Saturday, August 7, 2004

The day that I became Mrs. Brice Hester!!!!

We were married at 3:00 in the afternoon (sadly I just had to go ask my husband what time we got married, ha!) at Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. The church building was fairly new as we had just moved into the new building the previous January. It was beautiful! We had two white pillars with a shelf pillar on top which had a flower arrangement made out of purple, white, and pink roses and various flowers. We had two spiral candelabras on both sides of that and then short pillars with huge beautiful ferns on each side. We had a unity candle and two single white candlesticks that was on a silver stand decorated with greenery and two single red roses (more about that later).

Our wedding party was on the large size:
Matron of Honor: Alison Daugherty Vandenberg (best friend from high school)
Bridesmaids: Jessica Kirkpatrick, Nikki Hamby, and Christine Vaile (all friends from college and Christine and I lived together when I got engaged).
Junior Bridesmaid: Mallori Reynolds (she is like a little sister to me. I lived with her family while in college)
Flower girls: Madelyn Morton (Brice's best friend's little girl) and Rachael Wood (her mom was the pianist at the church I attended in high school and the pianist for our wedding as well - Julie Wood)
Best Man: Brannan Hester - Brice's brother
Groomsmen: Britt Howard (Brice's friend from college), Cale Whittington and Steven Booth (both friends that Brice worked with at Ernst & Young) and Allen Morton (Brice's best friend)
Ring bearer: Landon Riddle (his family was and is still very close to me...his dad was the dean of students when I was at Central Baptist College)
Candlelighters/Ushers: Michael Martin and James Martin (my brothers)
Servers: Sabra Boyd, Christa Finney, Camille McElroy, Angela Harris...oh dear, it seems like I am missing someone....
Book Attendant: Taylor Bell

The flowers for the girls' bouquets were all fresh flowers. My bouquet and Alison's were a mixture of sterling roses and other pinks, whites, etc. The other bridesmaids' bouquets were white roses. The flowers were gorgeous!

We had Dr. Rex M Horne (our pastor at the time) and Bro. Joe Dickey (the pastor that baptized me and a very close friend) officiating. We had two songs sung during the ceremony - "If You Could See What I See" (Geoff MOore and the Distance song) sung by Will Guyton and "My Lips Will Praise You" (Twila Paris) sung by Angela Fast Wisely. Julie played an arrangement of Disney songs that Brice arranged while everyone was being seated as well as "On the Street Where You Live" and "Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker Suite." The candles were lit to "How Beautiful" and the bridemaids walked down the aisle to "Canon in D." We had the traditional bridal chorus playing when I walked down the aisle with my grandpa and then the traditional wedding march when we exited at the end of the ceremony. At the end of the lighting of the unity candle, we took the single red roses that were mixed in the unity candle decor and I gave one to Brice's mother (we both bawled, of course) and he gave one to my mom. It was a total surprise to them and it was very special! I bawled like a baby walking down the aisle and when we were standing at the unity candle. I just felt beautiful and when Brice looked at me and told me I looked beautiful I lost it. It was everything I had ever dreamed of.

The reception was at the church in the fellowship hall. The wedding cake was 4 layers with traditional white buttercream icing and lavendar roses made out of icing on each layer. The cake flavors were different for each layer: there were two layers of white, one of strawberry and one of lemon. The grooms cake was gorgeous but I didn't get to eat any of it! It was chocolate buttercream and dark chocolate with chocolate covered strawberries!!! YUM-O!!! We had plain ole ginger ale punch and coffee and of course, nuts and other food...YES WE WERE CHEAP but I would not have it any other way. We had a little jazz band play during our reception which I LOVED and we had a slide show of pictures from our childhood playing on a screen in the fellowship hall. We also had a table with tons of pictures from when we were little and a engagement picture for everyone to sign.

We changed into our "going away clothes" which was a pink skirt suit for me and a suit for Brice. We left with bubbles blown at us and rode away in a white limo.

My wedding day was so incredibly special. I had dreamed of what it would be like when I got married and the day was nearly perfect!! I think there was some mishap with the cake and it got messed up but I didn't know about it until afterward. I loved my wedding day and I ABSOLUTELY love the man that I married...I love him more each year!!! We truly are perfect for one another...and we make cute babies! =)

PS...all of the pictures on this post were scanned and I am not really very familiar with my scanner so sorry for the poor quality!!!!

Tomorrow....our honeymoon!


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