Joys of Parenthood

So we are back in the routine after Rachel was the center of attention of her grandparents for a week. Things around our house this morning have been anything but pleasant! It's a daily struggle with her. DAILY! Let's see...this morning, we have struggled about:

*Her wanting to take a shower with me and me saying "NO"
*Putting her tights on for dance class
*Putting her skirt on for dance class
*Putting her shoes on for dance class
*Brushing her hair
*Putting her hair in a ponytail
*Which bow to wear
*Wanting some ball in the car that I could not reach
*She tee-teed during dance class (not too much of a big deal to me...I talked to her about it but it was a new atmosphere and she didn't know the lady so she didn't get in trouble)
*She tee-teed again in the playroom. Ran down her legs and made a puddle in the floor. Me=NOT HAPPY!!!!
*What she wanted to eat for lunch
*What she wanted to watch on TV
*She didn't want me to feed Lauren
*She went to the bathroom finally (after me asking her to for about an hour) but when she came to let me pull up her pants, she was wet!!!! Another battle.
*She wanted to watch TV and I told her no more TV as a consequence for going in her panties
*She didn't want to take a nap

And, folks, it is only 1:26 in the afternoon!! What will the rest of the day hold???! Why can't some things just be easy??? OH, and to top if all off...I have had a headache for 2 days and Brice isn't coming home until late tonight because he has a dinner meeting.



I remember those days with Bryce. I could tell from the moment he woke up, how our day was going to go. Also, I remember that when Carter was a baby, Bryce would wait until I sat down to feed him and then start climbing the walls and getting into everything. Wish that I lived closer, I would let her play with my boys. They would wear her out and that would give you a break. Hang in there!!
krista and ryan said…
I'm sorry...let's plan to go to Dogoland tomorrow and let the kids run off some energy:)
Lainey-Paney said…
Get this book called "Try and Make Me."
I'm serious. Google it.
Get it.
Read it.

That's what we're doing to work on the "strong willed" actions...

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