Lauren is 5 months old!

So many people tell me on a daily basis how much my two girls look alike. I thought I would post some pictures of Rachel when she was 5 months old....




Lauren is my picture....I was a little older but look how much we look alike!!!

Here's Brice....the girls look like him, too!

What do you all think???!!!



I think that the girls look alot like you. Looking at the girls pictures I thought that Lauren looked more like you, but then I saw your picture and I think it looks like Rachel. Cute girls!!!
Unknown said…
They do both look a lot like me but I still think that Lauren looks more like me than Rachel. We will have to look at my picture again when Lauren gets to be that age! Send me some pictures and I will make you a
Unknown said…
BUT, wait...your header on your page is super cute!!!
Rachel Cox said…
Yay! So happy to know your blog now!! :-) Whoo-hoo!

And your girls DEFINITELY look like each other. Wow!! And they sure do have their momma in them! So precious!!

I completely know about finding people's blogs through others... I love it! I read so many... and some of my favorites are complete strangers...but I too get touched by their lives! I just love it!
Lainey-Paney said…
I like your new header!
(and yes, they do look a lot alike to me!)
Leslie said…
Blog looks great! I need some lessons...I'm no good at it!

Can't believe your little one is already 5 months! So cute! Love the bow!

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