This Week....

This week will be dedicated to my life as Brice's wife!! I want to take each day and talk about something related to how we met, our engagement, etc...Friday will be the day that I talk about our wedding day. I will have pictures from that day and tell about the ceremony....hopefully if all goes right I will be able to post each day and then on Saturday I will tell you about our honeymoon. I thought it would be a neat thing to do for our 5th wedding anniversary which is Friday!


When I graduated from college (2003), I got a job at Arkansas Children's Hospital as a Family Services Assistant. Basically I was a step below a social worker which is what I was about to be going to graduate school for. It wasn't the best job in terms of what I did but it was an awesome place to work...okay, I digress....anyway, I lived in Conway because that is where I went to college, worked, went to church, etc...well, when I started working at ACH, it was the summer before graduate school and I worked on Saturday (10 hours), Sunday (7 hours) and Monday (5 hours). So, I did that on the weekends and then during the school year went to grad school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all day and had internship all day on Thursday and Friday. I was a busy girl! Since I was now working in Little Rock and going to school in Little Rock, I decided that I could go to church in Little Rock too. I started going to Immanuel Baptist Church which was right beside the hospital and it worked out great...I would just drive up early in the morning and then stay until I got off work on Sunday night and then go back to Conway (which is about a 30 minute drive). Brice was the teacher of the singles Sunday school class. I always thought he was nice...that's about it! I know that sounds horrible but I did not like him other than as a friend when we first met (it's okay, really, he knows!) =) Brice traveled a lot with his job and would go to Ft. Smith a lot which made him have to drive through Conway quite often. He started calling me up and wanting to know if I wanted to have dinner with him. I accepted...why not...friends, right??? Then we started emailing each other, etc...I was too busy so I didn't really have time to see him much. Then, I emailed him and let him know that I was not romantically interested in him...isn't that mean? I just didn't want to have him buy me dinner all the time and have him think that I wanted something that I didn't want. Anyway, so his response was that he still wanted to do stuff as friends...I was okay with that as long as he understood my intentions. So, we continued talking, etc....well, the drive from Conway to Little Rock started wearing on me during my 1st semester of school (plus my roomate was NUTS) so I decided to move in with a really good friend of mine from college. We got an apartment in Little Rock and Brice helped me move all of my stuff from Conway to Little Rock. He was such a great help to me. He has also helped me record a CD for my family for Christmas and I think that is when I knew that I was starting to like him more than just a friend. After he helped me move into my apartment...we started talking about what was going on. **Side note**We had just met in August and I moved in November....okay, continuing on...

My birthday was in mid-December and I can't remember if we were "officially" dating or just bouncing around the subject but he got me a stuffed dog for my birthday...which I thought was lame but didn't let him know that! He said he didn't want to "run me off" by getting me something more....then, by Christmas we were talking about marriage and for Christmas he got me a beautiful necklace with a cross, heart and diamond in the center. I loved it...still do but I have broken about a million chains so the charm sits in my jewelry box. I believe that I went to his parents house with him that Christmas and it was a neat time. Then, I wanted to take him to meet my family and we were going to go to Hope where my mom lives and some really great friends as well. I was REALLY sick on New Year's Eve but we were going to leave the following day on New Year's Day anyway....we did. While we were in Hope, Brice got what I had...I think it was the flu...we were both VERY sick. So, when we got home (Little Rock) he stayed home from work that Monday. Well, we had been talking about rings and marriage, etc but he told me that "his jeweler" wouldn't be back until the end of January so I was expecting nothing for awhile....

So, that's how we met....August to the first of January and we fell in was quick. Many people thought it was too quick and I even did at times but it was perfect. He knew what he wanted and he stole my heart! I thought I knew what I wanted but I was so wrong. He is perfect for me. Tomorrow....the proposal (which I hear is a hysterical movie, by the way)!!!

Here is my plan for the rest of the week:
Tuesday: Proposal
Wednesday: My Wedding Dress
Thursday: Rehearsal/Rehearsal Dinner
Friday: Wedding Day
Saturday: Honeymoon

Hope this is fun!!


Anonymous said…
Isn't it funny how things work? We met in August, engaged in February and married in November! It's nuts, but after 7 years I would not change a thing!

Aunt Goosey said…
I just love romantic stories! (I'm a bit of a hopeful romantic! (LOL)) I can't wait to hear the rest of your 'story'! :-) Ly, Cathy
Jen said…
I love this... I just may do it on my blog. We have a semi-funny story about how we met!

Your story is so sweet though :)
I love this, but I can't wait to hear the rest. I am so the person that logs onto the Canadian websites so I can find out what happens on Days a day ahead of time.


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