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Just Wanted to Be Loved

I was a good kid.  You know like the kind that is deathly afraid of getting in trouble and will melt when you give me "the look."  I am the one that would rather have gotten a spanking than to be told that someone was disappointed in me.  I was a very sensitive child.  Was I perfect?  Heavens no.  I was a child.

I have children.  Three of them.  Little girls.  Rambunctious little girls who fight and then love like there is no tomorrow.  My dream growing up was to have little girls.  I am so thankful that God has allowed me to have these girls.  They annoy me to no end but my heart skips 15 beats anytime I think something is wrong with them.  Daily I question my ability to be a good parent.  Minute by minute I wonder if I am doing it all wrong.  I pray that at least some of the things their dad and I are teaching them stick.  They make me crazy and I love them like there's no tomorrow.
I can never imagine leaving these kids behind.  Anywhere.  I cannot imagine loving some…