Friday, September 21, 2007

She is 10 months!

All right, so it was a little longer than I said, but it works! Rachel turned 10 months old last Friday and was a sick little girl. Mommy got sick Saturday and now we are both getting better....not 100% yet but definitely better. When we went to the doctor last week, Rachel weighed 22 lbs, 13 oz...WOWZERS! She's a biggun! She continues to talk more and more and interacts well with other kiddos. She and Chelsea have a big time together. Parent's Day Out is going well and she seems to enjoy playing with the kids but it melts my heart everytime I go to pick her up and she looks at me, smiles really big, and claps saying, "Momma." I love that little girl! She is really testing her boundaries with trying to walk. She will let go of whatever she is holding on to but only for a second. I think it will still be a couple more months before she is walking but that's fine with me!!! My very first college roommate is coming to visit us today and I am so excited! We are making a trip to Arkansas in the next couple of weeks and I am also very excited about that because it has been so long...haven't been to Little Rock since April! Here are a couple of pictures I took of Rachel last week. You kinda can tell by her eyes that she didn't feel good. Love to all!!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Today's scare

Okay, I realize I am behind..I need to post Rachel's 10 month stuff and I promise I will do it tomorrow or Wednesday but I have to post what happened to us tonight. It was very scary...I am very thankful it wasn't any worse. I still am feeling bad about it.....

Okay, so I had a softball game tonight and was running a little late. I finally got the park with Rachel since Brice is out of town. The game didn't start until 8:15, so I had Rachel out a little later than usual but she was great! Got the softball fields, I got out of the car and pushed the little unlock button on the remote to the car and went to the trunk to get the stroller out for Rachel. Well, I threw the keys in the trunk and got out the stroller, got my cleats on, got my bat and my gloves and closed the trunk. I went to get Rachel out of the car and the door was locked. Once you hit the unlock button on the remote if you do not open the door within 30 seconds the doors automatically relock, BUT it even locked the driver's side door which was not even locked to begin with. I realize this instantly and start to panic. There was a friend of mine standing there and I told her what happened. I am actually still okay at this point. Rachel is doing fine...I am looking at her threw the car window and we are's all good for now. Well, we have a guy on our softball team who owns a car lot so Christi (my friend) automatically goes and gets him. He comes with two other guys who are looking for tools and things. Well, Rachel starts screaming bloody murder and I lost it. I started crying with her telling her it is okay. I think what hurt my heart the most is that for once I had no access to my child. I did not have the ability to reach in and get her when she was crying for me....AND IT WAS MY FAULT!!!! I felt terrible. Everyone was telling me not to panic. The guys tried to get a coat hanger and open the door and it didn't work. Finally someone called 911 (my phone was in the car with my purse) and told them that I locked the keys in the car and that there is a 10 month old locked inside. They were at the ball park in less than 5 minutes. There were like 10 fireman (okay, maybe not that many, but it seemed like it...) that got out of the truck and one was working on the driver's side door and one was working on the passenger's side door. They got the passenger door open and unlocked the other doors, Rachel immediately stopped crying and I grabbed her out of the car seat and I started of the fireman looked at me and said, "Are you Mom?" I said, "Yes" and he left me alone. He didn't ask me anymore questions, they just left. It was so scary. It definitely could have been worse and I am SO thankful that it wasn't any hotter b/c she was fine. She was safe but I felt HORRIBLE!! HORRIBLE.....still do. I cried again telling Brice about it on the phone. She is safe and sound in her bed and will not remember any of this but I guess I can say that it is the first of MANY mistakes that I will make in the adventure of raising a child. I just did not like the feeling of being helpless and powerless and my child needed me. I didn't like it at all. Praise God for good endings.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

We Are Back from Disney!!!

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Okay, so we are back and trying to get back into our routine. Disney World was VERY hot but loads of fun. I cannot brag on our little Princess enough and how good she was the entire trip. Her first plane ride was good, she slept through the entire 2nd leg of the flight (New Orleans to Orlando). We spent a total of 6 days in the parks at Disney and she was near perfect everyday. We stayed out until 9 and 10:00 almost every night and she rolled right along with us without too much fuss. She slept very well in the hotel bed and enjoyed seeing all of the beauty that Disney has to offer…she even liked the characters!

We had a good time with our friend, Alicia, with us. She was able to pitch in and help with Rachel when we needed and I think she even got to do some things that she enjoyed while we were there….or at least I hope she did. I know that we wore her out but I would hope it was all worth it!!!

Brice is back at work today and I am back cleaning the house and washing the many loads of clothes that we brought back. He just informed me that he will be going out of town the end of next week and then the first part of the following week. Although I hate when he goes out of town, I have to be thankful that this is the first time since Rachel was itty bitty.

Rachel starts Parent’s Day Out on Monday. It will be every Monday and Wednesday from 9-2. I am excited about having the chance to do some Mommy things and even more excited that she will be able to interact with other kids besides those at our own church. We also start our music class on Tuesday morning. The teacher for this is the same that we took sign language from and Rachel really enjoys her. We start a new thing on Sunday nights this coming Sunday and we are hosting a small group at our house, so we are about to be really busy. I still have softball games on Monday nights and am going to start a women’s Bible study on Tuesday nights. WOW!!! Now that I see it all down on the computer screen, I am a little overwhelmed.

I have had wonderful news and devastating news come from friends lately concerning their families. A very good friend of mine just lost their second child. If you might recall, my friends Nikki and Scott lost little Aubrey shortly after her birth in May 2006 and found out a few weeks ago that they were pregnant again. Sadly, we got news on Sunday that she has had a miscarriage. My heart just breaks for them. I have another really good friend, one of my best, actually, that just found out that she is pregnant and so very excited. Can’t reveal who that is quite yet though. So many prayer needs around us…..

Got another load of clothes to switch….

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Lots of love!

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