Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Break 2014!

This past week was spring break.  I am going to recap all week in one post.

Day 1 & 2 ~ These days were exciting for me because I was able to start a new journey (again) with Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital.  As part of the hiring and starting to work process, I had to attend hospital orientation on these two days.  After being there previously (with a 1 year break) for nearly 5 years, this was just a big review for me.  I love this hospital!  It truly is one of the best places I have ever worked.  I am so glad I was given the opportunity to come back with my people!  I work my first shift on the 25th!!

Day 3 ~ This was Lauren's actual birthday!  We took Rachel and Hannah to "school" and then we had a day for just the two of us.  We went to Rainforest Cafe at the Grapevine Mills Mall.
That is her yearly birthday lunch pick.  It was CRAZY crowded because it was spring break and after waiting for 40 minutes, I realized that I am a Landry's Club Member and we could have sat down immediately!  Ha!  O'well, we had fun shopping while we waited.  We ate lunch and then we headed to the carousel.  Mommy stopped in the Ann Taylor Loft outlet and bought some clothes.  **Side note** I found out that you shouldn't take your 5 year old shopping with you because she will go home and tell Daddy that Mommy bought a bunch of clothes! :)  Anyway, Lauren rode the carousel and then we headed back home.
We came home and rested for a little while and then it was time to go get the sisters.  Lauren picked Chapps for her birthday dinner because she said it was Daddy's favorite place.  :)

Day 4 ~  This day I kept Lauren and Rachel home from school so that I could spend some time with them.  In all of my planning for the week, I completely forgot that I had Bible study on Thursday morning.  We had planned a playdate with Logan and Lucas that afternoon so Kaydi volunteered to keep the the girls while I went to Bible study.  They played and had a great time.  They miss their friends. When I was finished, we all went to Pump It Up for some jumping fun!  It was crowded...just like every other place in the metroplex for kids this week.  Kaydi and I got to visit and it was a breath of fresh answer to prayers.  God is good and is the Author of forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation.  We went home and rested and then picked up Hannah.  Brice had to work late so I took the girls to IHOP to eat dinner.  They wanted breakfast and I didn't want to cook.  It was a good day.

Day 5 ~ Daddy stayed home today!!  He was planning to just stay home 1/2 the day but ended up staying all day.  The girls (all 3) loved it!!  In the morning, we went to the donut shop (Hannah's favorite place) and took our donuts to the park and ate them.  Then we went to a different park and played.  We were the only ones there for about an hour.  We played and then went home.  For lunch, we got Chick Fil A.  Daddy worked a little while on his computer, and all of the girls took naps.  :)  Then we met Justin and Tonya at Chuck E. Cheese for dinner and play!! was super crowded!  SHOCKER! :)

Saturday wasn't what I would consider part of spring break but it was Lauren's birthday party.  I will post about the party later.  We had a great week and going back to school is going to be hard this next week....for everyone.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

She Turns 5!!

Why is 5 such a hard age on a momma!?  *cue the tears

Five years ago this very night I was getting ready to go to bed the last time as a momma of one baby! I was going to meet my 2nd baby girl after a LONG anticipated wait in the hospital.  I had spent 14 days in the hospital waiting for this girl to make her entrance and she was going to.  After a dose of Ambien, I was out and slept the night away to get up SUPER early for the 5:30 am induction.

With Rachel in the hospital waiting to have Lauren

My labor was uneventful.  I got my epidural early and I was not in much pain at all.  I started pushing and after about an hour and a half, that VERY LARGE baby girl entered the world in all her glory!  We have never been the same since! :)  I got to hold her immediately and it was awesome...something I did not get to experience with Rachel's birth.  My first question was, "What does this baby weigh?"  She looked gigantic to me!!  She was 9 lbs, 9 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long!!  That's pretty big for a 37.5 week gestation baby! :)  She was beautiful...chubby cheeks and dark hair.  I loved her instantly!!!  
Brand New!

Lauren Elizabeth.  

5 months

What joy you bring to our lives.  You were high maintenance from the start and that really hasn't changed and you never cease to surprise me!  You are a momma's girl but tell me that you now want Daddy to be your buddy.  :)  If I would let you get away with it, you would not do anything by yourself.  I jokingly say that you will be calling me when you are 30 to brush your hair, tie your shoes, and pick out your clothes!  You beat to your own drum, that's for sure.  One of your favorite things is to wear mix-matched socks.  When I tell you we need to practice writing your name and your letters, you tell me, "Nah, it's okay, someone else can write them for me."  You are very expressive in your speech and with your facial expressions.  And...YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!!!!  You keep me and all of your teachers at school laughing so hard and you NEVER know what will come out of your mouth....that is not always a good thing, by the way! :)  

Age 2

You love.....BABIES...fake or real...doesn't matter but you always have a baby in your bed and usually in your arms (okay, those are usually fake).  You also love chicken nugget lunchables, Chick Fil A, donut holes, pigs in a blanket, chocolate milk and icing from a cupcake and/or cake (no, not the cake, just the icing).  

Age 3

You like your sisters...most days.  You are sweet but you DO NOT like kisses.  You say that it's gross.  You always want someone to tuck you in and unfortunately you have reoccurring dreams about foxes.  :(

Lauren holding her baby sister for the first time

Lauren and her best friend, sister Rachel

Lauren, you light up my world and your daddy and I love you very much!!!  You are the middle baby girl and we would not trade you for anything.  Stay yourself because you are awesome!!!  


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hannah Closet Cleanout

I have posted lots of clothes on Facebook but it was getting hard to keep track of who got what so I decided to do a big post of the rest on here.  Please comment with your email address so I can paypal invoice you.  I will charge $2 for shipping unless you get a lot of stuff that requires a larger box.  THANKS!!!  :)  PS...some of the sizes might not be exactly correct because I took the pictures and then when doing the captions, was doing it from memory.  I will double check and correct or if you have a specific question, please don't hesitate to ask.  Please share this if you know anyone needing clothes!  THANKS!
Gymboree 18-24 months light blue horse dress with bloomers. 

Assorted play clothes.  12 months. $10

Outfit for play. 18 months. $6

Faded Glory jean dress. 18 months. $5

Children' Place tank. New With Tags. 24 months. $5

Light pink and brown pants set. Very good condition. $10

Boutique dress. $10

Romper. Size 24 months. $5

Assorted play clothes. 12-18 months. $10 
(will likely add more to this)

Dora 1-piece romper. Light green. 24 months.

Rare Editions green/pink polka dot dress. Size 2. $10

Play clothes. 3T. $3

Red gingham dress. 24 months. $8

Boutique halter dress. Pink/brown toile. 3T. $10

Short set. $24 months. $6

Koala Kids. 24 months. $6

Clown dress. 24 months. $6

Flower dress with bloomers. 24 months. $6

Boutique style pants set. Size 3. $10

Long romper (red) 24 months. $6

Long romper (yellow). 24 months. $6

Hawaii-style dress. 2T. $5

Children's Place. Tank is New With Tags. Pants to match. 24 months 

Children's Place skirt. 24 months. $5

Flower dress. 24 months. $8

Two play dresses. 24 months. $5

Frilly dress. 3T. $10

Shirt and leggings. 24 months. $6

Shirt and leggings. 24 months. $6

Jean shortalls (has matching shirt not pictured) 24 months. $5

Two pink Gymboree skirts. 24 months. $5

Pink ruffle capri outfit. 24 months. $8

Scottie dog bubble. 18 months. $7

Carter's jumper dress. 18 months. $6

Carter's bubble 18 months. $6

24 months. New With Tags. $8

Carter's 18 months. $8

Children's Place jean dress.  18 months. $10

St. Patrick's Day outfit. 18 months (need to double check size...might be 24 months). 

Smocked bubble. 9 months. $10

Gymboree 18-24 months. $5

Remember Nguyen scalloped collar white shirt. 12 months. $6

Old Navy Hello Kitty shirt. 18 months. $5

Anavini smocked bubble. 18 months $8

Anavini smocked swimsuit. 18 months. (might be 24 months...will update when I check). 

Gymboree dress. 18 months. $8

Gymboree dress. 18 months. $8

Carter's bubble 18 months. $8

Gymboree dress. 18-24 months. $8

Play clothes 18 months. $5

Nina patent leather shoes. Size 6. PERFECT condition. 

Puddle Jumpers. Size 9. Hannah's feet are too fat! :(

Keds.  NEVER WORN!  Still have the box. Size 7W. 

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