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January 22, 2009

This was just over a year ago.....

I was just over 30 weeks pregnant and my little girl was already big and developed and just getting bigger. I can't wait to tell you all about the weeks leading up to her birth and then about her birth day. She is just a joy in my life and my 2nd born baby. I love her so much. I never knew that I could love anyone as much as I love Rachel but I can and I do.

"Just Keep Driving," Pisghetti, and Movie Review

I have been without a computer at home for a few days...I got that virus that is called Antivirus Live that pops up and keeps telling you that you have a virus and that it is scanning your computer, yeah, TOTAL hoax. Soooo.....$179.00 later, my computer is running GREAT!!!! It needed some fine tuning anyway!

So, Rachel funny...
Yesterday on the way to work she says, "Mommy, listen....
Me: "OH, GREAT! You just counted to 20 but you missed a few. Here let Mommy help you. 1, 2,'s 13, 14, 15, 16, 17...."
Rachel: "Um, Mommy, why don't you just keep driving."
I didn't say anything..just turned around, recognized the fact that she is my child and totally just said something that I would say and....kept driving.

Rachel wanted pisghetti today for lunch. So after having TOTAL "me" time this morning and getting my hair cut and colored, I went to Super Target and got, well, mostly the entire store or though it seemed....…

How Cute Is This??!

Why, yes, I am aware of the fact that I am a little biased!! Thanks for pointing that out!! =)

So, someone told me I should enter Lauren in the Regis and Kelly beautiful baby contest....I am sure she was just saying that to be nice but maybe I will...not because I have to prove to the world that she is, in fact, beautiful, but just for fun....which one of these should I use??? Tell me quick, I don't have much time!!!


SO....Thursday I picked the kids up from "school" otherwise known as daycare and Lauren had been throwing up and Rachel had yellow/green discharge from her eye. Yes, it was gross. On the way home they were know they were not feeling well. I had already decided that I was taking Rachel to Care Now for eye drops and to make sure it wasn't her ear because of the situation we had with Lauren while we were in Little Rock. Well, when we were almost home, I hear this wretching sound from the backseat and turned on the cargo light to see Lauren throwing up everywhere!! If you have never heard a baby throw up...NOT FUN! Anyway, I went in to work early on Friday, Brice stayed until 8:00, my aunt came and then I came home at 1:00. When Brice got home from work, I went back to work to finish some documentation. I did take Lauren to the doctor that afternoon and she has a double ear infection STILL so she is on ANOTHER antibiotic. She had only been off the Omnicef…

No Time...Never Enough Time!

No time to are both sick, I am busy at work. It's the weekend...maybe I'll post later after I get house stuff done......


Spiritual, eh?

Rachel apparently told her teacher this morning at church the story of Jesus. While in the car on the way home, I asked her to tell me the story that she told Ms. Leah.

Me: Rachel did you tell Ms. Leah a story today?
R: Yes!
Me: What was it about?
R: JESUS!! (your typical Sunday school answer)
Me: Well, tell me.
R: Once upon a time there was a boy named Joseph. Then Mary came. They all went to the animals - sheep, donkeys, cows, and a camel. Then Jesus was here. THE END!
Me: =)

I have to tell you the first time she told about the animals and then said, "The end!" Brice and I both said, "What about baby Jesus???" She just now told me about Jesus. She is sitting in my lap while I write this! =) She's so funny! Love her much!


Two thousand nine.
Two double zero nine.

However you want to say it, it is over! Done with and buh bye! The past year for me has been full of...well...full of LIFE! That seems to be the theme of my 2009. Let's recap my 2009...

I brought the new year in by going to bed super early because I was super pregnant and super large! Lost Granny at the end of January...hardest loss to date. Had an AWESOME baby shower in February and the following day went to the hospital...high blood pressure. I was hospitalized two more times in the month of February and ultimately stayed on February 27th. Stayed in the hospital for a total of 14 days...long days...and on March 12th, delivered a FAT, healthy, beautiful baby girl. Lauren Elizabeth was born weighing 9 lbs, 9 oz!!! My best friend gave birth to her sweet baby girl in May, Melody Elise. Summer was fun...uneventful. August we celebrated 5 years of marriage and another friend had a baby boy. November was a big month...Rachel tu…