Wedding Dress and Miscellaneous Things....

I don't have many pictures on my computer...maybe I will scan some to put on here. My wedding dress....well, it was beautiful!!! I am not going to post all of the mundane details about it mainly because I don't know all of the fancy words, etc. It was silk with an organza overlay. It has very detailed beading down the bodice and along the train which was chapel length. It was a halter style top and I wore two veils that matched the bead work. One veil had the bead work and the other one just had sporadic simple white pearls. I also wore a tiara that had flowers and rhinestones that matched the bead work on the dress. It was candlelight white (I think was the color). I wore white slippers on my feet which came off very soon after the ceremony was over. The following pictures are not professional but ones that my mother-in-law took during my bridal portraits. I HATED my hair during this, by the way!!! I paid a salon to do it and the day of the wedding my roomate, Christine did it and it looked MUCH better!! Oh, and just a side note...from the time I got engaged to the day I got married I think I gained about 10 or 15 lbs. I am about 30 lbs lighter now than I was when I got married!!!


I LOVED LOVED LOVED my bridesmaid dresses!!! They were fairly simple but I LOVED the color! The color was victorian lilac from David's Bridal. The front was just a sleeveless design with bead work at the top and the back was open at the top that folded down making two triangles on each side (okay, that was hard to describe) with the same bead work. They were long and flowing and the girls just looked beautiful in them. Here is a picture of Brice with all of the bridesmaids:


I had 3 showers. Three of them were in Little Rock and one (lingere) was in Hope. We got so many nice things...some of which we still don't use today!! Here are some pictures from the showers:

Me, Brice and his mom

Me and the hostesses

Me and Brice

**I don't really like how I look in the above pictures, by the way**


The rehearsal was...well, it was a rehearsal...nothing big to talk are a couple pictures from the rehearsal...
I had my friend Camille walk down the aisle for me (I heard it was bad luck for the bride to do it at the rehearsal) and I made that bouquet that she is carrying out of all of the ribbons from gifts people had gotten us! FUNNY!!

The rehearsal dinner was so much fun! It was at the La Quinta Inn off the interstate by Otter Creek. It was a buffet style dinner and people got up to say different things about Brice and I. It was a very special time with very special people! Brice's parents did a great job decorating in Disney style! All of the tables were decorated with each "land" in Disney World. It was great!!!! Loved every minute of it!!!

My best friend and matron of honor (she got married the month before) speaking at the rehearsal dinner

Brice's brother and best man speaking

Tomorrow is all about the THE BIG DAY!!!!


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