Nothing Really

Well, I don't have anything real monumental to post about. My family is all back under one roof. It was a nice break but it is nice to get back into the routine of things as well.

Rachel spent this past week with her grandparents in Little Rock and she had a blast. I know how challenging she is so I commend the grandparents for an entire week! =) She is home and ornery as ever but I just love the mess out of her!!! =) She starts dance class tomorrow which I am SUPER excited about!! She has her little tap shoes and ballet shoes! How cute is she going to be??!

Brice is back home from the U.K. and seems to be sporting a bit of an accent..okay, not really but I wouldn't mind at all! I LOVE British accents! Is that weird? He took some video of some things over there and I could listen to the people talk all day long. He had a good trip and adjusted to the time difference quite well.

Lauren is getting bigger....well, she is definitely getting fatter! She is so round! I really thought she would be the smaller one (not sure why I thought that since she was a whole 2 lbs bigger at birth than Rachel) but she isn't! After everything we have gone through with Rachel I am almost not looking forward to her 6 month appointment next month because I am afraid she is going to be too big. I honestly don't know what else to do though...she eats every 3 - 4 hours and it's breast milk. We are starting baby foods but not much...1/2 of a container twice a day. She has had squash, applesauce and green beans so far. OH, and prunes....she needed them! =) Here are a couple pictures from today and yesterday..
She is teething!

Me...well, I'm still here. I have been off work for a few weekends but I go back this Saturday. I am actually looking forward to it...I like my job for the most part even though things at work right now aren't great. I can't believe it is almost September. I am still doing Weight Watchers and I am down 9 lbs since I started 5 weeks ago. I am about 3 lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight and already in pre-pregnancy clothes. That makes a mommy feel good!! I gained right at 55 lbs this pregnancy. I would love to get to my goal weight which means I need to lose about 15 more lbs! It's hard work. My accomplishment as of lately....I have completed 2 scrapbook pages and have started Lauren's!!! YIPPEE!! I hope that I am on a roll and my goal is going to be to complete 3 pages a week after Rachel starts back to Parent's Day Out next week! Maybe I will eventually finish Rachel's 1st year and get Lauren's caught up...I know she is only 5 months old but a lot has happened in this 5 months!

**UPDATE** I am now listening to 2 (almost 3) year old scream upstairs. She is seriously screaming at the top of her lungs. I am not sure why but she is hollering for me. Her daddy is with her and me going up there is only going to allow her to "get her way." She is think I'm kidding??!!



Lainey-Paney said…
I know that relief that comes when the Hubby comes home from a trip!

The girls are looking so cute!

...and have fun @ work on Saturday! wooohooo.

Wanna work Friday night?
Part of it?
...just checking...
Unknown said…
Think I am going to the Cowboys' game....that is unless Brice complains A LITTLE MORE about me being gone all day at work on Saturday so "why are you going to be gone all night Friday too?"

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