lot....WATER people, WATER!!! =)

I am including some of my favorite pictures from the trip. Go to www.dropshots.com/bricerikkirachel for the rest of the pictures!!

OKAY...that's the only two I am posting....for some reason blogger is having some issues with photo posts. If you want to see the rest, go to our dropshots. There are several more that I wanted to post...maybe I will try again later.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Catch Up!

I need to play catch up...I know!! But for now, my friends...


More tomorrow!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What in the world?

So, have you ever done something really random and stupid and afterward you can't for the life of you figure out how you did it??? Well, I did that last night! I have been cleaning and organizing this house like a CRAZY WOMAN!! Yes, it is mainly because we have company coming over in a week or so but seriously it needed to be done. I HATE clutter but for some reason we have so much of it! So, I finally finished up last night (except for our closet...that will have to wait). BUT, somehow I tripped over the play mat in Rachel's playroom with one foot and hurt my 2nd toe (just right of the big toe, or great toe as it is sometimes called). I am talking, IT HURTS!!!! REALLLLLLLYYYY BAD!!!! I thought the pain would go away after a few minutes like things like that usually do but not so much. It still hurts and is throbbing this morning. I was half laughing after I did it because I have no idea how it happened. Brice saw the whole thing and the only thing he said was, "How in the world did you get that toe and none of the rest?" Good question!!!! Well, this morning the toenail is BLACK! At first, because of the pain, I thought it was broken but I can move it...it hurts when I move it but I CAN move it. So, here is my diagnosis....I think that I smashed it on the floor, somehow and the blood is up underneath the toenail and the pressure is what is hurting. I am pretty sure that it might have to be punctured with a needle (professionally, not by me!!!!). Anyway, I will give it a few days, if I can last that long. I am telling you, this stuff hurts!!!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the daddy's out there. My kids have the best!!!! Brice is such a good daddy. Rachel adores him and when Lauren gets old enough to know how to adore someone she will too! He plays with the girls and does many things that daddy's don't do with their kiddos. I get frustrated with him sometimes but he really is a good daddy to my girls!!

**Upcoming post** We have encountered what is potentially a HUGE water leak problem. Here is a preview: it has to do with a bathtub upstairs leaking water onto the floor downstairs through the ceiling!!!! I don't have a lot of details except that for now. I will post more about that later!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3 months old!

Here are some of Lauren's 3 month pictures!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Crazy Blog!

So...my blog went berzerk (I am almost certain that is not how you spell that) yesterday and I had to resort back to the old plain basic blog. I am really wanting a blog makeover with personalized headlines and that sort of thing but I don't have time to create anything right now and I really don't know what I am doing anyway! =) I may look at some other blogs and see who I can pay to do it for me!

Don't miss my earlier post with all the pictures!!!!

Picture Post

This post will be full of pictures!!!

Lauren ready for church

Lauren and Melody

Rachel and Chelsea

I am so glad that I have a close friend who shares similar life experiences with me. It makes things so special when you have so much to talk about and compare. It is so fun that Chelsea and Rachel are so close in age and now Melody and Lauren are as well. Chelsea is 3 months older than Rachel and Lauren is a little over 2 months older than Melody. I am so blessed to have Krista as a friend!! =)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My....What a week this has been!

I am VERY behind on blogging and posting pictures. I have tons of pictures from the last few days but I don't have my camera sitting here to download pictures...promise I will either later on tonight or tomorrow.

This week has been so crazy I can't even remember what I have blogged about. So....we had a power outage on Wednesday, regained power Thursday around 2:00 am. Rachel was sick starting Wednesday. Doctor Thursday - diagnosed with urinary tract infection. Still waiting on the call from the doctor regarding the cultures....probably tomorrow. Power went out again on Friday night around 9:00. It didn't come back on until Saturday around noon. I had to work yesterday...sent the kids and Brice to my dad's for the day...it worked out well. Sometime this weekend I developed mastitis again. I put a call into the doctor yesterday and got a prescription called in. I get to the pharmacy today and they don't carry that prescription at my pharmacy. I had to call the doctor's office back and get them to call me in a difference prescription. They did, it's ready. I need to go back again to get it....think we'll drive thru this time! =)

God is good! Really! I know that this has been such a trying week for us..especially me having to take care of a sick little girl, a high maintenance baby and deal with power outages and my own health issues. It really has been difficult and I have spent several moments in tears and on the verge at other times. BUT...it could be so much worse. We are healthy for the most part and despite all of the "trials" we have had to endure it is so incredibly miniscule compared to the suffering that others have to deal with. I am so thankful that we have a happy, healthy, beautiful family. We have FAR MORE than we need and often more than we want. God has been gracious to us and we don't deserve it!

I got a new phone and I am SOOO in love with it! I have many friends who are not into new technology but I get so super excited about gadgets. I think that is where I am more like a man! =) I love video games and game systems and new cameras and phones and computers....I LOVE IT!!! Anyway, I got the Samsung Eternity and I love it!! It is a lot like the iPhone but it was cheaper and I think it is pretty cool. I looked at a lot of different ones and I really like this one a lot. It has superb sound and it has a huge screen, etc. I just really like it!

Again, I will post pictures soon. We will be going out of town soon so this week during free time I will be cleaning and washing clothes getting ready for a visit from the Riddle clan!!! We can't wait to see them!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

That's One HOT Sister!

Let me just do this before I begin...



Okay, it has been a nutso week...well, since Wednesday, anyway. So, let me begin with a playdate that I was so looking forward to and am praying now that it wasn't a bad decision. Krista's mom and dad went back to Florida on Wednesday. They have been here since before Melody was born and it was time for them to return home which meant Krista, two kids, first time, by herself. So, after Parent's Day Out where Rachel and Chelsea both go, I told Krista to come over and let the older girls play and we could hang out since we haven't had a chance to do that in awhile. So, she did. When I picked Rachel up from Parent's Day Out, she felt a little warm. I didn't really think anything of it...it was kinda warm in her classroom. Anyway, she wasn't acting like herself in the pool with Chelsea...didn't want to be splashed, etc. I kept asking her what was wrong and she said nothing. She got out of the pool and was shivering...it was VERY hot outside so I decided to feel her again....she felt hotter. Was it because she was outside? DUNNO?! So, I took her temperature under her arm....100.4 which in underarm temperature language computes to 101.4. I look at Krista and my heart sinks. I have been holding Melody. My first immediate reaction is...I INFECTED THIS NEWBORN BABY!!! Or, my child has anyway. So, I start asking Rachel if she is hurting and she keeps telling me no. The kids play a little longer (she's already exposed Chelsea) and we go inside. After a few minutes of playing inside I check her temperature again....98.9...not bad...she doesn't feel hot. Krista felt her and said she didn't think she felt hot. Anyway, the Clarks left. Later on that night...103 temperature...here comes Motrin. We (Rachel and I) for Chelsea and Melody that night that they don't get sick...especially Baby Melody. Gosh, I will just want to crawl somewhere and die if she gets sick.

Wednesday night...HORRIBLE storms pass through. HORRIBLE!!! Did I say, HORRIBLE??? Well, they were! Power went out and I am at home with a potty training 2 1/2 year old and an infant BY MYSELF!!! Brice is at church. I called him and told him to come home and he said that he can't because the roads and weather is too bad for him to drive. AHHH!!!! What a day!! Long story short, we regained power aat about 3:00 yesterday morning and the storms didn't quit until Mid-afternoon Thursday.

Thursday morning....Rachel wakes up shaking. She is BURNING UP!!! OH, wait...she slept in bed with us all night Wednesday night...the only place she wasn't screaming. Okay, temperature, 105 on Thursday morning. It is only 6:45. Motrin. 30 minutes later...temp down to 104.5. Better...still bad. I called pediatrician's office at 8:04....called back at 8:13...AWESOME!!! She tells me to bring her in at 11:00, alternate Tylenol and Motrin and take her to the ER if she spikes another fever and it won't go down. Okay...I can handle that.

11:00 doctor's office. Let me back up and say that potty training is going well...another post later, maybe. She INSISTED on wearing panties without a diaper or pull-up to the doctor. The doctor's office is about 20 minutes away. I was not crazy about the idea but I am not going to discourage a strong-willed 2 year old who we are trying to potty train to begin with. SO....we did. I was hurrying to get to the doctor's office to get her to go potty. The entire time in the car she kept telling me that she was not going to tee tee in the potty at the doctor's office because "big potties are too hard, Mommy." I knew it was going to be a struggle. It was. When we got there the nurse wanted a urine sample. I took her the potty FIGHTING AND SCREAMING. I wrestled with her for 10 minutes in the bathroom while she screamed at the top of her lungs. Finally, I gave up and she won...she is STRONG WILLED I am telling you. I didn't want to fight that battle at the doctor's office...in public. I just told the nurse that it wasn't happening. So, in the end, she took the little hat thingy out of the big potty, sat it in the floor of our room, and Rachel eventually tee-teed in the hat in the floor after we called it the little potty. Success! End result of doctor's visit....looks great! Her urine...not so much. It has white blood cells present, blood, and protein. Dr. treated her for UTI with Bactrim Rx. She also said something called Roseola is going around where kids will have SUPER high fevers for 3 or 4 days and then break out into a horrible rash and to look out for that too. Fabulous. Oh, Rachel's doctor is like 8 months pregnant and she had to wrestle with her to look at her bottom. Poor doctor...we love her so much!

So, we get ready to leave the doctor's office....POURING DOWN RAIN!!!!! The parking lot is completely flooded and Rachel starts crying....she doesn't want to get wet. What am I supposed to do? Good question. Nothing I can do but trek through the river to the car with both of my children in tow. Lauren, let me just say, was PERFECT the entire time we were gone....never heard a peep out of her. Blessing! Got lunch, went home, medicine, nap. Rachel woke up and her diaper was dry but she was all sweaty from her fever breaking so I let her play in the tub for awhile....a long while, actually. Lauren took a 2 hr nap! Really unusual but again...Blessing!

I text messaged Brice and practically begged him to come home early...he couldn't. He actually got home late because of the traffic.

Bed time. All goes well. Rachel stayed dry all day wearing panties, pooped in the potty like 3 times. We all went to bed. Lauren went down easily.

3:45 AM....SCREAMS from Rachel's room....DADDY!!!!!!! He goes in there, changes her diaper at her request and goes to get her something to drink. She is shivering. He gives her medicine. Leaves. About 5 minutes later, SCREAMS from Rachel's room again...just hysterical crying. He calls me in there...she has thrown up her drink which is drank in about 2 seconds flat. I am not worried about a tummy bug...she drank too fast. No more vomiting for the rest of the night....not a tummy bug. I did take her temperature...106!!!! YIKES!!! I stayed in her room until her fever went down at least to 103.3. She told me and Brice to leave so she could go to sleep. I also called the hospital where I work and talked to a nurse who basically said if she spikes fever again at like the 2 hour mark (after Motrin) to take her to the children's hospital ER or call pediatrician in the morning...since it is almost daytime outside. It's now 4:45 AM.

5:00 AM...cries from Lauren's room. It's time to eat. I fed her. I pumped. Just finished pumping.

It is now...RIGHT NOW....6:11 AM. I am done pumping and I am going back to bed. Not sure what time the girls will wake up. I really need to take Rachel's temperature again but I don't want to wake her.


What will this Friday bring? Goodness, I don't know....


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pictures of Rooms


The first ones are of our bedroom:


So...I have started this new thing (it's taking me longer than I want). I have started doing some organizing, getting rid of junk, etc. I started in the kitchen. That's as far as I've gotten. It looks really good though. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and spent over $200 on stuff to decorate my house. Back when we moved here in Feb. of 06 my friend Jana came and stayed for almost a week and helped me decorate. We had a great time. We went and bought a lot of things to decorate the house with but we only did the downstairs. We did the family room, kitchen and a little in the entry way and dining room. Then, we had a baby about 10 months later and all I wanted to do was decorate the baby's room. Well, Rachel's room was really cute and then I got pregnant again last July and after we found out it was another girl, I was so excited about decorating Rachel's new room and the baby's new room. Their rooms are super cute! That's about all that is cute upstairs. Rachel's room actually isn't finished yet. We still need to hang pictures and I have some of those Wallie thingys that are ladybugs I need to put up. Anyway, Lauren's room is adorable (I know, I told you decades ago I would post pictures...I will at the end of this post). So....I bought some stuff yesterday for our bedroom. I am so excited about decorating it! I am ready to enjoy my sleeping space. What has inspired me is that we just got new bedding for our bedroom and I love it!! I bought some matching picture frames and some greenery and decorative items. I will remove the clutter in there and start decorating...hopefully today...we will see how the kids cooperate.

Okay, first picture is Lauren's bedroom...I have added some stuff since this picture, but....other pictures are from this week.

Sorry, I couldn't find the pictures of Lauren's room....I'll take more and post them later!

Picture of a bird and her babies that live above our front door!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

12 Weeks Old!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Small World

A few weeks ago I posted about how burdened I was regarding friends of Krista's who lost their newborn baby to an infection in her spinal fluid. For some reason I was so heartbroken for this family. Well, long story short, yesterday I was talking to Krista and she told me to go look at the picture of how beautiful this baby is. The mother of the baby is on facebook and her profile picture was of the 3 of them. Let me just stop and say that the baby was gorgeous!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! Anyway, as I was looking at her picture I realized that we have like 21 friends in common. I started looking at who her friends are and it was all people that I went to college with in Arkansas. I looked at her picture again (you can't see her face really well) and then looked at her name....and said her name out loud. HOLY COW!!!! I know this girl! We went to the same college and she actually graduated the year I was a freshman but we met through some mutual friends and actually hung out together on more than one occasion. She was very outgoing and spunky and has a BEAUTIFUL voice! Anyway, I just could not get over the fact that I know this mom who just went through something so very tragic. I have a burden for those that lose babies anyway but for some reason this family just hit down deep. I have prayed and cried for them many times over this whole situation and all the while, I knew her! It really is a small world. SOOOO...please join me in praying for MY FRIEND Whitnee and her husband as they mourn the loss of their Lydia Grace.

Potty Training 101

Yes, this is hard!!!!! I have been "toying" with the idea of potty training for awhile now. We bought Pull-Ups and a small potty and a potty chair for the big potty awhile back. I even bought some big girl panties with Rachel's favorite character on them. We tried the panties a few weeks after the baby was born and it was a disaster. After about the 4th pair soiled within an hour I decided that she was not ready for that. I became exhausted again with the new baby and decided to try again later. It is hard to get motivation for these types of things when you are tired. So, earlier this week I started asking Rachel if she wanted to tee tee in the potty. She always said yes so we did. Finally on Wednesday I decided to take her diaper off and let her run around naked. Brave, I know. So, she had NO accidents all day without a diaper on. She did wear a Pull-Up for nap time and for bedtime and it was wet both times...significantly wet. So...there is a long road before us, I am afraid but recognizing when you have to go is a huge step and she is doing that. She even poo pooed in the potty and was so super excited about it! I don't know if I am doing this right or what the right trick is but we will figure this all out!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well, I guess I will continue to blog for the people out there that do read it. Teasing. I would blog anyway...it is my open-face journal for all the world to see. It really does help me when I am frustrated with the kiddos or what-have-you. I have made some friends just by blogging and it's kinda neat. There are so many people that do it! Besides I know my family reads and never comments.

It's Wednesday. I got my new camera yesterday and it is FABULOUS!!! I will have to say that the place where I bought it was not fabulous. I will have to blog about that later...maybe during Rachel's naptime. Nevertheless, the camera is great. I have taken pictures and videos and I can't wait to share them with you. I took two videos yesterday of Rachel. One is of her singing "our song." It is that old song (that I have to confess I have no idea where I heard it) but we started singing it when she was just a little bitty baby and now we sing it together. It's the bushel and a peck song. Anyway, it's cute and the other one is her singing her ABCs. She starts that one over like 3 times so it is kinda long. She's a character.

We have spent most of the week at home. I did go to the gym yesterday and did some cardio....that was about all I had time for when Lauren started screaming in the childcare which then made Rachel start crying. We left shortly thereafter to go home for lunch and nap....which Rachel NEVER took. Brice had a meeting last night at church and didn't get home until about 8:15. Rachel decided that she wanted to tee-tee in the potty again...and she did!!!!! In the big potty. She didn't want to sit on the little potty. So, she hopped up there when we weren't paying attention and Brice noticed her and said that she did it! Then a little while later she ran in there and did it again (we had her diaper off the whole time). I think I am going to take a day with no diaper and see how she does. We did this not too long ago and it was a disaster! Maybe today if she is cooperative. Let me just say that this potty training thing is way harder than I ever thought it would be. THEN, it was bath and bedtime. Rachel was a MESS!!!! H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!!!!!!!! She was overly tired. I was going to give her a bath and had to switch with Brice in the middle of it because it was time for me to feed Lauren. She was not happy about that. Then, she just screamed and screamed. It was a battle between her and Daddy. I finally went and talked to her a little and calmed her down enough for him to take her upstairs. I am all about disciplining my child and letting her know that she can't act like a crazy person but there just isn't a lot you can do when she is in that state. She is quite uncontrollable. I don't know if I do the right thing or not but I just try to comfort her and talk to her softly and just pretty much "baby" her. It calms her down enough for me to talk to her. I think Brice has a hard time knowing what to do with her in that state too. He gets really frustrated with her. Finally, after I gave Lauren a bath and she (Rachel) had about 3 or 4 HUGE meltdowns I went into her room, we sang our song, and I loved on her a little bit. She looked at me and said, "Mommy, please put me on my pillow, please." I did and she went to sleep. That whole ordeal took about 1 1/2 hours. It is horrible when she is like that. She usually has no problem but when she is overly sleepy we have serious issues. I love the mess out of her but she is difficult sometimes!

Well, I am going to go back and lay down and see how long that lasts...Rachel usually gets up around 7:30.

I promise I will post pictures that I took yesterday in a little while. We will see how the day unfolds. I really need to go to the grocery store but I have to "feel out" the kids first to see how they might behave in the store.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


do people even read this???? I never get any comments!

Monday, June 1, 2009

She Smiles So Hard!!!

When Lauren smiles, it is like she smiles so hard that her whole body scrunches up!! She cracks me up!!!

Reason to Rejoice
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