The Engagement

Sorry...I'm a little behind. Last night a movie with my husband took priority over here ya go!

So, Brice took off sick from work the day we got back into town from visiting my family in Arkansas. It was Monday, January 5th, 2004. We were sitting on his bed watching TV and he said, "Would you please go get me some medicine from the store?" I thought this was funny but said, "Sure!" I went to Walgreens or CVS or somewhere like that and got him some cold medicine. While I was there I picked up a Bridal magazine just to look at some stuff...I still think it's fun! =)

I came back home (well, it later was my home) and gave him his medicine. I was laying on the foot of the bed looking at my magazine and I was looking at rings and talking about how I liked and didn't like certain ones, etc...then Brice said, "Hey, I need to ask you something." Still looking at my magazine, I said, "Okay, what?" He said, "No, I really need to ask you something, could you stop reading the magazine." I looked at him strangely because I thought he was acting weird...thought it might have been the fever. He said, "Sit up so we can talk." I did. He got out his Bible and I was like, "Why are we reading the Bible?" Like it was something strange or something....I DO read my Bible and did back then too....ha ha! He opens it to Proverbs 31 and starts reading it to me. I said, "I have heard this before. I have read it. What are you doing?" He finished and said, "You are this woman to me. You are the perfect woman for me and I want to spend the rest of my life with you (or something like that, I don't remember the exact words)." I just looked at him and started laughing and said, "OH MY GOSH!!! You are so mistaken. That is not me. I am SOOO not the Proverbs 31 woman!!!" He said, "Can I have your purity ring?" I wore a purity ring on my ring finger and told him that when I get a ring to replace it that I will take it off but not until then. I looked at him crazy and said, "NO, you can't have my purity ring!!!" He said, "I have a ring to replace it." I still was not thinking that he was proposing because of what he said about his jeweler being out of town until late January. I am still CLUELESS!!! He pulled out the ring and opened the box and showed it to me. I said, "OHHHHH, YOU MEAN YOU HAVE A RING RIGHT NOW????!!" He said, "Yes!" Then he asked again if I would marry him and I said yes and took the ring box (with the ring still in it) and put it at the end of the bed and hugged him. Then he asked if I wanted to put the ring on and I did and it was/is gorgeous.

I love my engagement ring! It is a 1 carat marquis cut diamond solitaire with a round diamond on each side and then baguettes on each side of that set in platinum. Total carat weight of 1.25 I believe. It's beautiful...dirty now, but still beautiful!!

Stay tuned either later today or tomorrow for details about my wedding dress and I will add some miscellaneous stuff like wedding showers, etc....

This is fun!

Here is a picture from when we were engaged!


Jen said…
I love this! I'm so doing this when I get some time to actually blog. :)

You guys are so cute!

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