Friday, March 29, 2013

Blogger Slacker

Yes, I am slacking.  No, I don't like it.  No, it is not my intention.  Yes, I will TRY to do better.  No, I am not going to promise anything.  Yes, I feel bad.  No, I do not feel guilty.  Yes, I have been busy.  Yes, I have done LOTS of fun things.  Yes, I have lots to tell you about.  No, I am not going to right now.  Yes, I have an absolutely adorable picture of my kids to post!!!  Lauren has been anti-picture taking lately so I will post one of Rachel and Hannah from my new camera!!!  I GOT A NEW CAMERA AND I LOVE IT!!!!!  Like LOVE IT!!!!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!  I got a Nikon D5100.  I got two lenses and did I mention I love it???  Here are my two favorite pictures from it so far.  I have only had it for less than a week.

Monday, March 18, 2013

DIY Spa Treatment

I received an email from a sweet lady about a month ago about promoting her product on my blog.  Below is her information.  It is basically a DIY Spa Treatment that you can do at home if you don't have time or funds to go to the spa.  It sounds kind of fun too!!  You can get pretty creative with it and it might be fun to do with your young kiddos.

Getting Red Carpet Skin Without Paying a Fortune

Berries and chocolate are an extremely popular combination among many people, and nearly everyone derives pleasure from a good spa treatment. Why not put them together just in time for an Oscars after party? Throw an at-home spa party by yourself or with your friends to get red carpet-worthy skin without the red carpet price tag.

Chocolate Strawberry Facial

Strawberries possess compounds that aid the proper balance of skin oils and help fight acne and other blemishes. The added honey will hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and supple.

What You'll Need:

1/2 cup of fresh, pureed strawberries

4 tablespoons of 100 percent cacao powder

3 tablespoons of raw honey

1 organic egg white

Thoroughly mix the ingredients into a bowl. If the mixture it too thin, add more cacao powder. If it's too thick, add another organic egg white. Prior to application, remove any makeup and cleanse your face. Using your fingers, apply the mask to your face in a thick layer. Sit back, relax and let the mask set for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water and follow it up with cold-water splash to re-shrink your pores.

Chocolate Nail Treatment

Body wraps, despite their name, can be used for isolated areas. Regardless of the scale of coverage, however, they're an excellent way to relax and they help to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. This particular wrap is meant to be used on the feet and toes, but may also be done on the hands and fingers.

What You'll Need:

½ semisweet chocolate chips or baking chocolate

¼ cup organic cream

1 cup of fresh strawberries

5 tablespoons raw honey

A microwave

A blender

A paint brush

Put the chocolate into a small glass bowl and heat it in the microwave for two minutes or until the chocolate is melted. In the blender, add the berries, cream and honey. Blend them until they're smooth and mix them with the chocolate. While you're waiting for it to cool to a pleasant temperature, take the opportunity to wash and exfoliate your feet with a brush scrub or pumice stone. Once finished, use the paintbrush to apply the chocolate and strawberry mixture. For the next 15 minutes, feel free to relax with a glass of wine and some chocolate-dipped strawberries. Rinse your feet and pat them dry.

With their abundance of antioxidants and nutrients, chocolate and strawberries are good for more than just snacking. They provide a relatively cheap way to rejuvenate and nourish your skin to get celebrity-like glow we all saw at the Oscar’s on Sunday.

“Michelle Pino is thrilled to be able to share these delightful and nourishing spa recipes. From her experience working at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino's spa, Skana, she is able to lend her expertise in the industry to create DIY recipes that can easily be made at home on a budget. Her goal is to educate others on how important it is to take care of your skin and realize that natural products found in your pantry might be best fit for the job.”

Monday, March 4, 2013


You might find this post to be incredibly boring and ask yourself, "Why is this crazy posting about teeth and the dentist?"  Well, the short of it is that it's Monday.  I am semi-lying on the couch, semi-sitting and I am just wanting to post something that does not require a ton of brain cells...ya with me?!

Okay, now that we are on the same page, let me tell you about my experience at the dentist office today. Frankly, I have been putting off this visit and I should have gone about 2 months ago for my normal every 6 months cleaning but I knew that it would be more than that every 6 months cleaning.  Yeah....that kind of visit.  Blech!

Let's get some background here....I did not go to the dentist at all that I can recall until I was 24 years old and married!!  Gross, you're thinking (don't pretend that it didn't cross your mind)!!!  I take that back, I went to the dentist when I was a senior in high school to get one wisdom tooth cut out and then again to the maxillofacial surgeon in college to have the other 3 cut out.  But routinely to the dentist...never.  Not until I was married.  Let me tell you, that first cleaning...YIKES!!! I was actually excited about going to the dentist though!!!!  And guess what???!!  I had ZERO cavities that first time to the dentist!!!!  I can brush with the best of 'em! :) 

As the years went on and I had children (who suck every good thing out of your body) BUT ARE TOTALLY WORTH IT, I started having issues here and there with my teeth.  I got xrays and found out that I still did not have cavities but I had hairline fractures in some of my teeth.  What does that mean?  I got a crown in one of my teeth!  My 6 year molar to be exact!

Fast forward...I will spare you the HORRIFIC details of how the temporary crown came off and I had nothing covering the tooth for 3 days while I waited for the dentist to open back up.  Then I will NOT tell you about how I THINK the dentist caused an infection when she placed the permanent crown causing me to have to have a root canal.....okay, now we are up to speed since I didn't spend time talking about seemless details.  ;)  Root canal...have you ever had one????  DON'T!!!!  Bad experience!!!  Well, maybe if you don't wait until over a year to get it done and horrible infection doesn't set in, it isn't too bad, my defense, I was pregnant and I was scared to get it done then.  And then...well, I was just not ready!  :)  Anyway, I had the root canal two visits.  I apparently had 3 roots canals when post normal people have 2!  How did I get to be so lucky?!  Remember, I have a crown on this tooth, so the root canal went through the crown, that's fun times!  I felt like we were drilling through a $200 pair of shoes!!  Or something....sorta like that!  Eh....

Today's visit...yes, that's what this post was went well.  I am having some pain in the opposite side of the mouth than the root canal.  It...IS ANOTHER STUPID FRACTURE/CHIPPED TOOTH!!!  But, this one will be taken care of with a filling. Joy!  She said my teeth were beautiful but I am very hard on them!!  I am a grinder!  All time, all day kind of grinder!  I got fitted for ANOTHER mouth guard and might have to wear one during the day.  I got in trouble for not flossing, blah blah blah....there is also a spot on the tooth that had the root canal that is still a tad sore.  She said we will keep the tooth as long as possible until we need to replace with a titanium one.  Oh boy!!! :)  Bottom line....I'M STRESSED!!!

God is good to me!!  I am so excited about everything He has been doing in my life and I can't wait to write about it, but like I said, today just called for such a fun-loving, Monday kinda post!!!  Have a good week!

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