**Don't forget to scroll down and check out yesterday's post about the actual wedding day, I posted late last night**

After riding away in our white limo, we headed for a restful evening in Little Rock's Embassy Suites Hotel. It was close to our home and we just wanted to rest for the next day's adventures. The hotel was nice. I had always seen it never went inside. We ordered room service and I will tell you that I did not sleep well even though I was exhausted. It was different....I had never slept in the same bed as a man before!! =) AND, I was just trying to replay the entire day's events in my head....I finally had time to think about and appreciate everything that happened to me that day. I couldn't stop my mind long enough to really go to sleep.

The next day we headed for Orlando, Florida! I had never been on a flight that was that long before but it wasn't bad at all. We stayed at the Embassy Suites in Orlando as well and it was super nice! I loved all of the palm trees! I had been to Florida before but only the pan-handle and I loved it. I did NOT love the heat though...I am not a summer kinda girl!

Our main reason for going to Florida was for Disney World. My husband LOVES Disney and has been to both parks SEVERAL times! I had never been and thought it would be neat to go. It was a blast but, again, it was SOOOOO INCREDIBLY HOT!!! During our trip there, we drove to Clearwater Beach to a place called Caladesi Island and then rode a ferry to a place called Honeymoon Island. It was really neat...I love the beach!

When we got home, we stayed 1 night at home, I think and then we went to Hot Springs to continue our honeymoon. We stayed at the Embassy Suites there (ha!) and it is THE NICEST ONE EVER!!!! It was great!!! We got massages and spa treatments (which I had never had before) and then visited some historical sites in Hot Springs before returning home to normal life! =) OH, and we ate at the best steak house I have ever eaten at...to date...and I have tried MANY...Coys!!! It is AMAZING!

Forgot to mention...we were in Florida during Hurricane Charley...it was NOT fun! We got stuck in our hotel with nothing but glo-sticks and it was bad but we never lost power! What an adventure!

We got married in the middle of my graduate school days, so when we got back from our honeymoon, I had to start my 2nd year of grad school (a married woman!!!!!) and Brice had to continue on with work! I am loving my life as a married woman and now as a Mommy! Brice makes me so incredibly happy. He provides for our family and loves us like no one else can!!!


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